apple cider vinegar and honey 2009-2011

Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2009-2011 Postings

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2009-2011 Postings

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The benefits of honey and apple cider vinegar is really amazing! I have started taking 1 tsp of that mixture 2 to 3 times a day with a glassful of water for eight (8) months now and my allergy rhinitis is gone! And when I took my regular blood test, my good cholesterol has increased!

Leila Peralta, The Philippines
28 Dec 2011

apple cider vinegar and honey cure

I am taking another blood test in Jan 3 after 6 months of apple cider vinegar {braggs organic} and my farmer neighbors’ raw honey, I will report back the findings to this site when I get them to compare to the former tests which I will also show you to see the results. My friends, we are all in this together, as I tell my gym members, who follow my dietary advice closely.

Joe Madigan, United States
9 Dec 2011

It works like magic i love and the result is massive.

Esther Amponsah, Ghana
9 Dec 2011

Remedy for ovarian cyst and poor blood circulation.

Jameela Kazee, South Africa
4 Nov 2011

Apple cider vinegar and honey works wonders. I was having problem going to the toilet but after taking this drink my stomach no longer gives me problem.

Lucy Ndereba, Kenya
9 Oct 2011

I’ve been taking 2 spoons of honey every morning since 10 years ago and the effect is very great, 2 month ago I knew from internet that APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and HONEY have more benefits for health so I continuously drink 2 spoons of ACV + 2 spoons of HONEY in a glass of water and I feel so fresh and more power to go and no need to visit a doctor.

Now I’m 73 years old and I don’t have any problem with health and still going strong. People around me said that I looked younger than my age. My activity :
– routine exercise an hour every morning, 6 days a week
– 4 wheel off roading.
– teaching.
– engineering.

So I want to continue this diet.

Agus Kristianto, Indonesia
26 Sep 2011

I am just getting started with honey and apple cider vinegar I pray that it works for me, I need all the help I can get!

Cecelia Dean, United States
18 Aug 2011

It has done wonders for controlling blood pressure.

Yvette Spann, United States
18 Aug 2011

I have not tried the honey yet in the vinegar, however a very interesting thing I have tried and proved is:

During 2 different gall stone attacks with very severe pains to the point of leaving for the hospital I found relief in both cases within 10 to 15 minutes!

I drank 8 oz of apple juice with 1/4 cup cider vinegar, (organic) and the pain left! Now I wonder if adding honey would make an even better drink ? Any comments?

Pete Shaw, United States
10 Aug 2011

Amazon bragg apple cider vinegar

Ruth: Hi Pete, I had always assumed that adding honey was to sweeten the apple cider vinegar drink and make it more palatable until I came across Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s Guide to Good Health, a book by D.C. Jarvis, M.D. who believed that mixing apple cider vinegar with honey would enhance the healing power of the vinegar.

My husband (SAMI in Thai) suggested this and so I checked online to see if others got better using ACV …works very well for me-better digestion, less sinusitis in our moldy climate, better sleep – glad to have discovered this remedy.

Janeny Todd, Thailand
9 Aug 2011

I am interested to know more about the wonders of honey an apple cider.

Jason Samuel, Namibia
8 Aug 2011

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar for 50 yrs. Birthdate 10/05/1925

Zip Zipfel, United States
2 Aug 2011

Ruth: Awesome, Zip!

Tried the apple cider vinegar for my husband’s acid reflux and it worked great but really tore his arthritis up, so had to quit. Any ideas for that?

Wanita Kelley, Canada
2 Aug 2011

Ruth: Many people have also reported that ACV is an effective cure for arthritis as well. Not sure what happened in the case of your husband. He may want to further determine the cause of the negative effects.

I used to have a very nervous stomach that would make me feel sick. I was told by a friend to start taking Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar. I took his advise and started taking Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar every morning. Now my stomach feels great and I don’t feel sick all of the time.

Kenneth Henander, United States
29 Jul 2011

I have been taking a tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with a tsp of honey three times a day for three months. I have not had an attack of acid reflux since doing this and take no medicine for acid reflux. This has also lowered my blood pressure so I no longer need BP medication. My sugar level is now normal every morning.

Jim Morgan, United States
26 Jul 2011

I love herbal remedies and I would like to know more about apple cider vinegar and honey, thanks.

Gertrude Honadzi, Norway
12 Jul 2011

Wow, apple cider vinegar with honey works wonderfully for most. I’ve yet to try it onto my hubby n son who often sneeze n got dripping nose. Can anyone share with me on the preparation, please? Thanks much.

Fatimah, Singapore
12 Jul 2011

Ruth: Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey with a glass of water (can be warm or chilled). Take it once or twice a day. You can also find this recipe in the article: Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Remedy.


Arlen Raineri, United States
3 Jul 2011

I enjoyed your article and looking forward to learning more.

Cheryl Harden, United States
29 Jun 2011

I Love Home Remedies! I would rather know what is going in my body, most drugs you don’t.

Melissa Patterson, United States
28 May 2011

Folk Medicine book by DC Jarvis Image

I am excited to try the apple cider vinegar/honey for energy. I have used vinegar for a variety of home remedies but never for energy. I don’t know where I’ve been but I will have to try that!

HomeRemediesMom, United States
25 May 2011

I misplaced my book on all the advantages of the honey + vinegar combination, so I went to the internet. My dad told me about all the cures with the combination of Vinegar/honey, well at that time ( mid 80’s) I was having a terrible time with my left hip. It was hard getting out of a car after a couple hours of driving and if I went to any sort of event, where walking was involved, my hip would flame up and I would have to leave or sit down.

Well, I started taking the vinegar and honey with a glass of water faithfully, twice a day, I had been doing this for several weeks, (5 or 6) then one night I was walking out of the plant where I worked and it dawned on me that my hip wasn’t hurting. This was not my imagination, the hip did not hurt and has not since, so just because I want to start on another regiment of the concoction only because I know it’s beneficial and there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

William Wetherholt, United States
31 Mar 2011

After just 3 days of taking the honey vinegar mixture I began to feel like a new person. I had been tired all the time thinking it was just the fact that I was getting older and slowing down, however, the vinegar and honey mix (twice a day) has made a world of difference.

Bonnie McCombs, United States
27 Mar 2011

I’ve been suffering from allergic rhinitis for many years. I have to take antihistamines and nasal decongestants to relieve the discomforts it brings every time it occurs. When I tried apple cider vinegar mixed with honey in just a week I was relieved of the pain and my sore throat was gone. I highly recommend it to those who are suffering from allergic rhinitis and sinusitis out there.

GINA BAJAO, The Philippines
26 Feb 2011

I’m hypertensive and a little over weight, a friend informed me of this apple cider-honey. I m just starting.

Ivy Joy Ecuacion, The Philippines
3 Feb 2011

Several years ago I had a recipe for a energy drink where you mixed apple juice, grape juice, honey and cider vinegar. It was good for everything–but I have lost the recipe–can anyone help me??

Fern Herbert, United States
24 December 2010

Ruth: Hi Fern, you may want to try this recipe: 1 glass of apple juice or grape juice (or a mixture of both), 1 tbs of cider vinegar, and half tbs of honey.

I have been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar Honey thing for well over 2 years now. And you would not believe the benefits of it . I don’t get sick in the winter like others do. I have lost a few pounds, my skin is so soft, and people have notice the change in my skin too, a lot of people say I look refreshed and younger. I am passed the taste of it now, it doesn’t bother me in the least to drink it.

I do mine early in the mornings and late at night. It also gives me energy. I don’t know if apple cider vinegar and honey has anything to do with it, but my hair has gotten so healthy, the lady that does my hair said my hair looks so healthy, and before I started drinking ACV my hair was falling out, and thin and just not very healthy at all. And my finger nails grow out of sight, I have to keep them trimmed often. Which before I started drinking ACV they were brittle and would break off easy but not any more.

I think that ACV has a lot of health benefits that we don’t even know about. I don’t intend to stop drinking it anytime soon. I like the results I am getting from it.

Dee Sanders, United States
30 November 2010

My Mom used to read Galord Hauser, he was all about the value of Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar & Lemon as a cleanse. More like Honey & Lemon, 8oz of water, 24 hour fast. The lemon flushes out toxins from your bod.:)

Patrick McBride, United States
2 August 2010

Apple cider vinegar & pure honey, equal parts, make an awesome remedy for controlling a bad cough. Take 1 T. every hour if need be. Tastes good too!!!

Patti MacNeill, United States
18 April 2010

I have been using organic apple cider with honey for over three months twice a day and have had nothing short of a miraculous experience. For many years as a result of 83 years of athletic life style I have had “BIG TIME” pains in both my shoulders. Doctors have repeatedly told me I would need surgery to correct the condition as the cartilage in both shoulders is gone and it’s bone on bone. Sleeping has not been a something I have looked forward to as sleeping on my sides is VERY painful.

I can report that after three month of two glasses of cider vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of clover honey, morning and night, and miracles of miracles I am totally, and I mean absolutely and totally PAINFREE.

It is absolutely incredible. If I had been told this might happen, I would not have believed it.

Charles Kallmann, United States
8 April 2010

Best to use equal parts of honey and apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. of each works well for me). I’ve been using this mixture for the last 6 months, and have managed to lose 15 pounds. The honey/ACV is a great way to start and end the day, though I am not sure I would use more than 1 tbsp. at a time.

All in all, apple cider vinegar is a GREAT low-cost addition to a healthy diet. I purchased mine for $5 at the local health food store, and buy my honey online for less than $2 a pound.

David, United States
28 Feb 2010

I feel great after only one week of the mixture. I can see the difference and that a plus.

TM BROWN, United States
17 Jan 2010

I started using honey years ago with vinegar and water as a tonic, but my stomach pain problem never stopped until I began using 2 tablespoons twice a day without anything added. Now, I am enjoying all sorts of food again including spicy foods.

Bill, United States
26 Dec 2009

I used to have major issues with early morning acid reflux especially when I would brush my teeth. After trying organic ACV for a few months it started to diminish and now the acid reflux hasn’t come back at all.

a.g., Canada
19 Dec 2009

Jason in Singapore, I read in more than one place to use cold water in the drink of honey, vinegar and water. The heat changes or blocks or renders ineffective some of the helpful enzymes in the vinegar. So the warm water may not be a good idea.

Ginger Bull, United States
29 Nov 2009

I just started this detox last night & noticed that it is already helping my heartburn. I was surprised because regular wine vinegar actually gives me heartburn but the apple cider vinegar did the opposite.

Jennifer, France
1 Nov 2009

I’ve been taking a glass of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey every morning before breakfast. This seems to be working well in treating my sinus problems. Sudden bouts of sneezing and dripping nose have become rare now.

Jason, Singapore
21 Oct 2009

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