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Feeling Thankful for the Benefits From Honey? Share Your Experience with Us!

The countless benefits from honey are evident from the notes and emails that are streaming into this website. This golden liquid is obviously drawing quite some attention and causing a stir with its benefits as a natural home remedy for a myriad of body ailments and health issues. I literally see honey’s status as both a sweetener and a medicine being elevated higher and higher by the day.

You may already know that we have a page dedicated to all the testimonies about honey: In What Ways Have You Experienced the Benefits of Honey? 

Great stuff – real stories from real people. But we thought with the tremendous amount of sharing from our site’s visitors and the fact that most people are rushed to get the most relevant information on benefits from honey, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could help by filtering out some of the our most favorite stories, those that we feel have wowed us most and made us say “Goodness, what a benefit from honey!” after reading them.

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So here they are, chosen posts on how benefits from honey have left a remarkable impression of the insect’s food on us humans:

1. Ruth found honey to be magical in treating scalds: Honey as Miraculous Burn Treatment.

2. Honey saves Lau from serious pollen allergies: Pollen Allergies Cure.

3. Billie found honey as a cure for his Rosacea, a chronic skin condition characterized by facial redness: Rosacea Cure With Honey.

4) John, a diabetic used honey as part of his Hibernation Diet and experienced better health and a more energized life: Best Sugar for Diabetes

5) Tine and Tyruss Cramer, an athlete eat honey for energy and youthfulness: Eat Honey for Energy.

6) Mary Fifer grabbed a brazing rod and burned herself and Maria San Juana accidentally burned her face with a curling iron, but both found miraculous cure with honey: How to Treat a Burn? Try Honey.

7) Barbara Michaels witnessed how honey amazingly killed wart virus: Honey Cure for Warts.

So, if you have experienced benefits from honey, post your story and share with us all here: Ask or Share

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