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Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2016 Postings

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey 2016 Postings

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Cynda Sims, United States     31/12/2016 @15:09:53

My daughter in law introduced me to this over Christmas holidays and I bought some today and am going to try it. I am hoping that it will help my cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis.

apple cider vinegar and vinegar 2016 postings

        Sondra, United States     15/12/2016 @20:04:11

I use this per the recipe on the bottle. But from Jan 1 thru Apr 1, I used ACV with 1 packet of stevia. I was having erratic BP readings and read this would help. I actually got another benefit.

Every year during the first 3 to 4 months of the year I get 2 to 3 bad sinus infections and have to take antibiotics to get rid of them. That didn’t happen this year. So I will continue to use ACV, honey & sometimes cayenne pepper for the rest of my life(I’m 64).

        Jeannine Valentino, United States     13/12/2016 @12:33:49

Thank you for the wonderfully helpful information. I was reminded of the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar by a friend who was ninety-nine years old at the time. I began to drink two teaspoons in a quarter cup of cold water every morning upon arising and chasing that down with fresh water for my teeth. After reading about combining the Bragg vinegar with raw honey and cold water, I plan to have this drink later in the day. God bless you for helping the others’ health.

        j Honey, United States     05/12/2016 @00:30:09

My friend had a bad case of MRSA. Started him on ACV & Manuka Honey. Within 4 months his MRSA cleared up! (Also try: Black Seed Oil). God Bless these amazing remedies…

        J N, United States     23/11/2016 @07:07:57

Your body automatically sets its own alkaline / acid levels! There isn’t anything you can do to change that. You can only make your urine more alkaline by what you eat/drink.

        Vijay Ramlu, India     17/11/2016 @15:40:56

I lost 6 kgs in 2 months.

        Rusti1, United States     08/11/2016 @09:42:37

Amazon bragg apple cider vinegar

I took apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon to help the beginning of pretty bad flu symptoms, and it helped amazingly. I also took Vitamin C 1000 mg, kept taking all of them a few times more, rested (exhausted from the ordeal:) and all flu symptoms stopped within an hour. That was my first experience.

I’ve used it countless times since to ward off early cold symptoms as well. Had only one cold slipping through in years :/ I’m hit hard with colds/flu having asthma and very susceptible for some reason, so I try to be diligent in catching them early. I do buy raw organic acv and honey now, and I use Ceylon cinnamon as well.

        Harald Stamer, Australia     30/10/2016 @05:58:39

I am 82 years old and have been using honey and vinegar for the last 30 years as directed and I am on no other medications except small coated aspro daily. I am in good health and swim 60 laps once a week play golf twice (walking) and go dance twice.

        Mary Parker, United States     18/10/2016 @20:43:41

I found 32oz bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar at Walmart yesterday!

        Luddie Keng, Papua New Guinea     11/09/2016 @23:27:50

I have melasma on my face for 5 years and it’s stubborn seriously. When I start using apple cider vinegar and honey for two week, I saw big difference on my face and I believe I’ll keep on using it more and the melasma will disappear.

        Mary Bushway, United States     09/09/2016 @20:27:09

This sounds good. I am going to try this and I ordered the vinegar from amazon.

        Sharon Holden, United States     07/09/2016 @13:02:31

On Monday while visiting a friend, she mentioned that her brother had lost 65 pounds with ACV recipe. I start today! 1 T Braggs ACV, 1 T raw local honey,1/4 t cayenne, 3″ ginger root peeled & thin sliced and 5 cinnamon sticks simmered, just a little of hot liquid with cold water. I’ll get organic cinnamon and cayenne. I look forward to the positive results that others have mentioned. I didn’t need to get the Braggs ACV has I always have it. Now I’ll use it 2x daily. Thanks for all the positive comments.

        Wilma Moore, United States     25/08/2016 @08:51:14

I use Braggs vinegar and honey when I have a headache and minutes later the pain is gone. I love making the mixed concoction and drinking it for the taste. I fix a concoction once a day, beats drinking sodas and it’s beneficial to your health.

        Acey Gamblin, United States     23/08/2016 @08:51:14

Was on it for ten years, got off. My pain came back. It is good for sinus.

        William Nelson, United States     20/08/2016 @09:17:11

I been taking 1 oz of organic vinegar the last 30 years. I will add honey to the vinegar now for more health benefits.

        Ginger Schoenberger, United States     13/08/2016 @11:51:35

I am experiencing leg cramps since I started drinking the mixture each morning.

        Becky, United States     08/08/2016 @20:59:33

I love local honey (do not use warm water as it ruins the honey), Braggs vinegar with the mother, and lemon. I freeze the lemons and grate them so I use the peel and everything. Anyway, I have allergies and it has helped me tremendously. I used to have to sleep sitting up because of the coughing. Now I have no cough.

        Arnold Labarre, United States     05/08/2016 @01:55:58

Since starting ACV with cold water my PAD cramps have lessened and my energy level is up. I will keep trying it.

        Tyra Jones, United States     16/07/2016 @13:56:28

Helpful with many different areas of my health.

        Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/06/2016 @ 11:11:17

Ammar, achieving an alkaline balance is known to be important to overall health, body immunity, vitality, and effective weight loss. It’s not a baseless allegation. As mentioned in the article, eating alkaline-forming foods, such as the cider vinegar drink is based on a scientific theory; these foods not only help in maintaining the body’s ideal pH balance, heal a wide range of ailments including arthritis, slow down the ageing process, but also aid in weight management.

        Ammar Ismail, United States     25/06/2016 @12:05:05

Is there any “evidence based medicine” that proves these allegations? Especially burning fat? I know it may reduce weight but that could be by reducing muscle mass.

        Carolyn Kuns, United States     19/06/2016 @16:01:34

My father used apple cider vinegar with the “mother” for many years after his heart attack, along with honey. He ended up raising bees for about 30 years. It seemed to help him also with his arthritis. I now have it and taking this mixture seems to help. I read Dr. Jarvis’s book again recently and his comments on the benefits are still very true even 60 years later.

        B Payne, United States     18/06/2016 @07:16:15

I use raw wildflower honey, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and lemon juice whenever I feel like I am getting sick. (Though this last time I waited a bit too long). When you feel a cold coming on, mix those all together with hot water and drink 2x a day…my entire family, including mother, sister, father, and even godmother, all drink it when we are starting to feel under the weather. From what I understand each ingredient has healing powers and I can tell you that after 2 days of drinking it, my symptoms go away.

        Kathy Krantz, United States     06/06/2016 @10:58:18

Awesome – so good for you.

        Herline Braxton, United States     28/05/2016 @16:26:28

It’s a refreshing drink that has many good benefits.

 Junel Gray, United States     20/05/2016 @11:09:28

I love this concoction I use distilled water and I drink it every morning on an empty stomach, may start doing it twice a day.

        Esther Chandler, United Kingdom     04/04/2016 @16:46:13

I was told I had lymphoma back in September, in my neck stomach, chest, and groin. The lump in my groin was the size of a golf ball, since taking ACV spoon full of raw honey and a freshly squeezed lemon diluted in 8oz of boiled water every morning, my lump has shrunk, not sure about my others yet until I have my next CT scan.

        Darrel, Malaysia     30/03/2016 @09:16:39

Good sharing with healthy recipe, yes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels.

Read more at:

        Heather Rupert, United States     28/03/2016 @09:01:36

I have been using a mixture of 1tbls Bragg Apple cider vinegar with a slice of fresh lemon, a couple tsps of raw organic honey, a green tea bag and lastly 1 tbls of organic cold pressed coconut oil…with warm bottled water..3 times a day..(i should clarify, I only add the green tea bag in the morning & the evening) HUGE results and the lemon/honey cuts out the bite of the vinegar that I don’t care for. I’m dropping weight like crazy but I’m also incorporating about 20-45 min of Pilates and yoga 4-6 days a week.

I mostly eat raw veggies, some fruit, a small amount of dairy, a lean protein like chicken, tuna, or turkey and whole grains. I also drink probably 6-8 16oz bottles of water a day. I have lost over 50 lbs since November. I had to completely reevaluate the way I view food and my health but when I reached a plateau with just a few small changes and limited exercise, I added the natural remedies I’ve mentioned and I really started to see results.

I feel TONS better and the severe GI problems/IBS I’ve been dealing with for the last year have all but disappeared. Oh & I also take a probiotic supplement. I have so much more energy and I’m proof that turning to natural cures are a realistic way to heal every ailment and strengthen all your bodies delicate systems!

        David, United States     27/03/2016 @19:40:44

I have added a very important nutrient to my daily ACV and honey. It is iodine which is lacking in the American diet and responsible for many issues associated with the thyroid. I do an alcohol extract of green black walnut hulls and add a half of a dropper full and dilute with purified water. I had been dealing with many health issues but am now feeling noticeably better. The black walnut extract also helps to eliminate certain parasites which is a problem with many people in this world of ours.

        Ben Dlamini, South Africa     27/03/2016 @18:44:34

Hi everyone. I am a Pastor dealing will a number of people on daily basis. People are sick and have no hope. I strongly believe that herbs are magical. Therefore I take a glass of water mixed with Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice on my empty stomach 30min before meal. Ten drops of Black seed oil. Please google the benefits of black seed oil also know as Nigella Sativa or Kolanji oil extract.

In the evening before bedtime I boil water separate then mix Garlic powder, ground Ginger, Turmeric powder, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, black pepper is a must take with turmeric as it helps the body absorb curcumin in turmeric about 300 percent. Then I add the super honey for flavor and super benefits of it thereof. In a mug like the coffee mug I mix my concoction, let it cool for some time then I drink it.

My body is now used to this and I am loving it. I haven’t seen a doctor in a long time and I feel super healthy. Cayenne pepper in small quantity I sometimes add. I used to suffer from nasal polyps. Doctors told me they are incurable. I have had two painful surgeries and guess what the polyps returned in no time and I vowed never again will I go for that surgery again. Now those polyps are disappearing. That makes me the happiest Pastor. Thank you.

        Francis Thuruthimattom, India     27/03/2016 @08:18:01

I found apple cider with honey is good for my health.

        Chris Fell, United Kingdom     20/03/2016 @18:28:12

I have a very good remedy using Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice. For some years I have suffered with bladder stones. These are uncomfortable and have caused me other serious issues involving surgery. I recently was aware of a new stone in my bladder and following research of the causes of stones I tried a new natural treatment to disperse and pass the stone rather than have surgery again.

I squeeze the juice from one lemon ( 2oz) add 1oz of apple cider vinegar and top up to 1ltr of water. Pour the contents into two 500ml bottles and drink through the day. Having done this for 3 weeks now my stone is reducing and becoming gravel which is being passed which is a bit uncomfortable but it works and beats Lithotripsy surgery.

        Barbara, United States     17/03/2016 @17:43:31

I am going to buy the ACV & raw honey today.

        Bebee Arenz, United States     17/03/2016 @09:36:55

Both my husband and I have major health problems. My girlfriend told me bout this drink. I have osteoporosis, padgets disease, chronic bone disorder. My husband is on transplant for a new liver. So we are game in trying this recipe.

        Gustavo A Tijerino SR., United States     16/03/2016 @13:50:59

So far I have tried raw apple cider vinegar with honey and I have been able to keep heartburn under control, as well as well as arthritis and obesity to name a few. I normally ingest it at lunch time in place of any other kind of drink.

        Julia Glorina Caayao, The Philippines     08/02/2016 @21:15:18

Aside from a recurring thyroid cancer, I used to suffer from painful gouty attacks (almost every other week, thus making me limp & almost crawled at times. If I really want to get mobile, I do it with the help of a walker plus somebody to be near me always in case I fall), several months ago. Then I’ve read about Bragg apple cider vinegar & pure honey which do good to painful joints, etc.

I did not hesitate trying the concoction. But my 1st concern was where to buy both? My son went to several supermarkets in Manila but found none. We did too in our province but was repeatedly told it sells like hotcakes (the Bragg, with the Mother), so we were always unable to buy even 1 bottle. Not much problem with honey because there are so many to choose from in shelves of supermarkets. Although I used to look for Aunt Sue’s as I’ve read that it’s also the best brand of pure honey.

I’ve read too that acv is also good against hypertension (which I had since 1989), high cholesterol, diabetes, acid reflux, even for acne, signs of aging, etc. So, posted in my FB wall my need for that acv. I wrote I really feel the need to drink it, hopefully for a better health.

Then, an FB friend wrote me a pm. She said she was lucky to have bought 2 bottles (the only allowed per customer, in that health store), & she’s sending me 1, praise God! So? upon receipt of that bottle (plus a bottle too of a pure honey from another friend), I excitedly started my 1 tbsp acv plus 1tbsp honey in a glass of warm water 30 minutes before breakfast. I never had any painful gouty attacks!

Then, my elder sister, upon knowing my need for this Bragg acv, brought me 5 big bottles of that plus Aunt Sue’s Honey! Blessings! I continued drinking the concoction. One afternoon, my husband came home with a printed research. He said somebody gave it to him & it was about this acv. The research stated that acv is good against a lot of ailments. I agreed (because I’ve read it too, months ago). He said he likes to try acv too.

From then on, I prepare 2 glasses of the concoction at 6am or at 6:30am, for my husband & myself. 30 minutes after, we partake of breakfast. Then, he leaves for his office while I start doing light household chores. I feel happier now!

After recurrence last Jan., 2014, I stayed in bed for as long as my body dictates. I used to force myself up only for personal necessities, then back to bed again. It’s different now. I rise as early as 5am, do a little of this & that in the house, prepare the concoction, sip it (with a straw as I’d been having difficulty swallowing food even any liquid after my 2nd thyroid surgery), then I’m ready for breakfast (now with my husband & kids), then more movements (light chores).

Unlike before when I never even see or hear our youngest daughter had breakfast, prepare & leave for her classes in the University neither our Teacher daughter for her Elementary school. Now, I even get to talk to them & help them in whatever it is that concerns them which I could easily pitch in or assist.

BTW, come March I will be undergoing blood tests & body scan again to know if there are still metastases in my system brought by my recurring thyroid ca. I pray there is none…

        Rafiqul Talukder, Bangladesh     07/02/2016 @12:31:52

It proves to be effective for me, after a month, my BP & cholesterol level goes down, and even sugar level. You may try.

        Lynda Griggs, United States     01/02/2016 @20:25:03

I have arthritis and have found myself feeling less pain since I began to drink the organic ACV & organic honey. Am going to continue drinking it. I do like it better the longer I drink it.

        Haja Maideen, Singapore     30/01/2016 @12:54:30

I eat honey and others to cure my diabetes. Now I am cured of my 25 years diabetes. I am eating more honey. All the honey bought at shop are adulterated, that is why I come here.

        Lois King, United States     27/01/2016 @11:01:06

I had been taking an anti-inflammatory drug for arthritis and had also experienced terrific heartburn and had taken so many anti acids it had caused constipation, bloating and pains. I stopped taking all antacids and the anti inflammatory and started taking pure raw cider vinegar and raw honey.

It took a several days but it’s been about 6 weeks and my stomach problems and cleared up, as well as constipation. The vinegar has even helped in the arthritic pain and I use only Tylenol. I continue using a T. of vinegar with tsp. of honey a couple times a day. It works.

        Shelton Garnett, United States     26/01/2016 @05:49:05

I just started taking it as a detox, and for weight loss. Works great as a detox, looking forward for the weight loss.

        Barbara Windsor, United States     21/01/2016 @00:14:21

Great combo. I’ve always like apple cider vinegar and honey.

        Harlan, United States     16/01/2016 @18:41:19

Actually, it tastes a little bit like beer to me, or what I remember beer tastes like since I haven’t had it in years. I have it in the AM right after waking up and in the PM with dinner.

        Cindy Shubrook, United States     14/01/2016 @20:16:33

I’ve only been using this concoction for a little over two weeks and I tell you I feel great. And my digestion has greatly improved! I am diabetic and have slow digestion but now it has improved by 80 percent. And a lot less indigestion after meals with certain foods such as onions tomato sauce etc. Please try it you’ll be happy you did!

        John Hildebrand, United States     01/01/2016 @10:07:17

I just started this week. I am taking one tablespoon of organic honey with one tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar by the mother with 10 oz of warm water, twice daily.

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