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BuzZStop Issue #45 -- Any Honey Allergy?
February 22, 2009

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Since my honey allergy article was published in 2007, I have received unfriendly emails from at least three annoyed readers, who seemed to be offended by the amount of information in this website extolling the benefits of honey and felt that my warning about honey allergies was not hard enough.

These readers informed that they have severe reactions from ingesting even a drop of honey, and these include compulsory vomiting, cramps, asthma, breathlessness, and chest pains. And they reported that eating a teaspoon would kill them. A reader even remarked that given the volume of information Benefits of Honey has, he had expected that I would be able to offer more information than anyone on honey allergy. Another warned me that I should not minimise the danger of honey, and that my article implied that honey allergies didn’t exist…. Read full article “Any Honey Allergy?”.

To date, there exists little documentation about allergic responses to honey despite the much heated debate on the topic. If you have an opinion or a story about honey allergy (could be you or a family member or a friend), I invite you to post it on the "Any Honey Allergy" page. This will certainly help all of us learn from each other’s experience!

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