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28 Ways to Use Honey as Head-to-Toe Remedy!

More than a sweetener, honey is an amazing head-to-toe remedy. Click on the different parts of the body in the image below and discover how honey can heal and benefit our body in so many specific ways. Most of these old folk remedies have been handed down through generations and embraced by many different cultures for centuries, and today, more and more of them are being proven clinically to be effective and endorsed by scientists. Some of them might even well surprise you because they are so counter-intuitive of sweet honey!

Click on each word for the honey cure.

head to toes remedy image feet image joints image joints image libido image digestion image fats image guts image pancreas image metabolic function image stomach image liver image respiratory tract image cholesterol image throat image gums image facial skin image lips image sinus image eyes image hair image brain image


1. Gold Standard Brain Fuel

2. Boost Memory and Concentration


3. Cure eye Infection

4. Improve eyesight

head to toe remedy honey image


5. Sinus treatment


6.Sore throat


7. Gum disease

8. Bad breath


9. Lip Balm


10. Anti-aging mask

11. Eczema Treatment

12. Acne Treatment

13. Healing Burn wounds

14. Wart treatment


15. Athlete Foot

16. Joints/Arthritis Pain


17. Weight Loss

18. Hibernation Diet


19. Stomach Ulcer

20. Digestion


21. Cough


22. Bathroom

23. Immunity

24. Detox

head to toe cure image


25. Lowers Cholesterol

26. Blood sugar

Urinary Tract

27. Yeast infection


28. Gout

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