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BuzZStop Issue #84 -- Miraculous Honey and Cinnamon Cures
October 11, 2010

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One of the most known and visited pages in Benefits of Honey is "Honey and Cinnamon Remedy". Its popularity is created largely by word-of-mouth - many visitors have found the remedy to be so effective that they started telling their family and friends to check it out. The number of ailments that the concoction applies is incredible - arthritis, diarrhoea, colds, acne, obesity, etc. Researching on this honey cinnamon folk remedy was enough to wow me, but when visitors to Benefits of Honey began to post their experiences, I was taken aback with awe. It even worked for toothache, eczema, bronchitis, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and many other health issues! Miraculous medicine.

Read postings in: Honey and Cinnamon Cures and get your honey and cinnamon recipe!

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