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BuzZStop Issue #105 - Wishing You a Healthiest Year Ever
January 08, 2012

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Eating for Health has Never been Sweeter!

Issue #104, January 2012

Bee-u-tiful 2012!

Blessed New Year!

2011 saw an overwhelming record growth of Benefits of Honey with its visitors more than doubling in number. We have become the number one-ranked site in Search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo for many keywords related to honey and its benefits. I believe this explosive growth will continue this year, 2012 and expect that an even greater multitude will come to realise that honey can make a marked difference in our health, and more will come forth to share and spread how they have benefited from honey in one or more ways.

If you felt 2011 had not been kind to your health, put the year behind and embrace 2012 with courage. Start by abandoning the use of all artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and work on reducing the intake of refined white table sugar. Someone just told me he doubted that honey was of any good as he had been putting on too much weight from the loads of sugar as a result of consuming honey. Sorry, he got it all wrong. When you eat more than what your body needs, regardless of whether it's fruit, meat, milk, honey, or anything, the excess calories are stored as fat which leads to weight gain. Eat wisely, for good health, replace refined and processed sugars with a natural sugar like honey. For healing, eat honey like a medicine. Honey isn't just sugar! Make baby steps towards your goals for the year and you'll be surprised how much you can actually break some of your oldest and hardest habits!

To your vim and vigor,
Ruth Tan


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