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BuzZStop, Issue #019-- Nutritious Gifts For Christmas
December 13, 2007
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Is shopping for a long list of Christmas presents making your head spin? Benefits of Honey hopes to make a little contribution by informing you on some existing unique honey bee products and their benefits, and giving you some additional gift ideas revolving round them, especially for those health buffs who are caught up in this world of ever-evolving health trends. You can even consider combining some of these health treats and assemble your very own special gift baskets. We believe that such thoughtful and nutritious gifts will encourage health and wellness, not only during the holidays but throughout the coming years as well. Let your family and friends know that you do care about their health this holiday season. Read: Common Terms in the Honey Bees World ....

Last but not least, I wish you

A Very Joyful Christmas and A Very Healthy Year Ahead!

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