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BuzZStop, Issue #031 -- “Why You Must Experience the Taste of Honeycomb”
June 23, 2008

Honey News Graphics honeycomb graphic Ever tasted honeycomb before?

This world is so diversely interesting that in some places, people have never ever seen a honeycomb for sale, while in others, people easily get them in supermarkets and find it difficult to understand why honeycombs can be so inaccessible in some places. Many visitors to Benefits of Honey asked if honeycomb is entirely edible and many doubted that it can be eaten together with the wax...

The city-state of Singapore (where I reside) may have countless number of trees and flowering plants along the roads, but in this urban society with limited space, nature and environmental awareness is generally low. Children grow up with little contact and interaction with the animals, birds, wasps and bees, and many of them assume honey is made in factories. Adults don’t explain to the kids where honey comes from; perhaps they also don’t really know how bees make honey. Not surprising, honeycombs are a mystery to many people. Here’s sharing with you my first encounter with honeycomb in “Why You Must Experience the Taste of Honeycomb”.

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