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BuzZStop Issue #63 -- 7 Common Myths about Healthy Weight Loss
December 14, 2009

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Our ideas about healthy weight loss can sometimes be erroneous. Check if you have the following misconceptions!

MYTH 1: Skipping meals will help cut down some calories.

MYTH 2: Refrain from snacking between meals.

MYTH 3: No food should be consumed after 8pm.

MYTH 4: There’s no need to exercise if the daily amount of calories is being watched and counted.

MYTH 5: Abstain from dairy products like milk and cheese as they are fattening.

MYTH 6: Stop eating desserts.

MYTH 7: Sleep less so that more calories can be burnt while staying up late at night.

Surprised? Read the facts in "7 Common Myths about Healthy Weight Loss"!

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