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1-Ingredient Cure for Warts – Awesome Story

By Barbara Michaels, United States

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In 1983, having read about honey as a cure for warts virus, I decided to give it a try. Every time my children visited their father, they would come back with warts as he is a wart virus carrier. I applied the honey and put a bandaid on the wart(s). Some of the warts took up to two (2) weeks to completely dissolve, but I was diligent because I could see a difference in the texture of the wart. Once the warts were gone, my children never had another wart, even after visiting their father.

I told a friend about the honey cure for warts. She was on the way to taking her son to the doctor to have numerous seed warts burned off her son’s knee. She applied the honey, wrapped the knee with gauze. About a half hour later, her son took a shower in preparation of his doctor’s visit. The warts all washed off in the shower. The doctor’s visit was cancelled.

In 2003, one day when taking bread out of the oven, the pan slipped and landed on my left wrist. Upon peeling the pan from my wrist, I noticed I had first and second degree burns. Well, this was the time to test what I’d read about honey and burns. Immediately upon applying the honey, the pain stopped. With honey applied to my wrist, I wrapped the wrist with gauze. A week later there was no evidence of any kind of burn.

For those who will take my “honey on burns” advice, they are so surprised that the pain of the burn stops instantly.

In 2006, I worked at a restaurant. One day, an about 9-year-old boy had hot hot soup spilled accidently on him by his you younger sister. The manager applied ice to the burn for maybe as long as 20 minutes. I with my honey experience asked, “Do you have any honey?” Boy, did I get a lecture because of that. The manager told me she had first aid training and therefore she knew more than I. No, all she knew was “witch doctor” medicine. It really hurt my heart to hear the young man’s screams when I knew the pain would disappear instantly with the application of honey. And any honey at that. Just get honey on it – period.

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In three applications, the warts fell out. It was amazing. Honey is really an effective wart treatment! Details in: Wart Treatment with Honey.

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