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Honey and Weight Loss 2012-2014 Postings

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G,Day everyone. Every year about February I have a full blood test and this year my GP told me I had Type 2 Diabetes, so I joined my Gym. I was 129Kg in September as I have had 4 Spinal surgeries, half my Bowel out and 3 foot of Gang Green intestine out with Gall Bladder out with 4 Adhesion operations the blood test got the wind up me as my Mother has Type 2 Diabetes and it was very bad for her.

So most days I do No Impact work because of my Back Chronic Pain i pedal 20 Km on a Bike at level 10 Stopped all sugar no soft drinks. No Take away food ever NONE EVER now I am down to 102Kg I’m 6 foot 1 inch and Cut my Food intake to a quarter very little meat, I will be having another Test in 6 weeks see if the Type 2 Diabetes has gone. Wish me Luck. Thanks, and I stopped smoking.

Laurie Reynolds, Australia
10 Dec 2014

1 tablespoon honey in warm water with lemon juice, mix.

Aamna Waleed, Pakistan
27 Nov 2014

Awesome that I found this site. I kmew most of the stuff before and i’m a every day honey user for the past eight years definitely.

Here are my basic tips and secrets to all those, who are struggled with weight:

1) Definitely avoid all the processed sugars – you’ll get all the sugar needs from honey.

2) Avoid white bread, white pasta, processed foods, definitely fast foods.

3) Eat naturally stuff that we used to eat daily way before all the fast and processed foods. For example: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk, cottage cheese, cheese. The main thing is that you shouldn’t overeat anything.

I’m 24 years old, 172 pounds, height 179 cm, a bit muscular body. Those have been my main guidelines to stay fit for four years now. Here’s my example daily foods:

8:00 breakfast – 2-3 whole eggs baked or boiled, one tomato and like 10 slices of cucumber. Also one tablespoon of olive oil and peanut butter (raw, no sugar). Why those foods: simply because eggs give you protein, vegetables carbs and olive oil and peanut butter healthy fats. Of course you can add teaspoon of honey also, I prefer to take it on lunch or before bed.

10:00 small healthy snack – one mandarin and two bananas for example. It’s important because this snack doesn’t let your glucose level too low so you won’t gain more fat.

12:00 lunch – skinless chicken for a size of your hand, two handfuls of vegetables and your fist size of brown rice. And I prefer drinking water with lemon or cucumber slices inside. Those are perfect portions protein and carbs for healthy balanced lunch. Here you can see how I don’t count calories, but I use my hand to measure the correct quantity.
15:00 small healthy snack – one handful of nuts (raw, without any flavor) and an apple.

17:30 dinner – fist size of sweet potatoes, hand size of salmon and two handfuls of different vegetables.
19:00 healthy snack – cottage cheese 200-300 grams with one tablespoon of honey.

And maybe one to two hours before bed one banana. As you can see I prefer drinking water. There are no calories and it’s good for your body. Also it’s important to exercise. For more info visit FB slace Healthy Life Shortcuts and I would be happy to help out anyone with healthy lifestyle questions.

Mike, Estonia
15 Nov 2014

Honey is really very helpful. It contains lot of essential acids and minerals which help us to make metabolism strong and proper.

Dr. Vinay Jadhav, India
5 Nov 2014

I am taking one spoon full with honey and mix with cinnamon, also add Ceylon cinnamon in the cup of warm water and drink in the morning and also at night before bed time. You will the result after few weeks. This will work for you.

Balvir Singh Bhachu, United Kingdom
24 Aug 2014

As a Yo-Yo dieter for 30 years – I’m now at my target weight, have been for 3 years, 8st 9lbs – how you may ask ? Porridge with honey EVERY morning! Used to skip breakfast thinking I’d save calories but now realize the folly of this. Your metabolism needs food to start the process and there is nothing better than Oats and Honey.

Gail Kelsing, United Kingdom
19 Jan 2014

Dear readers, my tips to lose weight are as follow:

1. Avoid sugar try honey with garlic(2-3 pcs.) in the morning before brushing teeth with glass of water.

2. Cut off oily and fried food.

3. Drink water at least 6 glass a day.

4. Exercise daily prefer to walk at least 30 min.in the morning.

5. Take breakfast at least 3 hours after leaving bed.

6. Don’t overeat listen your signal inside carefully even you are eating your favorite dishes.

7. Try to cut of all white things (Food) all of them having fat.

8. Try yoga inhale oxygen.

9. Go for brushing teeth when you feel hungry. It will help you withstand with fast.

10. At last – the less you eat, the healthier you will be. Lesser is better.

Stay healthy…

Jagdish Mahey, India
11 Dec 2013

I have a 12 years old daughter and she is following my footstep overweight. I want to be healthy and skinny. And a good example for my daughter and live a long and healthy life.

Christina Neru, United States
5 June 2013

Fabulous page. I have just started using honey as a natural supplement, after using sweeteners which gave me all sorts of aches and pains. I am feeling the benefits already, and I have planted wild flowers that are bee friendly all over my garden to give the little creatures something back.

Heather Canning, United Kingdom
19 May 2013

Hey girls, I take 2 spoons of Honey before going to bed and it works, trust me…. and also avoid intake of rice in the night. Drink lots of water…

Manu D, India
25 Mar 2013

Mix one glass of water, and 1 slice of lemon, take daily early in the morning to reduce weight.

Nidhi Tiwari, India
8 Mar 2013

First, good luck to all of you. I use the raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar. Workout at least 4 times week, including stretching and weights for 45 mins to 1 hour. Lots of water.

Leah Pitt, United States
21 Jan 2013

Drink water as much as you want.

Reduce the food and eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits.

Walk atleast half an hour.

Exercise every day.

Judy Infanta, India
3 Aug 2012

I eat small portions, plenty of veg and fruits, I drink a lot camomile tea with spoon of honey and other fruit teas with honey, please tell me how many calories has spoon of honey.

Barbara Wavellcraven, United Kingdom
30 June 2012

Ruth: Each tablespoon of honey has about 60 calories, but because it is sweeter than regular sugar, a smaller amount is required.

Honey + lemon juice with hot water helps in weight loss.

Shelly Paul, India
2 June 2012

My method is only 1 hour exercise in the mornong 5:15 to 6:30a.m.

Gargi Sharma, India
27 May 2012

Just getting started with this diet. I am 5-4 and weigh 160lbs would like to get down to 135lbs.

Loretta, Canada
25 May 2012

To lose weight…

1. Reduce the amount of the food you eat; 1st by a fourth, third, then by half;
2. You’d go hungry? Crave for more food? Drink water, honey with water if you will, whenever you feel like wanting to eat before meal time;
3. Exercise regularly. And make sure that you sweat. Sweating is important. Gets the fats & toxins out of your body. 4. Get enough, regular 8-hr sleep.
5. Manage/Handle STRESS properly. Don’t forget to smile.
6. Be happy and thankful always. Things could have been bad, or worse..

Johnny, the Philippines
16 May 2012

Hello I m gonna try the honey with lemon and hot water. I’m 5.4. I weigh 140. But I wanna go down to 130. One of things have work, for me a lot is staying away from high carbs. Just white meats, grill, oven, pam, boiled, vegetables, strawberries only.

Enedelia Cardenas, United States
11 May 2012

I have been using honey and lemon water for reducing weight. It works. I have lost 2 pounds in a week, so get a bottle of honey and start the run.

Rashmi Chaturvedi, India
3 May 2012

If u want to loss weight then try to drink hot water with honey in the morning before brushing teeth and avoid eating potatoes.

Ruchita Palav, India
1 May 2012

Hi.. for those who exercise.. you know the burning muscle pain you get the day after exercise.. take magnesium. BEFORE exercise first thing in the morning…takes away the pain…my personal trainer told me. IT WORKS

Kiejana, Australia
23 Apr 2012

I take honey in the morning before riding my bike, provides me extra energy in my 2 hr, 40 km ride. I trimmed down from 40 to 32 inch waistline and going for more.

Jeff Tansinsin, Philippines
10 Apr 2012

Honey is really very good in the morning, since last three days I am taking it and really enjoying its benefits.

Pinaki Roy, India
23 Mar 2012

Honey works as a natural sweetener. it contains 22 amino acids and variety of minerals which helps fighting against obesity!

Nus Rar, Bangladesh
7 Mar 2012

Hi honey and lemon is great for inside cleanout.

Savitri Sookdeo, Trinidad and Tobago
4 Mar 2012

I am enjoying honey and getting its benefits.

Kaur Amrit, India
12 Feb 2012

Hey girls! Wanna lose your weight then listen eat less food, don’t eat more meat because it gives you fat, so drink lots of water, and excercise daily, be happy God bless you.

Farah Noreen, Pakistan
22 Jan 2012

Eating tutmeric also can easily reduce fat. My fat is reduced by eating this component.

Gaurav Nepal, Nepal
22 Jan 2012

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