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40 Home Remedies in Alternative Medicine [What Your Doctors Don't Know]

Alternative medicine or treatment is gaining in popularity in this modern age despite the ever increasing haste in introducing advanced technologies and synthetic drugs for diseases and ailments.

Folk remedies or home remedies which has been embraced by past generations in ancient times have often been suggested as alternative medicine. They have existed even before the advent of modern medicine and have been so tried and tested by diverse cultures and peoples from all over the world that even with the lack of endorsement of medical doctors and scientific basis of belief and trust, they continue to thrive.

I am sure many of us have read articles and books on natural medicine such Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine that led us to trying a new cure, but have never really grasped from those discussions a convincingly clear understanding of cause and effect.

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Nevertheless, despite all the scepticism and criticism that many of us might have at one point or another in time, time-honoured home remedies continue to have its remarkable appeal in the arena of healing. Many of these natural cures are often seen as a form of more effective and holistic therapy for health conditions that are not exactly so critically emergent and do not require an immediate treatment but yet are chronic and can be so persistent that it takes a toll on the body over the long run if not properly attended to.

In this Benefits of Honey Website, you will be able to find discussions of some of the most prevalent health problems of today -- what actually is happening to our body when those problems surface, the cause of the problems, and the use of the sweetest medicine, honey, and how for centuries people have believed that its effect, whether on its own or together with other natural ingredients, can be useful in alleviating those problems, or just as a body detox agent to achieve better health.

40 Home Remedies Using Honey

Oh the powers of nature. She knows what we need, and the doctors know nothing.
~ Benvenuto Cellini

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