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Which Honey is The Best?
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Many people have asked me this question, "Which honey is the best, pure, raw, organic or creamed?". Just when you think everything has become crystal clear after explaining each term to them and concluding that honey could be raw, creamed, organic and pure all at the same time, you get the cue that they are stumped again...

Also, Manuka honey, though deemed as "the best honey" by many, has also been erroneously taken as a honey with a brand name called "Manuka" and even as a honey prodcued by the "Manuka bees"!

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Honey is Prebiotic

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The oligosaccharides in honey function as prebiotics to stimulate the growth of the Bifidobacteria populations in the intestine. Full account in:
Milk and Honey Recipe for Good Health

Ruth Tan


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