The Obesity Paradox of Today

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I guess at some point in time, you probably might have thought about the obesity paradox discussed this phenomenon, question its validity, or even debated over this argument with someone before…The paradox of today’s world is that the more ‘slimming’ products we find on the shelves, the more weight problems and eating disorders we seem to have than ever before. And the more low-fat, fat free, low sugar, or sugar-free products manufacturers supply consumers with, the less control we seem to have over our appetite and our waistlines. And the faster and greater weight loss we manage to obtain, the quicker and more weight we regain, it seems.

Does it sound familiar to you that the more abundant food and food choices we have, the less time we seem to take to taste, savor and delight in the food we eat? Do you agree that we have continuously rising levels of fitness education and nutritional knowledge in our head, but yet ever appalling diminishing measures of wisdom and common sense we reflect to have with our health and body?

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Struggles of Cravings, Obesity and Dieting

Struggling with all sorts of food restraints, phobias, food obsessions and cravings all at the same time, we often drive ourselves beyond our own sanity and understanding, and to the point of asking “What am I doing?!”

Today, we have more and more qualified weight management and health experts around us, yet more and more shocking weight challenges still confront us. We have more diet pills, potions and plans, but less and less wellness and goodness in our lives. So, it appears that the more we multiply our dieting attempts, efforts, and monetary investments to care for our outward beauty, the less we can appreciate what it is to value and cherish our own health and rescue ourselves from the contradiction and confusion of our inner selves…

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