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Honey Sticks, Your Happy Treats!

Honey sticks are natural honey sealed in plastic straws and can be usually found in most specialty stores carrying honey. Each stick contains about a teaspoon of honey, which gives about 20 calories of energy.

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Suppliers of honey have become so innovative these days that they are selling these sweet treats in endless varieties of exotic and fruity flavours –peppermint, lime, water melon, cinnamon, orange, apple, blueberry, cherry, grape, liquorice, etc. (Note: Avoid those with artificial flavorings and colorings.)

These honey straws (even the regular non-flavoured ones) could make convenient add-ons to coffee or tea; just bite at the sealed end of the straw to pop open, squeeze the liquid out and stir the beverage using the empty stick. Well, this can make tea or coffee drinking very stylish, but costly.

And if you love to bring honey with you even when you are travelling, like I do, the sticks are good options too, as honey jars can be too heavy and even too sticky to bring.

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I find that these honey sticks are really impulse items at the shop; whenever you see them placed at the counter, you just want to grab one and eat it as you go. And the kids love these treats as it is fun sucking honey from the straws!

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