apple cider vinegar and honey 2012-2013

Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2012-2013 Postings

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2012-2013 Postings

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THE SECRET’S OUT!! Some of my friends figured out that I’ve been enjoying the wonders of ACV with water for several weeks now. Initially, I had no particular goal other than general well-being. However, my skin looks amazing, and my whites in my eyes have brighten! Recently, I began including organic honey, and I’m in L.O.V.E. Now, I wonder if they’ll discover this is also my hangover prevention secret as well. Lol!!

Silver Daniels, United States
7 Dec 2013

apple cider vinegar and vinegar 2012-2013 postings

I started taking Acv tablets with honey 5 days ago and I can’t believe it but acid reflux gone, allergy under control and I cut back on arthritis meds. I can’t believe this. If I lose weight I will consider it a miracle drug. I’m 81 years old. Unbelievable.

Eleanor Weber, United States
26 Nov 2013

I do use mixture of vinegar and honey whenever I got severe pains, mostly arthritis. Within three days the pain will be vanish. It also made me feel hungry so fast, I hope it aids digestion.

Tamunoemi Igobo, Nigeria
19 Nov 2013

Very beneficial for uric acid.

M.S Qureshi, Pakistan
4 Nov 2013

I started acv and honey in warm water and I am now able to sleep like a baby! I use 1 teas of each in a cup of water and drink before bed. I am really amazed how well this works!

Betty Deconter, United States
28 Oct 2013

I have just been diagnosed with hyperurecemia, a condition that leads to gout, arthritis and kidney stones. The prescribed medication called Pro-gout would have to be taken for the rest of my life. I’m going to try all alternatives available first. The hardest part will be giving up beer. Lemon and apple cider vinegar tastes ok but is a poor substitute, haha.

David Jones, Australia
19 Oct 2013

Very keen to know more about the benefits of these amazing stuff.

Nasir Noor, Malaysia
17 Oct 2013

Amazon bragg apple cider vinegar

Just wanted to make a comment on using raw organic honey and ASV mix. I posted earlier to heat up just a little bit of your water and then add your raw organic honey so that it will break down a little easier when mixing it. Don’t add your ASV yet. An earlier post was right that if you add your ASV in the hot water it could kill the living organisms in the mother of the ASV. Once your honey is mixed well, then add your COLD water and then add your ASV. Long live the honey vinegar cocktail!

Michael, United States
17 Oct 2013

Just started a regimen of 2-3 times a day with 2 tsp Cider vinegar (Bragg) and 2 tsp clover honey… I will check back after a couple of weeks to give feedback.

Ron Whittemore, United States
11 Oct 2013

Looking to ways to help with restless legs. Ran onto this article. Jennifer had already told me about the benefits of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and honey. I actually have heard it through the years as well. I get the vinegar @ Good Nutrition. Publix may have it in their green section. It costs more than other vinegars but it is worth it. I keep it on hand to make cole slaw, etc. Jan and I learned about alkaline and acid in the body back in the 80’s. This is a good reminder.

Angie, United States
8 Oct 2013

I am just starting out with ACV and honey at first I thought yuck but after only three times of drinking this I have come to like it. I have 1 tbs honey and 1 tbs ACV in hot water, it’s actually nice I have it three times a day when at home, otherwise twice a day. Hoping it will give me some energy and take the stiffness of osteoarthritus away. WIll let you know only on day three so far.

Susan Nash, Australia
7 Oct 2013

Ruth: You may want to note that warm water is fine (not more than 50 degree C.) but boiling hot water should be avoided as it will kill the living enzymes in the mixture. Personally I don’t quite like the taste of cider vinegar as well but I feel having it chilled makes a big difference to the taste. I thought you may also want to give it a try.

In the morning, I do a concentrate of cider vinegar and honey for the entire day, mix and dissolve the honey with some warm water and then add cold water to make a big jug and refrigerate.

I was suffering from asthma and copd for the past 4 yrs. Made me stay awake at night, the first night I tried honey and vinegar. I slept like a log. Thanks for the information. My whole body feel diffrent in one mth. I am 73 yrs old and never feel so good in a long time.

Tubal Mcleod, United States
26 Sep 2013

It works. I know as I’ve been drinking it for years.

David Farrell, United States
25 Sep 2013

I’m a 54 yr. male, 5’9″, 188 lbs diagnosed with high blood pressure about 6 yrs. ago and I have an announcement. My Hypertension is cured! Here’s how I did it. Every morning on an empty stomach I put two tsp. raw organic honey and 2 tsp. unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in an 8 oz. glass of water. I do this even before coffee. 

Now the trick is to heat up a portion of the water (nuke it for about 30 seconds) so the honey can dissolve faster. Some organic honeys are like paste and thicker than others so it’s very difficult to stir that in cold water. Once you stir and break the honey down in the hot water, then add your ASV and pour the rest of your cold water in it. 

You can also put in a spurt of lemon juice to give it a zing! Now within just two weeks my bp had dropped a lot! I was shocked! So I started halving my dosage of bp meds and monitoring my bp daily. Within a month I am now totally off the meds and feel great! In conjunction with this miracle elixir I do workout at the gym and try to eat right, so I truly believe you have to make other efforts, at least trying to exercise or walk.

Michael, United States
23 Sep 2013

Lookin to heal my body, and resolve the foot bone infection.

Vivian E., United States
23 Aug 2013

Honey and especially pollen has taken away much of the pain I have in my legs. For years I would spend 15 out of 30 days in bed due to leg pain and just plain tired. Since becoming a bee keeper with 300 plus hives I know my honey is pure along with the pollen.( Periodic stings also help me have a normal life). Thank you LORD!

Drew Madzin, United States
21 Aug 2013

I forward every issue of your post to all 80+ addresses in my address book. Many have thanked me but most say nothing. I am sold on the benefits of local grown honey and have used same for years now.

William Shuster, United States
16 Aug 2013

 Ruth: Appreciate it, William!

I just started this last week and I’m already feeling so much better with my arthritis pain 🙂

Felisha Prescott, United States
12 Aug 2013

I was diagnosed with athsma and copd that keep me up at night, after I started using honey and apple-cider vinegar within two hrs. I fell asleep like a log. Thanks for the advise. Whoever reading this should try it, you have nothing to lose and more to gain.

Tubal Mcleod, United States
11 Aug 2013

I have been familiar with Vinegar and honey for quite sometime. My dad sent me a book on all cures from the V and S mixture. I was having a problem with my hips when I sat for long periods in a car. Getting out of the car for a restroom break was painful to walk. Also, I had a rotator cup problem. Well I started the V and S treatment and after about 5 or 6 weeks I noticed the pain was gone.

I told my friends about this and they started the treatment, but quit after 3 weeks, so I can’t speak for them. I still use the mixture, but not as regular, although I should because whether it really makes me feel better or not, at least I think it does and that is what matters. That is a short story on my success with the vinegar and honey mixture.

William Wetherholt, United States
10 Aug 2013

It has STOPPED MY HOT FLASHES! My cousin has also had the same effect – no more hot flashes. 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 2 of honey, 3 times a day. I am just amazed! Read Dr. Jarvis’ 2 books on it – loaded with what benefits it has. Wonderful what that doctor did with his life. Studied the benefits of apple cider vinegar for many many years. Absolutely amazing the benefits to our bodies – the vinegar and honey!

Shirley, United States
6 Aug 2013

Starting this today. Hoping it works.

Gary Nash, United States
21 July 2013

I knew about apple cider when I went back to Indonesia in 2010. I got prediabetes, my doctor did not give me diabetes medicine, I had apple cider vinegar Bragg. When I compared with my coworker who took medication for diabetes, every morning I tested my blood sugar, I got 80-90 when fasting, and my friend who took diabetes medicine still had 140-160 when fasting.

Hadi Wijata, United States
26 July 2013

Bragg apple cider vinegar and pure honey have helped me with my problem of kidney stones and at one time nephritis…I recommended it to my neighbor for gout and it worked wonders! Thank you so much!

Madeline Gonzalez, Puerto Rico
19 July 2013

Apple cider vinegar and honey remedy has really assisted my arthritis condition. It also relaxes me after a hard day.

Anne Kombo, Kenya
16 July 2013

I read on the Internet that organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey might help me with Granuloma Annulare which I have in several places. I have ordered some Bragg vinegar and some organic raw honey and am going to try it.

Albert Portune, United States
14 July 2013

I use honey with apple cider vinegar to reduce my arthritis.

Don Thompson Jr, United States
30 June 2013

My gout flares up began in 1980 while I was stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had gone through blood test to x rays by US Navy medicine. Many of these flare ups occurred approximately a dozen times a year. The flare up again occurred and one US Navy Filipino Doctor told me I have a rich man disease. He explained to me that only rich people has this because only rich people can afford to buy rich food in Philippines. 

He prescribed me Allopurinol. He added that when it healed, I am to eat pork rinds drink beer. I will then immediately report to him soonest. I followed his advised then he had me realized that these food I have to avoid. He told to continue the medication and added more food to avoid. Many years passed, sometimes, I craved these foods that it will flare up more often. I then realized today that fish and mushrooms are one or many that triggers which now I have a flare up. 

I chance upon another Filipino doctor on the way home to Philippines in 1987 who advised me to drink apple cider vinegar with pure honey. I did not believe him at the time. Maybe after three years the flare ups continued. I then heed this Doctor’s advised. For many years, maybe since 1999 it did work until the 21st of this month that it flared again because I did not know fish triggered it again.

I ate just little bit of spinach and chicken for lunch yesterday. My left toe flared up this morning. I am glad I have the medication a German doctor prescribed since the 21st. I will resume to drink the apple cider vinegar and pure honey soon after I finished this medication and see the German Doctor on Tuesday next week. Yes, this concoction worked for me until I ate lots of fish and mushrooms which I did not know at that time until I googled it few minutes ago.

Romeo Alimbuyao, Germany
28 June 2013

I have terrible leg cramps at night. I heard vinegar and honey helps. Am giving it a try. We will see.

Marsha, United States
17 June 2013

I’m suffering gout every time I eat food with high purine content. I just started taking ACV with Honey. I hope and pray that this would be normalized with the help of ACV-Honey Diet.

Yoben Deligero, The Philippines
14 June 2013

Tends to flatten the tummy.

Esther Aleba, Ghana
14 June 2013

 Vinegar does reduce headaches.

Christine, United States
4 June 2013

For the last 45 years I have taken 1 oz of honey and 1 oz apple cider vinegar and slammed it down. I am 70 yrs old and not on any RX and in good health. It works for me !!!

Kenny Schrader, United States
3 June 2013

 I have dropped four pounds in four days, it’s crazy, I’m loving it and it gives me energy too…

Christina, United States
18 May 2013

 I suffer from excess sweating in the hands, it’s absolutely terrible. The mixture of apple cider vinegar honey, lemon and warm water has improved my situation a lot.

Lisa Kiri, Lebanon
17 May 2013

It’s highly medicinal.

Umsy Majs, Nigeria
14 May 2013

 I’m 54 and had been told how cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey in the same amount of cider vinegar as you would put milk in a cup of tea mixed up in hot water, daily would heal with aches and pains in my knees. A consultant in a hospital completely supported this idea. It’s cheap, it’s drug free and it works.

Pete Pearse, United Kingdom
14 May 2013

I was almost getting into a surgery scenario for my 11MM kidney stone that was causing intense excruciating pain. I had practically tried all home and medicinal remedies for dissolving and removing the kidney stone but it all failed. Just 2 days before my surgery (invasive), I came across apple cider vinegar and its marvels on kidney stones.

Immediately I went to my local health store and luckily found one that contained the “mother” (thats a way of identifying an organic acv.

I diluted two tablespoons in a warm glass of water and had 6 times a day and as much as I could tolerate the taste of acv.

After two days of taking acv, I went for a blood test in preparation for the surgery and also an iodine MRI. To my surprise, the kidney stone was gone. The 11MM stone that had troubled me for 2 months was now gone!

The doctors could not believe as to what could have happened! In the urine test, the pathologist, mentioned that there were tiny crystals (dissolved) found. Such tiny were the crystals that I didn’t even realize that for two continuous days I was dissolving the stone and passing them out!

Thanks to ACV! It’s a miracle cure!

Murtaza Mohsin, Kenya
13 May 2013

Ruth: Though six times a day of two tablespoons of cider vinegar seem like a lot to take, incredible results you had, Murtaza!

It works for me!

Gregory Abestado, The Philippines
5 May 2013

I am just starting to have my daily cocktail, because I had a little episode and then stress test. So now I want to see if I can do this instead of taking bp meds. Looking forward to a brighter future. I also juice my veggies and eat kale salads nightly.

Kate Bitzan, United States
4 May 2013

Trying organic honey with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.

Maricar Iq, Singapore
28 Apr 2013

This could be the start of something good for me, hopefully!

Darren R. Moseley, United States
28 Apr 2013

A lady friend told me about this because I was having lower stomach pains. She told me about the benefits and since I have been taking this daily, I have been feeling better. Thank you apple vinegar.

Kim Willis, United States
27 Apr 2013

I try to take apple cider vinegar and honey mixed with olive oil and lemon when I was diagnosed with fibroid. After 3 weeks I felt much better and my rheumatoid arthritis disappeared and my bowel was back to normal. I try cinnamon and honey in the morning instead of coffee. Trying the normal way of all herbal medicine is good to our health. The best way is exercise and eat well. Thanks for the info all I read. God bless!

Elme Sereno, France
18 Apr 2013

I heard so much good things about ACV honey. I am trying it for heartburn. I really hope it works for me. My aunt did, and it worked for her.

Beena Gani, United States
14 Apr 2013

I need to know the health benefit of apple cider plus honey and try it myself. Thank you very much.

Amado Aquino, The Philippines
14 Apr 2013

I would like to sample, but the ingredient (apple cider) is hard to get.

Mark Hamilton, Thailand
12 Apr 2013

I started this Apple cider Vinegar and honey on March 22, 2013. Feel better already. Try it.

Carlos Jimenez, United States
25 Mar 2013

I suffered from very debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, but at the end of 2011 I started using this honey and cider vinegar remedy. I have been meticulous in taking it on a daily basis, and now my disease levels have dropped, I manage a 2 mile walk daily, no longer need to wear the ankle and knee supports that were previously mandatory for me to get around, and am feeling much better. I will continue to take this remedy for the rest of my life, – it is really a no brainer, with results such as I have experienced.

Sheryl, United Kingdom
25 Mar 2013

Buy the Apple Cider Vinegar book by P. Bragg it will teach you how to use this amazing natural product…

Shirley, United States
24 Mar 2013

I have two experiences to share with everyone. I must that I am truly happy I have tried apple cider and honey in the morning before my breakfast. I suffer from acid reflux, very painful, I have sleepless night pain on my chest like you are getting an heart attack. Since using this effective remedy I sleep like a baby I also suffer with muscle spasm, this has helped me too. This is my testimony, I hope it will help all of you too.

Bridgett Tomlinson, Jamaica
20 Mar 2013

Started drinking this mixture on day 2 of a cold. It was gone by day 4. I’ve continued drinking the concoction and I’ve noticed, 4 weeks later, that my clothes are becoming more loose fitting. I’ll try to remember to update this and let you know how it progresses.

Gwen Gielfeldt, Canada
16 Mar 2013

It is very good and has helped me in cleaning my body and with the high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Shafira Hosein-Maraj, Trinidad and Tobago
15 Mar 2013

I’ve been using apple cider vinegar organic Bragg since 1996, mixed with two tablespoon of pure honey and water and sip all day long on two large glasses a day.

It cured 99% of my fibromyalgia and aches and pain due to fibromyalgia and arthritis, I’m 62, active, eat nothing but natural diet, once a month 4 or less ounces of meat or chicken, all kind of legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, absolutely 100% no additives or preservatives or ready meals, or processed or canned. If I don’t cook it, I’m not eating it, my whole family is the same. No I’m not crazy or Amish but I eat very very healthy.

Try this ACV with honey and eliminate all garbage food and diet drinks and diet sugar and I promise you a new life.

By the way, I bake my own bread with whole wheat flour no additives or enrichments, I make my cheese and yogurt, and yes I’m employed and a working woman. Noone does anything for me, my adult children eat exactly like me, all good looking, healthy and energetic.

I use this vinegar on my salads too, with olive oil.

I have no problem with the taste, my health is great.

God bless.

Nour Sveiz, United States
14 Mar 2013

I am trying to start apple cider vinegar, for my better health, because I am suffering from heart burn, high cholesterol level, obesity.

Muhammad Saleem, Pakistan
9 Mar 2013

I bought some ACV, honey and lemon juice along with Dr. Lee’s Green Tea from Wally World to see which elixir worked best for my edema. Made one drink with the ACV, honey and lemon only to barf it up shortly later. I hadn’t had that experience for years so didn’t care to try that mix again. 

I have been getting good results with the tea/honey and lemon combined and drunk hot. I’ve been steadily losing the retained water plus whatever foul stuff it contained because my urine started out being darker at first and has become lighter as the water diminishes. One plus of using Dr. Lee’s Green Tea is that I can save the bags and reuse those several times before they stop producing a tea with flavor and color. I was using the bags twice out of habit then saving those to toss onto my compost pile. 

Ran out one day so threw several into a glass coffee pot and brewed up a few cups. It came out just fine so used them a few more times with the same results! Figure a box of 100 bags that cost $5 will provide 500 cups of decent tea at one cent each. Now I have an extra $20 for two bottles of honey and two of lemon juice to go with it. I gave the ACV to my neighbor who has an iron stomach and drinks that mess all the time.

Bill Wilson, United States
2 Mar 2013

Bragg ACV gave me terrible, terrible indigestion. I only used 1 teaspoon mixed well with a tall, 8 fl oz glass of apple juice and now have the worst indigestion I have ever experienced. If you are prone to digestive problems, such as myself, I urge you to STAY AWAY from this stuff. Apple Cider Vinegar and other (herbal) supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so potential side effects are not going to be properly disclosed when these types of products are advertised. Caution must be taken. ACV may work for some people, but it did not for me.

Amy, United States
25 Feb 2013

I have tried the Organic Apple Cider vinegar and honey for almost 7 days, taking it at bedtime and each morning I have gotten up with a headache. Has anyone else had that problem?

Eleanor Johnson, United States
7 Feb 2013

Ruth: Some people believe the headaches experienced by some people when they first start taking cider vinegar is a sign of some detoxification process. I would suggest that you forget about this concoction if the discomfort intensifies or continues to persist after one more week.

I used apple vinegar for weight loss.

Masumeh, Iran
7 Feb 2013

Every morning before breakfast I always squeeze fresh orange juice and mixed it with apple cider, honey and lukewarm water for my son. His immune system improved!

Gemelaine Hibaler, The Philippines
5 Feb 2013

We have been drinking apple cider vinegar and Honey for over a month. My husband has Eczema and he swears by it, if he skips a day he can notice. We have also added cinnamon to our mix. It tastes great. We do feel better with it.

Beth Donovan, United States
28 Jan 2013

Seems like a great remedy for lots of things for the body.

Franklin Peck, United States
25 Jan 2013

I’m sitting here sniffing, all stuffed up (congested) with what feels like a sty starting on my right lower eyelid. I’m a mess. Then I remembered ACV and honey.

I used to drink a cup of ACV and honey every morning. I didn’t get colds, it seems that it was easier to lose weight.

So I’m sitting hear sipping on a cup of the ACV elixir.

I believe I will go back to sipping on the ACV and honey every morning. Even though’ the honey is NOT on a low carb diet, it may be that I’ll actually do better with these healthy carbs. We’ll see.

Cheryl, United States
20 Jan 2013

This is one of the easiest ways to control your bodies ailments. I usually put 1 tbs. honey in a glass and add hot water just over the spoon height (not handle, just spoon). This helps the honey melt when you stir it. After it dissolves I then fill the rest of the glass with cold water and then add 1 tbs. organic apple cider and stir. I drink it down as the mixture is still spinning. I work nights and this seems to help with the “zombies” that you feel from being up all night.

Most of the grocery stores now days have an organic section in them. That’s where I get my honey and vinegar. Pleasant drinking everyone.

Joseph Colarusso, United States
16 Jan 2013

I am a herbal practitioner and sometimes use American apple cider to patients with arthritis, H. B. P, gastrointestinal disorders and others. The results are super, thanks to American cider apple and honey.

Nickson Kevin Kiriri, Kenya
10 Jan 2013

Bragg organic Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome. Bragg Apple Cider/oliver oil and their Berry/Apple Cider Salad Dressing/marinades are over the top and the best bottled dressings I have found (Only 1 g. sugar). AWESOME!

Betty Weaver, United States
5 Jan 2013

It’s delicious when made into salad dressing with honey, 100% olive oil and Braggs amino acid. Also use safflower oil for health benefit, too, cold-pressed.

Gloria, United States
2 Jan 2013

I really do want to try it, have problems with eczema.

Purnima Ramkellawan, Guyana
29 Dec 2012

Acid cider vinegar is 100% effective in curing heart burn and digestive problems. This is a 100% guaranteed natural medicine.

Raghu, Australia
27 Dec 2012

I take honey & cinnamon in distilled water before bedtime and I use the BRAGG’S Apple cider vinegar in my juiced carrots & celery in the morning as it actually enhances the taste for me.

Roger Groot, United States
19 Dec 2012

Hi. I started using Apple Cider Vinegar last week and it feels great. I used to feel palpitations several times a day but I feel ok now. Hoping it will improve as time goes. I take one tablespoonful of Wesco bee apple cider vinegar with the “mother” in 300ml of water every morning.

Esther Githinji, Kenya
17 Dec 2012

Hello, my name is Yolanda and I use the Braggs apple cider vinegar with raw honey as a diet supplement. I used it a few years ago for the purpose of detoxing my system and weight loss. I tell you it worked. Not only did I lose weight but I felt lighter, energized and just over-all rejuvenated. Most people don’t believe these natural remedies work. But I am here to testify to the fact that they absolutely do.

Yolanda, United States
16 Dec 2012

I tried “Bragg’s Apple Cider with the Mother” and an organic raw honey, not the pasteurized one, oh , it really works. I often have colds and cough before, especially if I stay late at night, but when I tried this combination – Bragg’s ACV with the mother and raw honey (not pasteurized), wow! it really works! I was able to fight colds and cough (*sometimes cayenne)… Try it!

Sally, The Philippines
15 Dec 2012

I decided to try ACV and honey to see if it could help alkaline my body. I had kidney infection symptoms, IE that sick twisting feeling in your back. 2 days it was gone. But I am getting tested to make sure. I had hoped it would help with joint pain and alleviate Gerd. I had to cut back my medication for Gerd when I lost my insurance. It was worth a try.

I don’t know if it was my mind or what but I felt immediately…different. I also got a cold sore within a half hour. But putting ACV on it seems to have taken the pain away and it hasn’t gotten so bad.

Anyway, this is day 5. Amazingly, I noticed, I felt thinner. So after getting on the scale, 6lbs lighter. And I did not have the usual desire to pig out because I lost weight. It is easier to eat when I’m hungry and not just eat and it has lowered my desire for sugar. Yes sugar! I have ate so much less. I suffered for years unable to lose weight its incredible. I’m staying on it. I have been off pain pills for 3 days. And have noticed if I belch it isn’t acidic. But still take my medication just in case for a while yet.

I also have to say that I recently had my thyroid medication changed and it has put me down in the range I feel best at. But that has been two months with no weight loss. But I want to be accurate and state all facts. I couldn’t stand the taste on day 3 and had to take it in Chai tea. But got it down and today just put it in water again and it was fine. I’m hoping I do acquire a taste for it. I am using 2 TBS ACV and 1 TBS honey in a full glass of warm water once a day. I drink it down slowly and don’t sip it all day.

I am so hopeful now for my weight. I cant believe the added affect. I hope I’m not too eager too soon. But it was worth a try after all the years of pain and fatness I feel it was a good try.

Printsez Says, United States
11 Dec 2012

I combined apple cider vinegar, honey and lime. Chest pain has disappeared, it works for weak erection. Recipe and ratio is 1:1:1 and 8 cloves of garlic.

Lawal, Nigeria
1 Dec 2012

How interesting it would become if governments look for health and safety of all human beings instead of making missiles.

Behrouz Bayani, Iran
28 Nov 2012

I just recently had a stroke. My blood pressure would jump up high then down low in minutes. My blood sugar did the same. I was exhausted. I hate to lie down, so when I spotted an article on vinegar. I had a glass of vinegar water brought to me. I immediately felt refreshed and continued working. My blood pressure and blood sugar have remained fine, by drinking 3 glasses a day of the unfiltered vinegar and water. I am so excited. Try it. It seems to help every thing.

Yahannah Yisrael, United States
28 Nov 2012

It really helps sooth itching effect in every part of the body and head. Dilute in water and use cotton wool soaked with it and wipe the itchy area. It also clears body odor if u clean your armpits with it. If added to rinsing water while washing, it keeps your clothes cleaner and odor free.

Delia, Nigeria
21 Nov 2012

I have used honey since a child and vinegar and honey as an adult. Thank you for good information.

Katherine, United States
17 Nov 2012

I’m excited to start with avc and honey hoping and praying that my long acidity in the body that is causing me all kinds of pain may be healed.

Perpetua Blackrose, Namibia
10 Nov 2012

Trying for the 1st time.

Angelee Wood, United States
4 Nov 2012

I’m interested to know health and beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Eva Nkya, Tanzania
2 Nov 2012

It’s great!!! I have not been sick or even a cold since I started taking it–I feel better!!!I feel like it does clean you out!!! The only problem I have from it is has “flared up” my hot flashes!!! but other then that I will keep taking it!! I know it’s helping me!!!

LeeAnn Davis, United States
30 Oct 2012

I mix myself a combination off chamomile tea with cinnamon, apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon off raw honey. A year ago I developed a serious skin allergy and this remedy works wonders.

Eldridge Hendricks, South Africa
27 Oct 2012

I’ve been using ACV with honey and pomegranate juice now for more than a month now. Not only do I notice improvement in overall strength, but my ED is healed! My acid reflux also gone. I’m in my late 60s.

James Thomas, Malaysia
24 Oct 2012

I have been taking 1 x tablespoon of raw honey, 1 x lemon and 1 x teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning after I wake up. I do resistance band workout every 3 x a week for 30 minutes. The results has been awesome. Lost 9 KG in 4 weeks and still counting. Increased my metabolism, my sinus issues are away, reduced fluid retention, no headaches, no lethargic feeling, no more prescription drugs and I am more focused.

Jesvinder Singh, Malaysia
24 Oct 2012

I suffered for several years with GERD (acid reflux) and gastritis, taking daily omeprazole and eventually sleeping on a recliner. I have been on apple cider vinegar/honey for 2 months and I am completely recovered! The recipe is as follows:
2 tbsp Braggs
2 tsp honey
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 cup water
I mix up 4 recipes at a time (It tastes better fresh). Take 4 to 6 oz on an empty stomach twice daily. First thing in the morning and then before dinner. Don’t forget to stir it up; the honey sinks to the bottom. RJP

Robert Perry, United States
19 Oct 2012

I have been drinking one or 2 glasses of honey and Braggs vinegar with raw unfiltered honey for over a yr and didn’t realize that its probably what has kept my weight steady.. It’s a wow drink for me. I just love the tarty sweet taste and would drink a quart a day if I could lol. I think along with VitD3 5000 units a day and the drink has kept me from being sick for more than a yr 1/2.

Janna Cap, United States
18 Oct 2012

I use apple cider vinegar and honey, I drink it in a mug of hot water a tablespoon of each, 3 times daily. It takes my spondylitis pain away after a day. It’s amazing. If I hadn’t tried it for myself I wouldn’t believe it was true.

Gilly Allan, United Kingdom
17 Oct 2012

I am diabetic 2 and hope to get off all drugs and back to normal weight any advice would be appreciated.

Garry Dawson, Australia
16 Oct 2012

Ruth: Garry, replace refined processed sugars in your diet as much as possible with a more superior, natural form of sugar – honey, and avoid high fructose corn syrup and all artificial sweeteners.

I take a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey, Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon, and Hemp seed. I mix a months worth in a blender and take two teaspoons, twice a day. Taste great!!!!!

Rick Pulcrano, United States
16 Oct 2012

Hi. I’m trying apple vinegar cider for the first time. I have a problem with acid reflux problem which I’m worried would lead to ulcers. A friend advised me to try apple cider vinegar with honey. I have started today, please advice the amount of water to mix with 1 table spoonful.

Kim Kinyua, Kenya
13 Oct 2012

Ruth: One glass of water for 1 tbs of cider vinegar will do.

Had I think bacterial vaginosis, have been suffering for a year and a half with heavy odor, heavy discharge very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Been drinking acv and honey for 3 days…the symptoms are COMPLETELY gone. Everything is back to normal. Funny thing is I started to drink it for other reasons.

Carol Anderson, United States
11 Oct 2012

Just restarted taking 1TBSP. of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with some raw honey. Looking forward to seeing what happens and what the benefits will be. I do tend to run high in BP and blood glucose. Also would love to lose 20 lbs. Just been lazy about it all…eating right and exercising. Will get my act together sooner or later…:)

Richard Burd, United States
10 Oct 2012

Great idea.

Ong Carrie, Singapore
10 Oct 2012

Have used apple cider vinegar and honey for only two days for headache and high blood pressure I am feeling much better already. I am also sleeping much better at night.

Rodemary Knowles, Bahamas
9 Oct 2012

 Very good cure for headache. Don’t need to take pain killers!

Janet Hong, Australia
3 Oct 2012

I have been drinking this apple cider vinegar and honey for a month today and am very happy about the result. Before I started to drink I was having too much digestive problems but now all gone to normal and I have been losing weight continuously without stress like lacking of energy. I am very glad I discover this in the net. I am 35 years old and weighing 80kg but since i start to drink this have been losing a lot of weight only in short period of time. Thanks.

Dianna Cassandra Kedy, Malaysia
30 Sep 2012

I’ve been taking “ACV” for two months and my blood pressure has lowered, I also lost about 27lbs. I started eating healthy and I have avoided breads and sodas. I take one tablespoon of raw honey before I go to bed to boost my metabolism at night. I have an office job and I hardly excercise.

Julian Telles, United States
28 Sep 2012

I am confused about how often to take Apple Cider Vinegar. For several weeks I’ve been taking it daily for Gallbladder pain. Now I have read of the dangers of taking it daily T

The website says “Now-as far as using it as a Alkaline Acid Balancer, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), does the job. However, it shouldn’t be used on a daily basis. Here’s why – Baking soda can also help alkaline the body, but most people would not attribute baking soda with acids in the stomach. So, using ACV as a chronic pain reducer, weight loss supplement, and alkaliner (detox), depends upon the individual. Our bodies are acid rich soils that are sometime over indulged by the foods we eat. Any food. A person in pain, should they consider a new food regimen, could use ACV as a detox, generally 1 – 3 times a week at first and then on a monthly basis.”

So this website recommends taking ACV only once a month. This is quite different from taking it twice a day. Is AVC actually harmful when taken on a daily basis?? I don’t know. Does anyone have additional information on this topic. Would appreciate additional info.

Skippy Mardon, Canada
21 Sep 2012

Ruth: When it comes to natural cures and folk remedies including honey and cider vinegar, there usually isn’t any hard and fast rule regarding its dosage because our individual’s responsiveness to the food also plays a major part. I think taking it twice a day is fine, but the question is “for how long?” 

Most people would recommend taking it regularly based on their experience but so far nobody has actually suggested taking it daily, perpetually (there could be people with such experience, but I’m not sure). Personally I like to take it daily for 1 to 2 weeks (for cleansing purpose) and would usually stop for weeks before I resume again. Some people take it to overcome certain health issues and would stop it once the relief is experienced. Different people respond to the mixture (weight loss, lower cholesterol, etc.) differently, some in a matter of days, some in weeks, and some in months. 

For those who feel that they are not benefiting from it after trying for some time, or have experienced nasty side effects (stomach ache, diarrhea) after consuming just a glass of it, I would say just stop it (why make yourself feel sick). Your own body will tell you whether you are benefiting from it and for how long you should continue using it.

Apple cider vinegar and raw honey is great!

Cheryl Ford, United Kingdom
14 Sep 2012

I love honey in many ways, just a spoonful in my coffee is great.

Scott Stephens, United States
13 Sep 2012

I suffer from a severe hiatal hernia. Prescription medications were helping somewhat, however I read about drinking the organic apple cider vinegar with honey and decided to try it. I was amazed at how quickly I found relief. I have several of my family and friend using it now since it has so many beneficial values. I mix a pint container and keep it in my refrigerator. It is the first think I drink in the morning and the last thing I have before going to bed. It really works..

Jeanette Sofia, United States
9 Sep 2012

I am looking forward to trying this drink. I have HBP, Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, obese. Hopefully it will work.

Connie Olson, United States
29 Aug 2012

Hi Guys I was introduced to this Vinegar and Honey by a colleague in the office after she received a Christmas Hamper from an IT company (IPMC), I have been taken this V H for about a month and I have seen a lot off improvement in my health though I don’t have any illness and recommend to all. Thanks.

Dominic Kouto, Ghana
29 Aug 2012

Am now 102 years old… been drinking “acv” for 22 years now…I still jog everyday.

Larry Freeman, United States
29 Aug 2012

Apple cider vinegar lemon and honey it works like magic, it cures a lot, try it.

Nana Owusu, Ghana
27 Aug 2012

I was looking for a remedy for my enlarged prostate, I found Braggs natural apple cider vinegar at a local health food store, and natural unprocessed honey there also. So i started about two weeks ago, mixing the two and I can already see an improvement in my prostate, also my heartburn had disappeared, it gives me energy also. I am going to stick to this regiment and will keep you guys posted.

I have three hennaed discs, arthritis, stenosis, I was taking 360 Percocet 10s a month for 7 years, I decided to stop taking them and start a purely natural approach, this mixture seems to be helping with my back pain also, I’m sure it will continue to get better as my body absorbs this remedy, please try it you won’t be disappointed, but it all has to be natural/organic or it won’t help, good luck everyone.

Michael Proulx, United States
26 Aug 2012

I am on a high blood pressure medication as my pressure is moderately high, but not drastic. Last week, after starting back to school, my BP raced higher than normal so my doc wanted to put me on a beta blocker. This scared the ba-jeee-zeez out of me when I researched that beta blockers can cause all sort of side effects, so I found this natural remedy that could help HBP. I have been on it for four bp is down to 124/74! No beta blocker for me…I won’t take it.

I will continue with v and h. I have RA as well and I noticed within the third day that my joints feel less swollen, my mornings are more pain free. But, the BP results…wow….I am looking now for how long I can continue on the v and h. Looks like it could be a good thing for a long time, but are there negative effects of drinking the elixir for too long a time? Thanks for any assistance with that question.

Sandra Welly, United States
26 Aug 2012

Ruth: Hi Sandra. From the many postings received, it seems that a long-term daily routine of taking small amount of cider vinegar and honey poses no health risk and in fact many have found great benefits in doing that. If you are concern about having any side effects, perhaps you may want to do it on an alternate month basis.

I would love to more about vinegar and honey.

Annette Manhart, United States
25 Aug 2012

I have been drinking this “amazing potion” as I call it, for about a year and a half. I actually enjoy it. I warm 6 oz. of water (30 microwave) and add 1 tablespoon of Braggs acv and about 1/2 tablespoon or more of unprocessed honey. I drink it as you would a cup of tea or coffee. The medication I was given did nothing for my acid reflux. 

So I stopped taking it and read about the health benefits of Braggs acv and tried it. It is amazing! I can enjoy all kinds of food again. I feel great and plan to continue drinking the “amazing potion”! I would strongly encourage others to give it a try. Even if you are not suffering from acid reflux. It can only help you feel even better!

Fran, United States
25 Aug 2012

I have taken acv and honey for three weeks and I have not seen any difference in anything. A whole bottle. Not sure if it’s for everyone. Any comments on this?

Vern Scurlark, United States
21 Aug 2012

I’ll be starting the regimen today. Hope it works. I just had a major surgery.

Michelle Ortegs, United States
11 Aug 2012

 I appreciate your products and books!! They are helping my digestion problems with hiatal hernia and reflux!!

Evie Roach, United States
7 Aug 2012

I have seen this work amazingly on a colleague.

Kaibo Timbillah, Ghana
7 Aug 2012

I have only gotten sick one time in the last 3 years since starting to drink the apple cider vinegar and honey drink and that was when I stopped. But I started again when that happened and haven’t been sick since.

Chad Kennedy, United States
3 Aug 2012

After using Acv with honey I feel sore throat and hard to breathe if any body know about that please let me know because I don’t want to stop because I feel myself full of energy.

Shahzad Younas, United Statess
20 July 2012

Ruth: Apple cider vinegar seldom causes side effects, but there have been reports that it could cause discomfort in some rare cases, and these include nausea, headaches, and constipation. However many of these symptoms are signs that the body is detoxing and being cleansed and they usually disappear in one or two weeks. If those reactions are severe and persisting, then stop consuming it.

After using acv for two weeks my complexion is clearer.

Sylvia Moguel, United States
12 July 2012

My mother gave us honey and ACV by the spoonful during cold and allergy season. We rarely got sick. With 7 kids doctors were out of the question and you certainly don’t want the whole bunch at home at the same time sick.

Margaret Ramirez, United States
19 Jun 2012

Apple cider vinegar tastes horrible at first. After awhile, or once we get used to the taste, it is really not so bad, especially with honey and chilled water.

Nor Aini Adnan, Malaysia
18 Jun 2012

Have been taking it for a month now and the taste of it is much better than at first.

Steve Pisula, United States
17 Jun 2012

Ruth: Hi Steve. Same here, it took me quite a while to get used to the smell and taste. It’s now a rather nice drink for me.

I have calmed down my latest attack of rheumatoid arthritis to the point where I don’t need any medication for pain at all in just 10 days. It is the best and safest method you could ask for. I ‘ll continue for at least a year and hopefully the inflammation will be gone with an alkaline diet.

Ntiana Gkika, Greece
13 Jun 2012

In May of 2012 I had a gastric by-pass, I developed gastric and ulcers problems. The medication is so expensive and it does not eliminate the problem but covers it up. I became tired of the runaround at the doctors office, decided to investigate a natural remedy over the internet. I found out that apple cider vinegar, and raw honey is used for gastric troubles, my pain left immediately.

Cheryl Carmichael, United States
12 Jun 2012

I love to use acv and honey whenever possible.

Felicia Dycus, United States
23 May 2012

Over the last 2 months I have consistently taken one tablespoon of honey and one table spoon of dates vinegar/apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed. The outcome – my allergy issues have reduced tremendously and the most delightful thing is that fact that I have also shed some weight.

Meenaloshini Satgunam, Malaysia
21 May 2012

When I first heard about all the wonderful benefits of this combination, I tried it. It wasn’t “horrible” to drink. Not like the old “Formula 44 D”. But it was a bit tart. After 3 days the tartness went away and I began to fee much more energetic and overall healthy.

Feydd McLaughlin, United States
19 May 2012

I get my honey from an apple orchard, yumm.

Steve Pisula, United States
16 May 2012

Over the last 2 months I have consistently taken one tablespoon of honey and one table spoon of dates vinegar/apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed. The outcome – my allergy issues have reduced tremendously and the most delightful thing is that fact that i have also shed some weight.

Fuziah Hashim, Malaysia
15 May 2012

I prepared this remedy to my mum of 68 yrs old cos she is hypertensive. Within one month she is FANTASTIC in health. The problem is Apple cider is not readily available in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. As soon as it comes to the supermarket it it cleared within hours cos people are very much aware of its fantastic miracle. I’m 45yrs and I take it daily and I feel great in health. Thanks.

Divine Gadogbe, Ghana
29 Apr 2012

I’m from usa but retired in manila. Got sick 1st year and my gout got worse. A drunk told me about acv. I’m a light beer drinker too. So bought BRAGG ACV and with in 1 week my gout got so much better. Doesn’t cure but controls gout and other benefits kicked in amazing too many to list. Just try it I can’t get anyone to try but they notice how strong I am at 67. Just try it you’ll never stop. It’s like a new religion. Physical REBIRTH. Hallalua bro amen.

Edward Haynes, The Philippines
15 Apr 2012

I work in health care and see what suffering GERD can do, so when I got GERD I wanted to treat it with a natural remedy. Knowing medication used to treat GERD was a short term fix and doesn’t address the cause. I found honey and apple cider vinegar ( braggs is the best). I found it works awesome.

Jessica, United States
15 Apr 2012

I was on the vinegar and honey drink for about 5 years. This was when I was in my 50s. I’m 82 now, great health and still take vinegar in pill form. Also back on honey.

Don Dressler, United States
7 Apr 2012

Short and sweet. On March 9, 2012 I weighed 281lbs and on March 31, 2012 I weighed 270lbs. Have not done anything different besides increased my water intake and drink a mixture of 1tbs honey and 2 tabs ACV with about 4 to 6 oz of bottle water 3 to 4 times a day. I don’t know if it will help me reach my goal but I’m going to stay with it for a while.

Frederica Walker, United States
2 Apr 2012

I suffer from IBS, diverticulosis, and had stomach ulcers. After days of stomach pain with either diarrhea or constipation and three benzos doctors put me on, I’m going on 2 glasses a day, a TBS of both in warm water. I’ve used Bragg ACV before and honey, but haven’t combined them. It has to help, both are pure and organic and I’m sick of the meds and the COST! 

Marsha Carlson, United States
1 Apr 2012

I heartedly recommend the book written by Dr. Jarvis, Vermont Folk medicine. I am 76 years old and have used his remedies for most of my life with great results.

Lamar Sneed, United States
1 Apr 2012

I am investigating honey cures and would like to investigate and try it further.

Betty Smith, United States
26 Mar 2012

I have been drinking the ACV and Honey for 3 days, already the heartburn I used to have in the mornings and when am hungry are gone and at night I sleep like a baby. At the gym I have lots of energy and it’s all thanks to 2 tablespoons of ACV and one tablespoon of honey first thing in the morning and at night an hour bfr I go to bed!

Precious Toko, South Africa
23 Mar 2012

I’m hooked on 2 glasses of ACV + raw honey + 1 lime with 200ml of pure water daily.

Robert Paterson, Australia
19 Mar 2012

Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar 3 times a day for 2 months. Cleared my back and joint pains. I was in severe pain.

Paul Brennan, Ireland
21 Feb 2012

I am drinking 2 tablespoons of acv and 1 tablespoon of honey each day. So far I cannot find where it has helped me.

Donald Scott, United States
20 Feb 2012

Ruth: Donald, I’m not sure how long you have been taking the mixture. If it’s been for weeks and months, and you still feel you have not benefited from it in any way directly or indirectly, I don’t see why you should continue it.

Interesting to hear stories of natural remedies.

Carolyn Dodds, Australia
14 Feb 2012

Before taking v and h, I had intermittent pain in my toes and feet. Like a stabbing pain. After taking the v and h the pains have disappeared. I an a believer.

Earl Mathews, United States
4 Feb 2012

My Grandma told me about this because I had the cold and they told me it would help me through feel better, and it did.

Sarah Rutt, United States
4 Feb 2012

I want to try it for the various ailments, such as erectile dysfunction, waist pain extending into my legs and feet and glaucoma.

Abraham Kromah, Liberia
18 Jan 2012

I have acid re-flux hope i will be cured by acv. I also like raw honey but I am afraid not to reduce the curing strength of acv. What do you say?

Kibrom Bogale, United States
2 Jan 2012

Ruth: I love to add a teaspoon of honey into my glass of cider vinegar drink as D.C. Jarvis advises in his book that honey would enhance the healing power of the vinegar. Ref: Is Apple Cider the Same as Apple Juice?

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