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Honey and Weight Loss 2009-2011 Postings

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I just want to share my experience with everyone. One of my patient as very overweight and had some health issue due to this, she was not even able to walk. She started drinking warm water with one spoon of ASHVGANDA 5mg, honey and few drops of lemon in morning before breakfast. Can you believe she reduced 1 kg in just 15 days. I will suggest everyone to have this in morning before breakfast. It really works. Thanks.

Rakesh Pandita, India
31 Oct 2011

Over the past 10 or so months, I’ve dropped about 35 pounds. I find that honey makes me feel fuller faster, and as I sip my tea, water, or even coffee with honey added, I keep that satisfied feeling for HOURS longer than if I didn’t add honey to my beverage. Feeling satisfied, I don’t ‘graze’ or food-seek. It’s NICE, it’s EASY, and I FEEL GOOD about how I am taking the best care of myself I can. NO DRUGS, no starvation!

Barbarah Hansen, United States
12 Oct 2011

Hai ladies, drink a lot of water, walking for half an hour, eat fruits, night time don’t eat rice, these are the tips that I’m following, I got flat stomach, thanking you readers.

Renuka Sihasam, United States
30 Sep 2011

One tablespoon apple cider vinegar and one tspn honey in hot water 2 times a day helps loose weight really fast and keeps you full for a long time.

Sarah Shaw, United States
27 Sep 2011

I am 26 year old, got married in August. I lost 24kgs in 3 months. I was 88 kgs, started my diet in may for the wedding ,begnning of Aug I was 64 > kgs. All thanks to Ramneek, a girl i found online, she gave me different set of diets according to my body type and other stuff. To lose weight I was eating different food for every day, my meal plans changed, but here is an example,

Morning :water then fruit
Breakfast : milk , fruits ,1 toast, nuts (5 almonds)
Mid Morning:
Lunch: 2 soy bread , salad , yougut , sauted vegetables.
7:30: 1 bread ,sauted veg, fish
dinner if hungry: fruit

Pinky Sa, India
19 Sep 2011

One glass of lukewarm water with one spoon of honey and lemon.

Sheetal Singh, India
26 July 2011


21 July 2011

Hi Everyone,

I just want to share my mom’s experience with everyone. She was very overweight and had some health issue due to this, she was not even able to walk. She started drinking warm water with one spoon of honey and few drops of lemon in morning before breakfast. Can you believe she reduced 14 pounds in just 15 days. I will suggest everyone to have this in morning before breakfast. It really works. Thanks.

Madiha Nazim, Pakistan
12 July 2011

I have tried taking honey in the morning and before bedtime for about 2 weeks but i don’t see any result at all. my weight just the same as before. how long we can see the result?

Vipheavin Phin, Cambodia
6 Jul 2011

Ruth: I believe you are referring to the hibernation diet? The diet also advocates the removal of refined processed foods and a regime of resistance exercise which you might want to incorporate if you haven’t. Though it doesn’t guarantee weight loss for all (there exists no weight loss panacea), many have experienced weight loss as one of the positive “side effects” over a few months. Read the article below and bear in mind that the hibernation diet is not a one-time programme but a lifestyle towards better health and body immunity.

I had an interesting read of your article on Manuka honey. I took a closer look on Manuka honey from New Zealand but found no UMF or something like that printed in my jar I bought in Melbourne. Can you kindly enlighten me? Many thanks.

Agnes Chew, Australia
5 Jul 2011

Ruth: Agnes, not all Manuka honey bottles carry a UMF claim, which is an accepted trademark pointing to the measurement of the amount of UMF antibacterial property. Consumers see that label as a promise of a certain amount of the UMF property in the honey and are thus willing to pay a premium for it.

As for Manuka honey with no labelling of UMF value, consumers just can’t tell how much UMF property it contains. There might be a considerable amount of it but there could also be an amount too insignificant to make any difference in terms of health benefits. What it only claims is its floral source is from the New Zealand’s Manuka bushes.

I’ve been looking for something that would let me lose weight without hurting my muscles. I think it may work…

Lakshanika, India
13 Jun 2011

I’ve been looking for something that would let me lose weight without hurting my muscles. I want to lose belly fat after 5 children I’ve tried everything I’m very sporty and played just about any sport, but when I fell and injured my muscles its been 4 years since I’ve haven’t been able to play sports again, and ever seen I gain a few pounds of belly fat, how depressing!!!!. well navigating the internet I came across this sight and it said that honey lemon and room temperature water helps you lose body fat, so here I’m day 2 hoping that this will do it for me, I will be back in a few days to give you some results.

21 Apr 2011

honey dipper and liquid honey image

I did ketonuric diet by avoiding sweets and carbohydrates, esp refined flours and polished rice. A well balanced breakfast meal, high fiber with fruits and lunch a plateful of vegetables with rich protein content beans pods, rich sulfhydryl greens such as caulis and cabbages all in salad dressing -vignette or low cottage cheese; Mediterranean tabulas savored with olive oil and just brown kubuz or feta bread 1 pc; fish or skinless chicken grilled; and no evening meal; rarely light biscuit and tea with honey-cinnamon concoction.

14 Mar 2011

I have been going through weight loss experiments since May 2010 and it has worked for me. Following is what i have learned:

1. If you think you lost half kg or 1 kg weight in a week, its just your imagination. You weighed yourself while your stomach was full and body water levels were highest and after a week you lost body water levels and your stomach was empty.

2. Things like KICHDRI (Rice cooked with lentil of ur choice) OR Boiled Veges help loose weight only temporarily. For a more permanent weight loss do proper balanced NORMAL diet coupled with Cardio Exercise… Running! 7 to 10 kilometers 5 days a week. You can indulge into bad food(Pizza, Burger, Fries, Fried Chicken etc) once a week with above regime.

3. Running is tough at start but be persistent. Weight gained over a lifetime cant come off in a month. Better your time for example i started with completing a kilometer in 10 minutes and today i complete it in 6.5 to 7 minutes persistent over 10km run.

4. Spend on equipment that compliments your exercise routine, for example: buy a heart rate monitor watch with chest strap to monitor heart rate while running and maintain your optimal heart rate in fat burning or stamina building zone. It will motivate you and money well spent. Spend on good shoes and have it customized to fit your feet and to provide your feet with proper arch support, it feels weird at first but you get used to it and it helps you run longer, faster and farther.

5. Keep track of your progress, for runners there are tons of equipment like Nike plus shoe censors that coupled with iPod tracks your run, speed and provides feedbacks on ur progress.

6. DON’T track your weight daily, just feel good and eat right. Check your weight if you really have to after 6 months. Its better to try and break your previous running times and track that progress.

7. Break your record once a month. I did 19km run last month i.e. Feb 2011. Rested three days after that.

Zafar, Pakistan
4 Mar 2011

I have started taking honey and apple cider vinegar twice a day before meals, and starting to feel better and see results in weight loss.

Sylvia DePass, Canada
24 Feb 2011

1 1/2 tablespoons – 100% raw and organic honey

high quality green tea

boiling water

add more honey if want more sweetness

Daniel Demchenkov, United States
20 Jan 2011

I have tried the Hibernation Diet for a few months, but I gained weight. Very disappointed.

Ingrid Janse van Rensburg, New Zealand
1 Jan 2011

I have started taken honey and lemon. Feels good and will soon start at night also.

Mrs Balbir Kaur Bhogal, India
25 Sep 2010

Reduce meal taken at dinner time.

Robert Mrinde, Tanzania
1 Sep 2010

I’m a beekeeper and consumer of honey products. Honey with cinnamon has controlled my weight.

19 Jul 2010

Honey can be taken with hot water before breakfast in the morning to reduce obesity.

Vani Suprja, India
18 Jul 2010

We take honey every night prior to sleep with boiled cow milk which helps for better sleep as well as weight reduce.

Rafeek Muhammed, India
26 Jun 2010

hi havovi,

this is regarding ur post ,does honey mixed with moisturising cream really work on cellulite?

Poonam, United Arab Emirates
13 Apr Mar 2010

I used simple KITCHARI FAST i.e. 1 cup of rice & 1 cup of MUGDAL, salt as per test, tarmaric(HALDI) as required ,with 1 teaspoon of GHEE and cooked. For 5 days I used regularly. This KITCHARI FAST I lose 1kg 100gm weight in this 5 days. DO IT IT’S VERY EFFECTIVE.

Sanjeev Sarkar, India
25 Mar 2010

Mix a tea spoon of honey in a warm water and drink in a empty stomach (as soon as you get up from the bed and after brushing) it will show good results if continued.

Narayan Muralidharan, India
5 Mar 2010

I found that avoiding too such snacking of titbits such as potato chips, chocolates in between meals helps in weight control.

Jason, Singapore
1 Jan 2010

Mix a tablespoon honey with any moisturing cream and scrub on your cellulite area for 15 fifteen prior to bath. You will see miraculous results in 7 days.

Measure your thighs hips etc before this tip and after 7 days to see the results.

Havovi, India
30 Dec 2009

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