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BuzZStop Issue #80 -- Honey Isn't Just Sugar!
August 09, 2010

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In my participation of health forums, the misconception of sugar and the negative perception of honey surface from time to time. Here's a typical ranting from supposedly health-conscious netizens:

"Honey is sugar super-saturated with water. You got to be kidding yourself if you tell me that it is healthier than any other concentrated sugar product. Sugar is sugar; people eat it because it is a carbohydrate rich in energy. It doesn't matter where it comes from, the cane or the bees, costing more doesn't make it any better. So, do not be so naive and delude yourself, the liquid from the bees is just as fattening like any other sugars and can cause problems like obesity and diabetes. It contains traces of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals but the amount is so insignificant that you need to eat tons of it to benefit from it..."

Read full account in: Honey Isn't Just Sugar!

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