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BuzZStop, Issue #013-- Is Honey Really Good?
September 20, 2007
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Some time ago, I received a “not-too-nice” mail from a visitor to the Benefits of Honey website, who felt that I have gone overboard by extolling the benefits of honey so much in this website. He felt that honey, natural or not, remains to be pure sugar which will not be too beneficial to the body. What’s my response and stance on this?

I am not suggesting (and have never) that one should consume honey in great quantity. Everyone should know this basic principle in dieting: “Anything in excess is not good as it harms your body.” A holistic approach in dieting is always necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What I am strongly advocating is substituting honey for other sweeteners such as table sugar or artificial sweeteners, and understanding how since ancient times honey has been used as an ingredient to maintaining good health and as a home remedy for ailments. Honey is not good for nothing other than just its taste. While sweet, it is not the same as table sugar which has “empty calories”. And because honey is natural and has a lot more health benefits than what many people know, I felt compelled to share what is not sufficiently understood about this very old-fashion food, which many people in this current generation seem to think it’s “uncool” to be associated with it, and through writing, I hope to create triggers and send reminders about how nature has been so kind to us mankind by offering such a super food. Read about “Natural Sweetener”....

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