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Celebrating Honey and Bees

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“Honey & I: 101 Thoughts In Celebration of Honey and Bees” speaks of the author’s frenzy love for honey, her high regard for its intelligence as a healthful food, her utter amazement at its goodness to our body, her chagrin when honey critics attempt to smother her beliefs, her deep admiration of the lively sparks, the flowering fields and foraging bees which live in the figments of her imagination, her earnest celebration of honeybees’ value to mankind, her heartfelt gratitude towards their laborious work, and her rallying cry to protect and save them from the devastating colony collapse disorder.

Hey, join her in the celebration of honey bees and their golden treasures and discovering many precious truths many have never known before!

Honey & I: 101 Thoughts

One Thought a Day In Celebration of Honey and Bees

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Day 1…
This marvels me to depths – that only God himself can intend how good honey it is to be and fashion the flowers and bees to perfect it; neither the most ingenious mind nor the most cutting-edge science can fathom it or produce it.

Day 50…
I believe the successful marketing of honey as an additive in chocolates, cereals, tea, energy drinks, fruits and nuts is not just a result of advertising ingenuity, but a growing body of scientific confirmation of what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had believed all their lives.

Day 100…
I like to have cream or thick honey twirled around the end of a chop-stick like a candy. It wanes all the urges for chocolate bars, ice-cream, and wafers. My favourite way of combating sugar cravings and binges!

About the Author:

Ruth Tan is the founder of www.benefits-of-honey.com, the number one ranked website on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for benefits of honey. She is also the author of the books “Darling, Honey is Good for You!” and “How to Effectively Use Honey as Medicine: What Doctors Don’t Tell You.”

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