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BuzZStop Issue #88 -- Rounding up 2010, Embracing 2011.
December 31, 2010

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Rounding up 2010...

It has been a spectacular year of encountering via web forums the wondrous benefits of honey for diabetics and those who struggle with losing pounds. Many related their awesome experience and results especially from using the wondrous honey and cinnamon concoction and the mind-blowing hibernation honey diet. Difference in global time zones is an interesting element. Receiving in the mail box the most heartening story about honey by morning and passing it on to others by night have caused my belief in the golden liquid to grow from strength to strength. The outcome in terms of building body strength and immunity against flu and cough from dissolving bee pollen granules in my children's milk daily has also been particularly incredible. These bee products are unmistakably more than just ordinary sugar or protein; the bees have added an extra, mysterious goodness of their own, which by no means can be copied and reproduced synthetically by the most advanced or scientific equipment.

Embracing 2011...

Each brand new year brings us a new hope of joy and fulfilment. Put every setback, disappointment and negative experience behind you and leap into a phenomenal year of miracle after miracle, good health and sweet success beyond all expectations!

Wishing you and your loved ones the best year ever!

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