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BuzZStop, Issue #028-- Taste of Honey Varieties
May 15, 2008

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One of the greatest fascinations of honey is its different floral varieties and flavors.

Want to pick up some easy tips to taste honey like a Pro?

1) Before tasting, take a sniff of the honey aroma in the jar.

2) Spoon out a dollop of honey, less than an eight of a teaspoon. Put it in your mouth.

3) Allow it to dissolve on the front of your tongue.

4) As the taste buds respond to the dissolving honey, you may smack your lips to sort out the full range of flavours.

5) The flavors are enhanced when the honey flows to the back and sides of your mouth.

6) Take time to observe the lingering aftertaste.

7) When you taste several honeys in a row, drink hot black tea in between to keep the palate clear. Unsalted crackers can also help restore your tasting apparatus.

8) Give your mouth time to figure the complexities in the honey before moving on to another sample.

Read full article “Taste of Honey Varieties: Color and Flavor” and check how much you know about honey varieties – what constitute a honey variety, light versus dark colored honey, taste versus flavor of honey, etc.

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