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The Benefits of Honey - Amazing Stories (2009-2020)

In what ways have you experienced the benefits of honey? Share your success stories, no matter how small or how short it might be, you never know, you could just help another find relief of a longstanding ailment....

This page is dedicated to testimonies about the health benefits of the natural golden liquid, honey. It's been really interesting and enlightening to see how people from different cultures all over the world are using honey as a home remedy in different ways (eg. as an eye drop, healing of warts, burn ointment, allergies treatment, etc).

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If you, or a family member, or someone you know have benefited in one way or another in the use or consumption of honey, please share with Benefits of Honey and its readers. You can respond by filling up the form below and I will publish your account on this page. Your encounter may just motivate and inspire another person to discover the extraordinary healing power in more and more ordinary kitchen foods in our everyday life.

Personally, for me, this page is a total inspiration and a big testament to the powerful health benefits of honey. Everytime someone posts a story about the amazing healing power of honey, I tell myself, "We need to spread the message!" "Surely, more people have to know this miracle food!"

Note: Would greatly appreciate if you could be as specific and detailed as possible in your sharing so that we can all benefit from your sharing about why and how honey has been beneficial. Thanks!

In What Ways Have You Experienced the Benefits of Honey?

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Meanwhile, you may want to read some of our most favourite posts on the benefits from honey we have received thus far. We love every genuine post that comes in, but these several honey testimonies contain particularly more descriptive details of the the problem and cure.

        Paul, United States     07/05/2020 @11:20:12

I had to write to you with my amazing news!

I have suffered from severe roseaca for over a year and have been on Doxycycline permanently.

After reading your book I started applying honey to the affected areas on my face that Wass so bad I grew a beard to try and cover it up!

I notice an improvement after one day as I previously had new outbreaks and infections on a daily basis, and there was a noticeable improvement. After 4 days there are no new infections and the horrible, ugly swellings have reduced significantly. It's incredible! I can't thank you enough. I am 65 on Saturday and think it possible that it may be almost gone by then.

My grandson has really bad teenage acne and I am getting him onto the honey ointment too!

Keep up the good work and spread the word.

Best regards and a massive thank you!

        Awasum, South Africa     19/02/2020 @03:55:48

Eating honey for some while has really boost my energy level, even my skin texture has changed, I really do enjoy this. Thanks.

         Wilson, United States     20/01/2020 @13:17:58

As a beekeeper I use honey often! - Barbecue pork - tiramisu - baklava - have put it on wounds - flavored it and sold many gallons - pecan pie!!

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