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Lost 38 lbs in three years, was 229 now I’m 191.

Dale Mandanici, United States
21 Dec 2013

honey dipper and liquid honey image

Honey is so beneficial especially in boosting immunity. For a period of two years my immunity has been very low.

I read the article of honey and infact it has helped me boost my immunity.

Whenever I get a cut my wound heals so fast. I always take honey one hour before bed time. My weight is now constant. I used to weigh 90kgs but now there is a great improvement I weigh 65kgs.

Nanyc Gachuru, Kamau, Kenya
22 Aug 2013

Just want to say that I’m not overweight, but I am an athletic person and box every other day or otherwise and I have just begun adding honey to my diet. I take two tablespoons before bed and in the morning I have toast with honey, tea with honey, and a tablespoon of honey! I also take warm milk mixed with honey before bed and just plain water mixed with honey in the day if I fancy it- generally, I’m adding honey to whatever I have and I love it. I have seen so many beneficial changes in only a few days.

I have previously had bad experiences with insomnia and my sleeping patterns in general but a few tablespoons of honey, I turn the lights off and I’m gone! It’s miraculous! Also after any exercise or returning from the gym I take honey a lot because it prevents muscle, joint and bone soreness- obviously also stops fatigue in the body during the day- it’s a real energy booster. I put it in every bath I have, have pure honey facials, add it to my shampoo/conditioner and use it as an antiseptic cream.

I encourage that you look up more about honey, please- I can’t list the amount of properties it accounts for! It has even stopped my eczema when I use it on my dry itchy patches (also use it as my lip balm) and it’s know to be anti cancer.. Next I’m hoping to try apple cider vinegar. I am gonna start and add a cup of the ACV honey remedy to my diet! As much honey as possible, I love going to bed now!

Paige Burns, United Kingdom
27 July 2013

I’m going to try the honey diet tomorrow night, can’t wait.

Julia Scully, United Kingdom
11 July 2013

I start using the hibernation diet Feb this year only and it’s really very effective for me. I used to weigh 78kilos and with in 5 months I weigh 68 kilos. What I did: a cup of green tea with 1 spoonful of honey before bed time and then at 5am I walk for 45 minutes, at least 3 times a week walking and that’s it, I really lost weight.

Judith Abalajen, Brunei
1 July 2013

I feel motivated and I am gonna start tonight hope to loose enough weight soon, wish me luck!

Carol, Ghana
28 May 2013

I endeavour to be healthy as much as possible so thought I would try this diet. I don’t need it for weight loss but I do wake with a sore throat in the mornings.

I have taken it for 4 nights now and I have had 4 sleepless nights in a row – restless and active mind and not able to drop off into a nice deep sleep. The first night I had sweats too. I will persevere because the diet makes sense but I just wondered if this is normal? I normally sleep very well. Does anyone have a similar experience and know how long it will last before I see a good night sleep? I wondered if it could be because my metabolism is speeding up and its a period of adjustment?

Katie Chandler, United States
15 April 2013

Ruth: Hi Katie, I haven’t come across similar experience like yours. If you can ascertain the purity/quality of the honey you are taking and attribute the symptoms to the hibernation diet, I don’t have an explanation for it. It might be a temporary setback as the body adjusts itself to the new diet, but if it continues to give you problems after a week, I guess it would only make sense to give it a miss.

Love honey and almost bed time and I was craving it- tipped the jar straight up to my mouth and downed about 3 or 4 table spoons- then low and behold stumbled on this- nice- I will do this every night- also plan to start my day with 3 lemons juiced a tablespoon of honey and a couple teaspoons of cinnamon- bet this cleanses me!

Juju, United States
9 April 2013

Going to start tonight. I have a hyper thyroid problem, not sleeping well, I have hyper tension to because of my thyroid. Wanna try this and see if it works for me.

Joyce Yoshimi, Japan
25 Mar 2013Going to start tonight, I am excited. I have a slight thyroid problem , frequent night rest room breaks, not sleeping well pre menopause, so we will see!

Jamie Mitchell, United States
22 Mar 2013

Taking honey just before sleep is the best sound sleeping drug everybody can think of. I have tried it and worked perfectly.

Afriyie Poku, Ghana
21 Mar 2013

I’ve decided to start this diet tonight, I’m 18 and I suffer from chronic anxiety and juvenile arthritis of the lower spine. Seeing as I am not 25 and my bones aren’t fully developed, I cannot get treatment for my arthritis nor any pain relief.

My days consist mostly of joint pains all over my body and exhaustion from the amount of stress the anxiety puts on me physically and mentally. It would be really good if in a weeks time, my joint pains and exhaustion will have reduced after taking the honey not only before bed but when i wake up in the morning. fingers crossed, I’ll let you guys know how it goes. 🙂

Mariah, Australia
12 Mar 2013

Ruth: Give this honey diet some time, at least a few months or even longer. It’s not a quick fix for chronic illnesses but a daily habit which can be easily incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle for improved overall health. Also, try replacing the processed or artificial sugars in your current diet (eg. beverages) with honey.I love honey, been taking honey everyday for about a year, great for a sore throat, I have been taking it before bedtime for 2 days, amazing feel more relaxed, sleeping better, gonna plant more flowers in my garden for the bees, bless them.

Dave Rooke, United Kingdom
8 Mar 2013Honey is a wonderful stuff. I have been using it at night when ever I feel too tired. I always have deep and sound sleep overnight, with a refreshed brain and feel much more lighter when I wake up. I will start to monitor its efficacy on weight-loss. I need it. I am over 100kg and need to shed off some weight. Thanks for the info.

Banji Bakare, Nigeria
8 Mar 2013

It works. I had been using the hibernation diet off and on over a few years and had no idea there was a name for this. So many benefits can’t name them all.Just today had some honey and squeezed lemon. Within a few minutes my bowels moved after a few days with no movement (rare occurrence for me). Helps digestion and always amazed at how quickly it works.

After reading this and many of the comments about sleep and this remedy. It makes so much sense. I already knew we lose weight when we get adequate sleep at night. Now I understand it even better. Thanks for this site. It is really an amazing help.

I’m also a flower gardener and love when bees show up! God is so wonderful!

Vanessa Jones, United States
28 Feb 2013

Stumble upon this site whilst I was doing some reading on honey. Started this hibernation diet on 8/2 but only took my weight this evening at 60.7kg. Wanna try this and see if this works for me.

Jeanne T, Singapore
11 Feb 2013

My doctor tell me that I have insomnia but I will prove her wrong because I started this honey regiment at night and I had been sleeping wonderful and I don’t wake to pee so much now from three times to just one and that’s close to my time to get up for work any way. I will continue to stay on the honey, get back later with more goodness I am sure.

Olga Bryant, United States
15 Jan 2013

I’m excited to try this! I’ve been using honey as a facial mask for years now and its helped with the overall appearance of my skin. Honey is such a wonderful remedy and tastes so good!

Ashley R., United States
13 Jan 2013

I started this diet 4 days ago, and it really helped me with my sleep! I’m an university student and sometimes I feels sluggish when I woke up (especially during test week where I lacked a lot of sleep), but after starting this diet, I woke up early in the morning, feels refreshed and ready to start the day! While I haven’t seen any weight loss, I’m satisfied with the sleep-quality improvement! It seems that this diet also healed my hyper urination.

And I think it also did something to my voice because now my voice is not coarse when I wake up–I can even start a recording session right after I wake up! I’m so glad I started this diet, and it’s thanks to this website that provided me with a lot of information!

Naomi, Indonesia
11 Jan 2013

I been on the Hibernation Diet for a two weeks now and I am hypothyroidism with my thyroid; It has helped with my sleeping instead of the 5 I get a good 7-8 hours of sleep now. I am no longer constipated, more awake, and my skin is not as dry anymore. I have more energy than I ever had. (;

Dayle C, Canada
8 Jan 2013

I just started my 1 tbsp of honey tonight :)Anyone here with an underactive thyroid been taking honey, does it help a lot ?:)

MJ, The Philippines
7 Dec 2012

It is now 5 days since I started the diet. It seems to work. I have been losing 0.1kg a day. Amazing, because I was stuck at 93.4 kilos for over a month. With this success I have,today,started to count calorie intake. I know that I have been eating more that I need. I need to lose many kilos to be out of OVERWEIGHT so now I have a determination to lose some serious weight. I have also bought a pair of 5 kilo dumb bell hand weights. See my previous message.

Angiolo Chiesa, Thailand
22 Nov 2012

Today I bought 250ml of wild huney,in an ex-wine bottle. Got to be pure, it came from a Burmese village across the river. So having read the article, and I need to lose weight I am giving it a try. I am 76 years old and this is the first time I have learned of this diet.

Angiolo Chiesa, Thailand
18 Nov 2012

Great diet. I have already got some results in 2 days. It’s amazing. It helped me in waking up early morning without snoozing my alarm multiple times 🙂 let’s see if it helps me with my weight loss.

Pooja, India
11 Oct 2012

Hai guys, also try warm water + lemon + green tea will realy give better result for reducing weight, enhances appetite.

Sugavanasellvi Selvi, India
15 Oct 2012

Hello, I had a head cold and my chiropractor told me to drink my green tea with honey and cinnamon. Which I did, feel so much better and have been sleeping wonderful. Plus energy in the a.m. I have been drinking the tea at night. I will omit the cinnamon and see how I do. Thank you for your information! I need to lose a few pounds but with this extra energy I will be moving more. Take care and good luck to all.

Tra, United States
14 Oct 2012

Hi there, besides the weight loss which I’m very keen to try! I burnt myself badly the other day and just by chance decided to put pure organic honey on the burn – well I felt no pain, absolutely no pain, it was amazing!! Just wanted to share that with you as well – honey is a gift to mankind!

Debbie Lindeque, South Africa
11 Oct 2012

Have done lots of research and it looks like honey is great to have before bed. I had tried it in the past and did sleep better but did not know it could help with weight loss. I am starting again with organic manuka honey, has anyone tried having manuka honey? will this be as effective?

Hannah, New Zealand
10 Oct 2012

Ruth: For the hibernation diet, any floral varietal of honey is fine, so long it is 100% pure and raw is best. Medical grade Manuka honey (ie UMF 10+ and above) may provide you with other additional health benefits due to its enhanced antimicrobial properties.

I always get tired in the morning and very lazy doing the day…well tried the hibernation diet…OMG it feels so good…I feel so fresh in the morning!

Akanisi, Fujie
4 Oct 2012

Hi, I’m Nisa I’ve read your article about This Hibernation Diet seems quite unbelivable but I’m giving it a try. For the past three days I’ve been taking honey before going to bed and started noticing that I’m able to sleep well the before. I’m a light sleeper who wakes through out the night and having a stressful life. But this does really help me during the night. It’s a wonderful discovery. Thanks a lot.

Thajun Nisa, Singapore
2 Oct 2012

As a teenager My Mother gave me 2 tablespoons full of honey and I fell asleep in 5 mins. It was always the best night of sleep I had.

Dean Eaton, United States
23 Sep 2012

Bipin, India
23 Sep 2012

Ruth: The idea of taking honey (half to one hour) before bedtime has a lot to do with liver health (an area that has been much neglected) which is linked to the metabolism of fats during recovery mode. It is a great lifestyle recommendation for those who are looking for better health and body immunity. It’s not a diet specifically for weight loss, but many people have experienced the ease of losing weight as one of the “side effects” from the diet (next to sleeping better, better general health and immunity.

hibernation diet 2012-2013 jar of honey top view image

I know exercise and eating healthy foods is a good thing to lose weight, but because of my lifestyle, I haven’t no time and so lazy to wake up in the morning to do some exercise, so I search on web on how to lose weight in a healthy way then I saw this page and it makes me interested so I started tonight to eat a honey before sleeping, and tomorrow, when I wake up I will do also the honey and lemon juice, hope for the good result, thank you and god bless! Lets pray guys for the better future 🙂

Eunica Fajardo, The Philippines
21 Sep 2012

After reading this I will be giving it a try. At worship service tonight we had apples and honey. About 30 minutes ago I realize that I should be sleepy. Well am not. I forgot that sometimes I’ll eat a spoonful of honey as a pick me up. Now reading this study gives me something new to use honey for. I can wait. Thank you!

Tangie Welton, United States
19 Sep 2012

I have been taking a tablespoon of organic honey every night for 2 weeks now. I am dreaming more vividly than before and sleeping much better.My stomach feels great when I wake up.I am not hungry in the middle of the night like I was before. It is too early to judge any weight loss but time will tell.

Eileen Hanson, United States
13 Sep 2012

I have been trying lemon-honey-warm water everyday early in the morning for a months I feel better, refreshing, healthier.I’m trying all these just to lose my weight…the information provided on your site seems so interesting I am surely gonna try this just from today……wish me good luck for losing my WEIGHT soon and I m gonna post soon if i had positive effect.:)

Bhawesh Mandal, Nepal
8 Sep 2012

My father is suffering from sugar and bp but he doesn’t have problem with two spoon of honey at night.

Dav I., India
1 Sep 2012

I would love to try this since I know that honey is the best natural remedy.

Nidhi Roger Binni, India
23 Aug 2012

I appreciate taking honey at night.

Santosh Prasad, India
6 Aug 2012

Hello! I was surfing the internet for lemon-water-honey benefits and got lucky to have entered this site for a link in losing weight too. Curiosity had me as I read the title, then found myself hooked reading the informative article word by word with so much interest. Indeed it surprised me how one can actually lose weight with consuming honey before bedtime!

Ling Egan, The Philippines
5 Aug 2012

Yeh it seems to be very very very very beneficial and interesting, I think all obese should follow it. And I as an obese am going to take it tonight.

Aisha Tabasum, India
4 Aug 2012

Excellent Diet Program which I have been doing and experiencing since last year…

Antonio Jr Bornilla, The Philippines
28 July 2012

My friend and I at work have just started honey before bedtime after reading this site – (3 nights so far). She’s late 60s and I’m 50. Both of us had the first 2 nights waking up, thirsty, finding it hard to drop off but have put this down to the detoxing part someone else mentioned. We also both felt really hot (and it’s mid winter here in icy Victoria). And no, not hot flushes either, it was a different sensation. Last night, I slept like a baby and woke up feeling pretty good. Am not sure if that is because I was pretty tired after two dud nights.

However, more than happy to keep going on it and I would be rapt to lose even a kilo as my only problem weight wise is trying to shift a small bit of very stubborn stomach fat. With Mr Liver getting some help, this may well happen!

Di Richmond, Australia
19 July 2012

I am interested to reduce weight.

Dhanabalan Sithambaram, Malaysia
11 July 2012

Just make sure you watch your fructose intake. Modern science tells us that fructose is a major cause of obesity as it is not digested by the sugar route but is stored by the liver as (belly) fat.Less than 15 g/d intake is highly recommended. And if your are mounting a major offensive on belly fat, just keep it out of your diet.

Mervyn Charles, Australia
29 June 2012

Ruth: I cannot figure how this article on Hibernation Diet could be construed as such a negative impact on one’s diet and lifestyle. The Hibernation diet is about the smart and appropriate use of fructose via honey before bedtime based on some scientific understanding of how the liver and body metabolism works when we sleep, far from the idea that honey is great to be consumed liberally in indulgence.

Hello , after reading the posts here I became so motivated to try this diet! I started eating healthy and have my tablespoon of honey an hour before bed. I sleep extremely well and wake up in the morning all refreshed. I must report that one week later now and I have lost 3kg. I just have to get an exercise routine going now 🙂

Sam, South Africa
29 June 2012

I wanna try this! Am worried of my BMI!

Lydia Odek, Kenya
27 June 2012

All I can say is wow! I have always slept well, but never wake up well, and always hit the snooze button a few times before eventually dragging myself out of bed. Last night I tried the Manuka honey in a glass of warm milk for the first time. When my alarm went off this morning I was awake and felt great and got straight up!

Bronny, Australia
19 June 2012

Yup, it’s true. This article is spot on!

But this has being known for so many years to Muslims, as it’s has a chapter called ‘The Bees’.

spoon of pure honey image

Those who found this information interesting on this website, should check out the other scientific information that is revealed 1,350 years ago. Before all the science was so ‘advanced’. Now THAT’s a miracle.

Sam Bee, United Kingdom
11 June 2012

Very informative.

Gilda Yuson, The Philippines
11 June 2012

I love to try this.I am looking forward to a wonderful result.

Helena Labi, Ghana
6 June 2012

I have been attempting to loose weight for the past two months when I found about 3 weeks ago my weight loss just ‘stuck’. I went to a farmers market and bought some honey sticks. They were so tasty that I went back the next day and purchased about 4 different flavors (lots of sticks). This morning I noticed a 1.5 pound weight loss. I can only attribute that to my honey consumption as I did absolutely nothing different; that’s why I googled benefits of honey and found your website. I am curious to see how this works for the rest of the week.

Sheila Butler, United States
5 June 2012

Marvellous article. I will start using honey from to day itself. Thanks Ahuja.

Lajpat Rai Ahuja, India
29 May 2012

This is great! I have heard for years that you should drink a warm cup of water with a squeezed lemon or lime and a tablespoon of honey in it before bed each night. I was told the lemon/lime cleansed especially for women’s digestive/menstrual health and the honey promotes sleep and overall health. sleep deprivation is one of the causes of obesity so this TOTALLY makes sense…AND… using locally harvested honey will help seasonal allergies so you get an added benefit!

Jessica, United States
23 May 2012

I am overweight and always suffer from acidity. Now that I have started Hibernation Diet since last seven day, I feel that the acidity/chest burn has almost gone. Thanks.

Prasanta Mandal, India
21 May 2012

I am so freaking overweight. Planning to start this diet as soon as possible. Thanks for the useful information.

Ramona, Papua New Guinea
19 May 2012

Interesting article. I’ve been noticing that when I listen to my cravings they end up being right on for health. I’ve been eating pure unpasteurized honey every day for over a year now. I’ve just gotten one cold in that time. I listened to my mother and brother complain about their sleep problems the last time I was with them and I’m thinking maybe the honey I eat every evening has been having a positive effect on my sleeping. (Lately brown rice pudding sweetened with honey – delish). God loves the bees even though we swat them away. (Well, I don’t I love ’em too) ?

Beesrockmyworld Girl, Canada
10 May 2012

I have gone through all the information regarding Hibernation Diet and am satisfied. Will try myself. Thanks for posting such type of information which more than 50% of the word population requires due to overweight. Thanks.

Sidhu Jagjeet Singh, India
26 Apr 2012

I lost 6 pounds my first week taking honey before bed. Sleeping so much better too waking up feeling refreshed. I love my honey!

Kimberly Moody, United States
20 Apr 2012

I don’t want to sound negative. I have had honey and cinnamon for two nights now (before bedtime), and am rather concerned that both nights have been so disturbed and restless, not to mention also going to the bathroom! I am hoping this will change with continued use, but would appreciate any comments/ advice that anyone can offer.

Margaret, Australia
19 Apr 2012

Ruth: Margaret, the honey and cinnamon mixture is usually taken in the morning, with an empty stomach, about half an hour before breakfast. For the hibernation diet, take just honey (without cinnamon) before you go to bed. I’ve come across complaints of cinnamon causing insomnia at night. As for honey, when its amino acid tryptophan enters our brain, it is converted into serotonin, which in darkness is then converted into melatonin, a well-known cure for sleeping disorders

I am definitely about to start this new diet….I am never rested and have no energy lately even first thing in the mornings…plus i am having mood issues etc…….thanks for the wonderful info.

TG, United States
19 Apr 2012

I believe in this diet 150%. I’m certain I’ve lost and kept off 10+ pounds in 3 months thanks to eating raw bee products right before bed. I have absolutely done nothing else (except eat a little more/less, depending on the occasion, and am doing light sessions of yoga for my back).

Thank you my wonderful buzzing friends for the delicious and magnificent gift you give to us, and thanks OP for this fantastic site!

Carol, United States
15 Apr 2012

Ruth: So glad this diet works for you, Carol! And appreciate your nice words about Benefits of Honey site. 🙂

Goes against what I know sugar and carbs do to me to think honey can make me lose weight…THEN AGAIN, honey is not sugar same as pink slime is not beef.

Timothy Singleton, United States
5 Apr 2012

I am always overweight since I was 13 years old. Tried a lot of yo yo diet lost some but gain more. Right now I am in the weight watchers program in hope to lose some weight. I will definitely try this honey hibernation diet, why not? Good luck to everyone and including me.

Jeanette Lau, United States
24 Mar 2012

I started taking honey with milk sometime last year say in September and I noticed an increased bowel movement. I was pregnant yet never experienced indigestion/constipation till delivery. My skin glowed, my weight was constantly in check.

Edna Ezennia, Nigeria
21 Mar 2012

I have been drinking Organic Honey (Organica in India supplies that) since past few weeks. I haven’t tried hibernation diet as of now but I take Honey with milk in Morning around 1 hour before Gym and my power has increased. It has helped me to overcome plateaus. Now I am doing 110Kg+ full squats for around 5 repetitions. Basically every good thing has gotten better!!

Ramandeep, India
10 Mar 2012

First time I ever heard of this and I totally believe its possible. I just started drinking Camomile Tea with a spoonfull of Organic Raw Honey before bed. I wake up feeling great. Hope to see the pounds drop!

Manuel Martinez, United States
2 Mar 2012

I believe every word of what u wrote about honey as being a muslim my Prophet’s[pbuh]teachings reveal that honey is a cure for diseases. Thanks for reminding me that the cure for my obesity was right there all the time.

Samreen Sohail, Pakistan
24 Feb 2012

Hi, I am going to start this from today. Have been not sleeping quite well these days. Will try this sure tonight – having a spoon of honey before sleep in warm milk of straight away and having lemon + warm water + honey in the morning.

Thanks for the wonderful info.

Murthy, India
31 Jan 2012Yes I have been using honey for last 4 months and feeling quite good. Honey works good as it has changed my physical activity as well as my health.

Amit Singh, India
19 Jan 2012

I love Honey so much, its the best natural sweeterner available with loads of benefits. Continuing to battle obesity my best friend since infancy.

Jigsaw Joshoa, Samoa
17 Jan 2012

I gained 10 kgs weight at home after my studies I think this article will help me and let’s see how honey works on me and hope to bring wonders to me.

Very informative thanx 🙂

Anu Smily, India
13 Jan 2012

I’ve taken 2 spoons of honey shortly before bedtime for about a week so far. The very first night I slept like a rock, very sound and relaxing sleep. Woke up feeling refreshed with better mental clarity, no grogginess. It’s great!

Marilyn, United States
10 Jan 2012

I am obese and diabetic (on the insulin pump). I stumbled on the ‘Hibernation Diet’ about six months ago when I was looking for ways to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) production in the body. I started taking one or two tablespoons before bed each night. First thing I noticed is an increase in very colorful dreams. I feel noticeably better when I wake up and have a heavy cloudy urination which I do NOT have when I don’t take honey (the diabetes is affecting my kidneys).

I haven’t experienced any weight loss. One person mentioned that they take metformin for their diabetes. I had to quit taking that because of terrible side affects (lots of muscle pain). I believe that metformin blocks your liver’s ability to release sugars as one of the ways it “lowers” your blood sugar. Also, taking the honey before bed does not cause my blood glucose to spike.

Timothy Robinson, United States
5 Jan 2012

Does this actually work? I have been wanting to try this but I didn’t know if it will help me lose weight while I sleep.

Nick Keys, Australia
5 Jan 2012

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