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BuzZStop, Issue #027-- Mystery of a Failed Weight Loss Diet
April 29, 2008

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Take a peek into the case of Jane who has conscientiously cut down her fat intake by avoiding dairy products such as milk and cheese, and is eating a much lesser amount of starchy foods, like rice for each meal, and taking a lot more fruits and vegetables than ever. However, inconceivably, she is not getting any thinner, but in fact becoming fatter! What’s the mystery here?

I believe there are many Janes out there, who think that “low-calorie, high-carbohydrate” diets should do the trick of losing weight, and that fat-free carbohydrates will not end up as excess fat in the body. Well, like many people, I too had to address these serious misconceptions on my journey to learn about healthy eating. Catch the full story of the “eat-less-and-get-fatter” paradox in “Mystery of a Failed Weight Loss Diet” .

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