honey bee life cycle

Honey Bee Life Cycle – 8 Phases


Honey Bee Life Cycle Explained

1. The queen lays each egg in a different cell of the honeycomb.

honey bee life cycle - queen bees lay eggs

2. As soon as the egg is laid, the larva is growing inside it.

honey bee life cycle - larva grows

3. After three days, the egg hatches and a larva crawls out.

honey bee life cycle - egg hatches

4. As the larva grows, it sheds its skin. It does this five times.

honey bee life cycle - larva sheds skin

5. Eight days after hatching, the bee larva is fully grown.

honey bee life cycle - larva fully grown

6. The larva cannot feed anymore and it starts to change into a pupa.

honey bee life cycle -  pupa

7. After nine days, the pupa changes colour. It has turned into an adult.

honey bee life cycle - adult pupa

8. When it’s about three to four weeks old, the bee will leave the hive.

honey bee life cycle - bee leaves hive

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