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BuzZStop, Issue #020-- Understand How Cortisol Affects Your Body When You Are Stressed
January 06, 2008
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A stirring research (2007) by the University of Bath, UK revealed that preschoolers’ level of cortisol, a hormone which is released under stress, were already high in anticipation of entering school several months ahead of school start. What is even more surprising in this study is that the extroverted children seemed more anxious about starting school and facing a new environment; they had consistently higher levels of cortisol which tended to remain high throughout the day, possibly because their rash behaviour got them into more confrontational situations, compared to the shy, fearful children.

So what is this “cortisol” all about? If you have never heard of this term, "Understand How Cortisol Affects Your Body When You Are Stressed" will help explain. It’s a simple and interesting read worth thinking over and sharing with others. And of course, Benefits of Honey will also mention a very simple old “anti-stress recipe”, using honey of course :)

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