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BuzZStop, Issue #021-- 6 Great Reasons Why We Need to Exercise
January 21, 2008
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In our scrutiny and discussion on honey and its health benefits, wholesome diets, food nutrition, healthy lifestyles and habits, I also often can’t help but to talk about the need to combine and balance all these with a regular exercise regime. Practically everyone knows that physical activities are worthwhile and are important in maintaining good health, but I am not sure how many people know what exercise actually does to the body and how exactly our body becomes healthier as a result of exercising. Here I would like to make a little difference, by sharing with you "6 Great Reasons Why We Need to Exercise”, rationalising that perhaps by having a slightly more in-depth understanding on this issue, you would be even more motivated and enthusiastic by the prospect of exercising , especially if now you are trying to pull yourself out of the “sedentary mode” (or some people would say “couch potato mode”) and struggling to put your act together (or is it better to describe as “when spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”?), in those moments of breaking into a sweat during workout and feeling a sense of triumph and satisfaction, or when you are feeling so sore and exhausted after a session of intense workout...

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