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Hi Ruth, hope you had some good Holidays.
Jenny, United States
15 Jan 2010

Dear Ruth,
I along with my family wish you a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR-2010.My whole family benefitted a lot with the use of honey over the years. Your mails on honey enlightened us too much and we are definitely your admirers and fans.
Keep this continued and never ever bother about the nasty remarks from nasty people. World has over six billion population, so six billion individuals all from from various background and none of the two may have similarity. Still we are one and moving on.
11 Jan 2010

My wish for 2010 is find a cure for the bee virus which of course requires us to find the cause first. I lean towards pesticides or GMO crops being the cause but I have no proof. Good luck to the researchers at many of our great universities that are working on finding the cause. I also wish for 2010 for people to learn to search for the truth in our increasingly deceitful and deceptive world. “The Truth Will Set You Free” is not an empty phrase. With truth comes peace of mind. I wish for people like you to push forward because of all the good that comes from what you do.

Forget the negative comments. Ignore negative energy from negative people. They will drain you of your positive energy if dwell on their comments. A lot of people are working for the good of all of us. Susan Thixton has a website dedicated to what is in the food we feed our pets. It is shocking and disturbing. She is trying to stop the killing of our pets by petfood manufacturers.

Keep up the good work. I buy raw honey by the 60lb. pail in Lancaster County, PA and use it daily and at 62 still full of vim and vinegar. My Lab Mix Buster loves it also. I know when I read your information that it is true and from the heart. We all must have faith that what we do is worth it.

We may not be rich financially but we can be rich in knowing that what we do is for the benefit of everyone else. If everyone would do one thing every day to make this world a better place, imagine what kind of power that would unleash!!! All the best to you!
Michael Farkas, United States
5 Jan 2010

4 Jan 2010

Christmas brought us a remarkable spell of wet weather and completely renewed my hope. Droughts are very hard on old beekeepers.

Now I look forward with great excitement to producing yet one more crop of honey, however small it may be.
Honeyflows heal beekeepers as surely as honey heals our bodies. A honeyflow is so exciting, a beekeeper forgets his aches and pains or whatever troubles he has and starts to get excited, energised and expectant.
I love it! It keeps me young at heart. How can my body help but benefit?
A beautiful 2010 to you Ruth, and to all honey lovers.
John, Australia
3 Jan 2010

Facts or Truth always causes pain to some, but if we don’t put a buzz on the honey bee problem, we will all be angry. Keep up the good work,and GOD BLESS.
John Ratliff, United States
2 Jan 2010

What a year you had and it is sad to hear that you received such disparaging mail. Here are a few things I have learned about honey, thanks to your website. First of all the winter of 2009 left me ill with bronchitis most of it. I was on meds and tired of feeling so ill. After I found your website and started on raw honey, I started feeling better so knew it was giving a needed boost to my immune system.

My hay fever was better this past spring as well. My husband appreciated the honey weight loss article and it benefited him. He now takes honey every night. When I make pancakes for my kids, I sneak in some honey for nutrition as they don’t like the taste just yet but am working on that. Thank you for all the articles. They are greatly appreciated.
Victoria, United States
2 Jan 2010

It is said that it takes 10 positive remarks to counteract one negative. Let me start your New Year by saying thank you for all the time and energy it takes to maintain this website. Thank you for all the knowledge, recipes, and positive vibes you send with each newsletter. The mean and nasty will always be with us. Concentrate on the positive and sweet. Have a wonderful New Year and thanks again.
Susan, United States
2 Jan 2010

My hope is that whatever pleasure we have lost from indulging in our most favourites (e.g chocolates, candies, fries, sodas, etc) will be replaced many times over by the wonderful blessings and opportunities that avail because of our excellent well-being.
Ruth, Singapore
31 Dec 2009

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