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Benefits of Honey aims to inspire its visitors and readers with the benefits of honey, the latest health buzzwords and issues today, operating on a strong belief that knowledge is power and can transform attitudes and habits related to health and diet and change lives for the better.

The articles written for Benefits of Honey are typically representations of the author’s impressions, thoughts, opinions on health topics from a myriad of sources which include conversations with friends, beekeepers, associates, salespeople, conversations and exchanges with honey enthusiasts, reading the papers, books, articles, previous research studies and experimenting with honey and its uses. Whenever significant information from books or researches has contributed to the content of our article, the source would be specifically pointed out.

Though amazing health benefits can be derived from the golden liquid, I am not suggesting it as a panacea to every ailment discussed in this website. While every care is taken to produce quality material in this website, responsibility for any action or lack of action remains with the reader concerned. The web site and author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this web site.

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Author’s Note

As much as I love to write about honey and extol its benefits, I am absolutely not advocating consumption of honey in huge quantity. One basic principle in dieting is: “Anything in excess is not good as it harms your body. Eat with prudence and in moderation.” What I am suggesting is: replace sweeteners such as table sugar or artificial sweeteners with honey whenever possible. And, honey is not good for nothing other than just its taste. While being intrinsically sweet, honey is not the same as table sugar which has “empty calories”, and has a lot more health benefits than what many people know. For a more compelling statement on the goodness of honey, read: Honey Isn’t Just Sugar!

Just as many generations have used this natural sweetener as a precious ingredient in their home remedies and found healing in it, I earnestly hope you can also find a lifetime of delightful benefits in it.

Ruth Tan
Benefits of Honey