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Busy Bee and Rainy Day

Hello all, you'll see many shots of the busy bee latched on white flowers in the first part of the video placed below. These are taken when I was visiting a Oolong tea plantation in Nantou, Taiwan last December. The bees were collecting the nectar of Camellia Sinensis flowers (Yummm... Camellia Sinensis honey).

The second part of clip contains some pictures of a tiny bee farm and its bee hives in Tsou Ma Lai Farm. It wasn't the most exciting day as the beekeepers were not at work then, and adding to the gloom and disappointment, boy, it was raining the whole day. (Thus, I've added to this video clip a more cheerful and sunny song, Noah The Whale - 5 Years Time.)

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The bees seemed to be staying in most of time, they probably didn't appreciate the shower as well. I wonder how the rain would disrupt the daily routines of the bees, what do they do when it rains?

Considering their small size and weight, they would be knocked out of the air, wouldn't they? Would the force of the rain drops injure them? What would the worker bees end up doing in the house? Would they look out of the house, stare into the space, enjoy the breeze of the rainy day and watch the world go by? Or observe how the rest of the bees in the community slog or would they be kind enough to help around with the house chores as well? Oh, I doubt the busy bee has the slightest love for rain. Do beekeepers actually know what their worker bees do on wet days? Alright, sorry, I shall quit this before any beekeeper reads this and gets too annoyed by my silly, wild guesses.

Ruth Tan
Jan 2012
Aug 2018 (Updated)

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