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BuzZStop Issue #61 -- Is This Jar of Honey Pure?
November 17, 2009

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My heart sinks as I receive more and more of your comments regarding "How to Test for Pure Honey". Every additional post adds to my conviction that there isn't a 100% foolproof method of ensuring the honey you purchased is unadulterated, unless the honey comes with an authentic lab report certifying its quality. (Even then, your trust is still based on your faith in the brand, isn't it?) Moreover, out of curiosity, I personally had tried a number of the "rumoured" tests too and results were not consistent and repeatable. As explained by so many of you, there are too many factors involved - different floral honey varieties have different colours, degree of viscosity, moisture content, sweetness, etc. Thank you once again for sharing with us your valuable experience and wisdom!

Read the interesting posts in "How to Test for Pure Honey", though you wouldn't be too excited to know about how some beekeepers are feeding their bees with sugar water or harvesting the honey prematurely before the bees even have the chance to evaporate out the water and cap the honeycomb cells. It's very sad to know that some beekeepers had to twist their morals to compete with adulterated honey and stay in the business…

I wish there were honeybee farms in the area I live and can have easy access to honeycombs, like some of you do. How cool would it be to be able to personally press fresh honey out of honeycomb from home! Or should I wish that unscrupulous honey suppliers would finally fathom how wicked it is to cheat and alter the contents of a superfood that we are expecting to derive all the healing benefits for the transformation of our health and the health of our loved ones? And if that thinking is too wishful, then the authorities must by all means come down hard on these atrocious, errant food suppliers and eliminate them all!

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