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Some of you know how Herculean a task it is for me to capture honey bees images.

Firstly, I'm not a beekeeper and I own no hives.

Secondly, where I live, bee farms do not exist and bees are hardly encountered. I guess urban bee hives do exist here but they are probably kept secretly by a handful of bee or honey enthusiasts in their back yards so that their neighbors don't complain and report them to the authorities. It's an incredibly safe place for those who are allergic to bee stings, but it's obviousy not so nice for honey frenetics who are constantly hoping that beekeeping here would one day become lawful.

Thirdly, I'm not hundred percent comfortable with creepy crawlies, including bees. Like many people, there is an unexplainable psychological fear of hearing the buzz, which thankfully does not reduce my awesome respect and love for what honey bees do. Lastly, taking pictures of bees is really a titanic feat - these creatures are tiny, have wings and do fly! So when I do see a bee and I have my phone or camera with me (especially when I am overseas), I do strive very hard to snap the best possible shots.

So, enjoy these albums. Cheers!

Updated July 2018



Bee Pictures Collected From Public Domains

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Comments on Honey Bee Images

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Is honey produced from the flower of barbery hedges still available in New Zealand as it was 40 years ago?

Ken, New Zealand
13 January 2019

Ruth: Probably no, at least not commercially. We haven't come across any supplier of barbery honey yet.

I really love your images and site. As a beekeeper I get to see bees in action regularly but the still photos are so admirable!

Anams, Nigeria
21 August 2015

Love the images and your passion for bees and their lovely honey. I found your site when searching for some info on buying honey. Thank you for your wise words.

Jilly, United Kingdom
8 August 2015

I like honey and beekeeping.

Manohar, India
19 June 2014

Good stuff, thanks for the information.

Portia Mccoy, Bahamas
23 April 2014

I like this website very much and I have learn a lot about honeybees from it. But some of the photos are scary.

Devansh, India
29 May 2012

I HATE honey but learning bout honey bees is pretty cool actully I don't like bugs so I tune in from a far lol im a suck when it cums to bugs lol I run but ya bees are kinda cool when u learn bout them and find out how they do what they do its like wow I had no clue they worked that hard it makes me appreachate them even though I don't like bugs.

Lisa, Canada
26 Oct 2011

I've always been told honey is good for you so I decided to try it.

Phyllis, United States
2 Oct 2011

Hi, nice website.

Aleksandar, Macedonia
14 Aug 2011

This is an awesome Web Site as I love photographing Bees.

Having a great interest in them, their differing little characteristics is fascinating to me.

I slowly and with great respect approached a bee hive in the Town of Windsor NSW.

Being gentle not to disturb them too much, they were flying all around me as I slowly moved my camera in the take a macro shot of the swarm!

Thank you for all the darta you have here. It is well appreciated by many I'm sure.

My very best regards

Colin and Belle Spratt.

Colin Spratt, Australia
20 Mar 2011

Your site intrigues me. I have an interest in honey too and would like to know more about it, especially how to sell it and its products. But first I have to become knowledgeable about bees, honey, and all the honey products.

Mimi, United States
20 Feb 2011

Thanks heaps for all the information, the glorious photos, as I am a photographer who just loves them bee-ing around me. They are so friendly when you stand still whilst they are doing their fine work. Amazing!



Colin, Australia
28 Dec 2010

Great Web site.

Michelle Edwards, United States
16 Oct 2010

Incredible site! So much data had to take a lot of love to put together. I am truly impressed. Thanks for the effort.

John, United States
11 Oct 2010

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