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Donna, United States     20/12/2014 @ 10:33:16

I have been fighting what one doctor determined was Blepharitis for the last 5 months. I went to 3 doctors including an ENT, to try and find a solution to my tearing, red, swollen, irritated eyes. My left eye was constantly wet and it often felt like grit was in my eyes. The right eye was never as bad. I tried so many eyedrops, as well as the warm compresses, and eyewashes, and an antibiotic cream. NOTHING WORKED UNTIL…HONEY!

At first it was just raw honey and I saw an improvement within 2 days. So I bought Manuka honey and kept at it with diluting it half distilled water and half Manuka honey. It burned like crazy for a few minutes, but several minutes later…it felt so good! They just got so much better. The redness left, the irritation left but the tearing remained. So…I finally started smearing straight honey on my eyelids and got some in my eyes of course. I left it on there for about 10 min, then rinsed it off to remove the stickiness. Once again…lots of burning, but the next day, the tearing slowed way down and now it has almost stopped.

I am so thankful to find this out!! I will never try drops again. Manuka honey will be my go to treatment from now on. It keeps my eyes moisturized and loses that dried out feeling. I am no longer a slave to treating my eyes 4 times a day. When they feel a little dry…I will grab the honey. Good luck to all of you with this problem. I was depressed and feeling so hopeless before. The doctors don’t have a clue what to do about this…they throw medicine at you for this and that…and nothing works. Manuka honey does!        

Consandra, United States     07/12/2014 @ 22:51:22

I tried the honey in my eyes today and my vision got clearer, it burned just a bit and started to pull out like infection I guess.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     06/12/2014 @ 02:43:05

So far, we haven’t come across any young children who had tried honey as an eye drop. Some adults are not able to take undiluted honey as they find that the stinging sensation on the eye unbearable. It may be necessary to dilute the honey for your daughter but even then you will need to go slow on the application and monitor any sensitive reactions.

Also, be careful in using clean pure water for dilution to avoid any contamination. Regarding honey and milk, scroll down to see the posting by Don Anello from Spain (2012). The use of honey and milk as an eye drop is mentioned. Breast milk may even better and safer.        

Deserea, United States     03/12/2014 @ 08:09:53

Hello! I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter that was diagnosed with PCG or Primary Congenital Glaucoma. She had 4 eye surgeries before she was 1 and they didn’t work nor did the drops they prescribed,go figure. I believe that honey WILL help in her situation but with her age does there need dilution? And any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! I still breastfeed her and it has many benefits in itself for her eyes. And milk and honey go together, I wasn’t sure if that would be a possibility also?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/11/2014 @ 20:52:12

Liquid, drippy honey is the most original form of honey extracted from the honeycomb. Honey can also be processed to a creamy state. Both liquid honey and creamed honey can be found in the supermarket. The liquid form would be more suitable to be administered as an eye drop. To understand the different forms of honey, read: Forms of Honey        

Shahina, Mauritius     25/11/2014 @ 02:06:16

I read the article on cataracts.Can you please tell what is liquid honey. Is it the same as the viscous one we buy in the supermarket? Thank you.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     30/10/2014 @ 09:55:26

There are people who have found honey to be helpful for glaucoma. Read the postings in this page. You can do a search for “glaucoma” in this page with Ctrl + F functions on the keyboard.        

Tunde, Nigeria     29/10/2014 @ 09:02:45

Will honey eye drops also cure glaucoma?        

Asyah Rashid, United States     22/10/2014 @ 11:46:21

I developed pink eye last Spring because I have no health insurance, I researched homeopathic remedies. I read several articles on using honey for eye infecections and there was a bottle in my cupboard. I immediately placed a tiny dab into the effected eye. Initially there was a slight stinging sensation but within a few minutes, my eye felt better. I repeated these steps 3 times daily for 3 days, the infection was gone, period.        

Aussie, Australia     20/10/2014 @ 01:31:22

I’ve just purchased the Optimel Manuka honey eye drops to see if they help my condition. SLK (superior limbic keroconjunctivitis), basically horrible gritty red eyes right across the lower eyelid margins, very noticeable. Can’t stand sun (even on cloudy days) and sometimes just want to scratch eyes out. I must say that the stinging/redness after the manuka drops makes them look 10 times worse for 1/2 hour BUT you can absolutely feel the difference, feels like a calming moist film over the eyes but not blurred vision. Very different feel to the NUMEROUS eye drops I have used over the years.

I have also found out that I’m either gluten intolerant or cealiac but haven’t been tested & if I get “glutened” by something not on the ingredients label my bottom eyelids margins become redder and I can’t get relief until the gluten is out of my system 🙁 Yep, welcome to old age when everything falls apart. So this is day 1 of the drops, I’ll use twice a day for a month then cut back, see how it goes.        

Usha Schalkwijk, Suriname     09/10/2014 @ 09:08:46

My husband a professor use pure honey in the eyes once a month and goes to bed–the ophthalmologist was surprised that his eyes became better and he had to change the eyeglasses. My husband told a friend, former director of a big company who was tired of all medicines for dry eyes and he could not believed how the honey was healing his eyes. In Suriname we can get 100% pure honey from the Brazilian bee from local producers.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/10/2014 @ 10:15:20

Joey, you may want to go through the postings of those who have had a similar condition from eye infection. However, the dosage suggested may not be applicable to everyone. For instance, the stinging effects on the eye may be too much for some people to take if the honey is not diluted enough. So you may want to try out and figure what works for you.

Also, we are unable to medically advise how long you should use the honey eye drop but as with any medication, you should discontinue if you don’t experience any benefits from the first few applications. However, it appears that the real issue is with your contact lenses, so even if the honey drops are effective in taking away the infection, they may not be able to prevent the infection from recurring each time you put on the lenses.        

Joey, United States     06/10/2014 @ 09:16:41

I have returned to raw honey drops, how long should I use? I went to docs. she took care of all temporarily, but the moment I put contact lenses again my eyes are red in two days. She took care of the infection for a little bit, if in Florida, never go to Dr Ashly Weissfield. Now I got drops, they are pure. Is purified water good enough to mix with? And how?        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     21/09/2014 @ 21:04:23

I have no idea what is causing the yellowish-red color in the eye and am not sure if honey would be relevant in your case. I guess it really depends if you would want to give it a try.        Julius Gangan, The Philippines     20/09/2014 @ 10:21:04

I’m so excited to try it, but can I alternate it for a cosmetic eye drop. I was planning of purchasing a Cosmetic Eyedrop in S.Korea(so expensive) because we don’t have any of those in our country.T_T even the biggest cosmetic and drugstores have no idea about those. But my mom buys Honey(save 120 usd) every Payday, so can this repair my yellowish-red eyes??

My eyes are yellowish-red because of my kohl eyeliner(it’s Nichido)so stopped using it, and then I tried to eat raw veggies, sleep regularly and minimized usage of gadgets. But the reddish vessels around my eye and the yellowish sclera didn’t disappeared at all. Note. My eyes are yellowy but I don’t drink(many websites says that yellowish eyes are result of too much alcohol, I’m just a teenager). I’m skilled in applying eyeliner, I haven’t poked my eye with eyeliner ever since. Thank You! ^_^        

Rana, Afghanistan     17/09/2014 @ 13:28:13

I started having discomfort in my eyes and seemed like my eyesight in the left eye was getting worse. I tried a mix of honey and rose water (I do not know the ratio because it was premixed. After a couple of weeks my eyesight was back to where it was and the discomfort was gone completely. I was amazed and sure anyone who uses it will be amazed too.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     17/09/2014 @ 16:25:15

Bella, see Carol’s posting regarding her dry eyes in 2012. She advised “I used the honey twice a day in the beginning for about a month and to this day I use it maybe twice a week to make sure it does not come back”. You may want to monitor your own progress and adjust the dosage accordingly since response to medication and treatment can be different for everyone.

Bella, United Kingdom     16/09/2014 @ 10:57:06

Hi, I developed really dry eyes after I contracted Viral Conjunctivitis. I’m wanting to try this honey remedy but can someone advise for how long and how often I would need to do this, i.e if my eyes stop feeling dry, are my dry eyes completely cured forever or would I still need to apply from time to time to prevent?

Sandra, United Kingdom     14/09/2014 @ 05:54:47

I have used manuka honey in my eyes for 2 years. I treat dry eye, inflammation, and a small cataract. Had my eyes tested January 2014, was told how healthy my eyes are and the cataract so tiny hardly seen. Put honey direct into eye with a cotton bud, double ended buds..Absolutely amazing results.

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/09/2014 @ 22:06:05

Ufjo, hydrogen peroxide is the enzyme primarily responsible for antibacterial activity in most types of honey. The strength of this antibacterial activity depends on the floral origin of honey and how it’s harvested and processed. You would need to have the different honey samples analysed by the laboratory to know the hydrogen peroxide level present in the honey. Some types of medicinal honey, such as Manuka honey, also have other components with antibacterial qualities.

Ufjo, United States     1/09/2014 @ 20:15:17

I have used the honey and bragg apple cider vinegar eye drops recipe given by Stanley Burroughs. In his book the Master Cleanse – on the manuka honey I would like to know if you would be more specific on the honey as it has different kinds according to the hydrogen peroxide content – what I would like to know how the peroxide affects the eyes.

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     20/08/2014 @ 00:26:29

Sorry Anna, we are unable to advise whether you can or cannot use Manuka honey for your condition. But you may want to read the postings of others who have similar condition as you and decide whether to do the same. The dosage suggested by them may or may not be suitable for everyone. Some people are able to take honey directly applied on the eyes without diluting it, but some find that it stings too much. So you may want to find out what works best for you.

Anna Abbasi, United Kingdom     19/08/2014 @ 18:11:49


Please could you help me I am very desperate. I have marginal ulcers in my eyes, blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Every time I stop using steroid eye drops the condition comes back. I also have acne rosacea.

Please could you tell me if I can use the Manuka honey directly on my eye lids and how much cooled boiled water and honey I should use to make eye drops?

Many thanks in advance for your help:)

Joe Cyril, India     30/07/2014 @ 02:46:38

Hi Kimberly (From United States),Are you using the raw honey directly in the eyes? I had a 0.75 power in my eyes. Would it cure my problem? Seriously I don’t want to put on specs.

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/07/2014 @ 10:21:25

Christina, honey eye drops should be made as fresh as possible. Once diluted with water, honey would not be able to inhibit the growth of microbial organism over time. Keeping the mixture for 1 to 2 days in the fridge in an airtight bottle is fine but best is to make one dose at a time to ensure freshness and safety for the application of eyes.

honeycomb honey dipper image

Christina, Canada     25/07/2014 @ 21:25:49

I love manuka honey for myself, take it orally. My 9 yr old daughter has been battling either Vernal or chronic blepharitis for a year. Blepharitis, keratitis, styes and now a phlyctenual. I want to try these drops but I’m just wondering about storage. I understand to mix 20% honey with distilled water but should I only make one dose at a time? a few days worth? a months worth? keep room temp or in the fridge? Last thing I want to do is mess the storage up and make her eyes worse than they already are.

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     25/07/2014 @ 11:01:40

Kimberly, thank you for sharing your awesome experience with honey, Kimberly!

Kimberly, United States     24/07/2014 @ 13:03:52

Bee-lieve it! T’was blind but now I see. I have had degenerative blindness for 50 years and cataracts were starting to form. I am still young enough I want to see my grandchildren someday. And thanks to a drop of honey in my eyes 2 – 3 times/day, I will be able to see them. I will be able to see them better than I’ve ever seen anything in my life because my vision is the best it has EVER been. In a week the cataract has disolved so much I can read a book again. And my vision has improved so greatly, I sometimes don’t need my reading glasses.

I am also eating a tablespoonful of honey a day. In the same week’s time, my allergies (severe for the past 4 years) have improved to the point where I was drug free for 3 days. HONEY IS A MIRACLE GIFT. God made bees and the bees made honey. God made man and the men made money. Raw organic manuka honey is the honey I am using. But any RAW ORGANIC FLORAL HONEY will work. Good luck. Happy sight. Bee is an ancient Celtic word which means bringer of peace. Maybe if we can all SEE CLEARLY peace will prevail. Go BEES!

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     20/07/2014 @ 11:01:40

Jessica, I’ve written to Carol about your question and this is her reply I received on 23 July 2014:

“I used the honey twice a day in the beginning for about a month and to this day I use it maybe twice a week to make sure it does not come back, hope this is helpful. Best wishes to whoever is trying to treat this condition, don’t give up.

Jessica, Canada     17/07/2014 @ 11:36:36

Hi, I refer to the following posting by Carol Lynch, Ireland, 20 June 2012:

“Manuka honey cured my blepharitis and dry eye after one whole year of trips to the doctor and all sorts of creams, it is wonderful stuff. I just put a tablespoon full in boiled cooled water and poured it over my eyelids twice a day and woooooooooooooooooooooo I never looked back.”

I would like to know for how long did Carol try the exercise, twice a day, to make the blepharitis disappear?

I have the same thing for more than a year… 🙁


Praveen, India     09/07/2014 @ 03:26:07

Honey is a good medicine for eye infection. Even it helps to increase eye sight. I am using this everyday.        

Kalu Chioma, Nigeria     29/06/2014 @ 05:13:53

This is a good recipe.        

Caroline, Uganda     29/06/2014 @ 16:31:38

I love the invention, I wanna try it out for my bloody shot eyes.        Sophia, Nigeria     29/06/2014 @ 19:38:34

I have had this pain on my eyes for like a decade,and my eye were never bright I have several rye drops until I decided to try honey after I applying honey on my eyes the first night,I noticed my eyes were very bright and white the next morning the pains were no longer there,so I kept on applying it for one month and now I can no longer feel the pains or have the reddish coloured eyes any more, thanks to honey, I recommend you try it and see how it works like magic.        

Davinder, India     21/06/2014 @ 07:49:51

Good suggestion for eye treatment with honey.        Saniya Hussain, United Kingdom     13/06/2014 @ 20:56:07

Hi, please can you tell me which honey is good for eyes and what is the name of honey? Please let me know. Many thanks.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     03/06/2014 @ 11:15:43

Valentine, thanks for sharing this miracle with us!        

Valentine, Nigeria     02/06/2014 @ 09:53:45

My experience with honey for eyes treatment was very unique. Back three years (2011) ago, A friend of mine recommended honey for my left eye problems (I used to find it very difficult to see clearly with my left eye; at night, it’s all rainbow colors against any light. During the day it’s always blur vision). After much consultations I knew it was cataract.

At this time I was afraid of any form of eye surgery no matter how good the surgeon is. On a faithful day, the friend my mind brought out honey from his cupboard and advised me to add some drops of that raw honey into both eyes, at first I looked at him as enemy of progress. I told him ok, you first add it to your eyes and let’s see if you won’t be rush to the hospital right now.

To my amazement he took the jar of honey, dipped in a stick of matches and made a drop on each eyes. I sat and observed him closely for about an hour, nothing happened except tears that came out of his eyes and stopped after some few seconds. Hmm, it was then it done on me to either give it a trial or prepare to go for eye surgery. Your guess was my choice, I gave it a try and it was like a miracle, after some few seconds the Blurredness disappeared. At night, the rainbow colors were no longer there.

Since then I have used it not up to twenty times. The last time I used it was November 2013. And I as I speak to you right now I don’t use glasses for anything. My eyes are as clear as normal.        

Me Too, United States     30/05/2014 @ 23:00:43

I just tried this and I think it really worked. It did sting a bit at first, but afterwards, it was very soothing and my eye was much better the next day. I used the honey undiluted and dropped it directly into the eye.        

Joyce, United States     28/05/2014 @ 14:28:52

For those of you with severe dry eye symptoms, see your doctor for Sjogren’s Syndrome. I suffered for years before I forced my doctor to test me. Dry eyes, dry mouth, joint pain, can all be signs you have it. 2nd most common autoimmune disorder in women. Simple blood tests to diagnose.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     26/05/2014 @ 09:30:13

Thanks for sharing, Popoola!        

Popoola Jamiu Adewale, Nigeria     25/05/2014 @ 04:28:03

Sincerely speaking. I must say a very big thanks for this useful information. I am suffering from glaucoma which started disturbing me few days back. But I tried this honey for like two days and felt the diffrence. Thanks for the info.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     07/05/2014 @ 11:15:38

Awesome testimony, Rosette. Thanks!        

Rosette, Malta     06/05/2014 @ 06:07:14

I want to say thanks to all the people who suggested Manuka Honey for dry eyes. I have been using it for 3 days and I can say it really works. My eyes have not felt this good since a year ago before I started suffering from very dry eyes. I have been using various medications and lubricant drops but none of them worked.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     04/05/2014 @ 18:22:30

Thank you so much for sharing this information, Margaret. I guess this Manuka honey eye drop is worth a try for those who are not having any luck with their usual drops.        

Margaret, Australia     03/05/2014 @ 22:19:35

Hi, I am using Optimel honey eye drops. These are available in Aust, aren’t all that expensive. So far so good, I have been using them for about 2 months and my vision is much clearer and I’m not dazzled by sun glare, which is good as we have a lot of sun where I am.        

Noel, South Africa     30/04/2014 @ 09:38:31

Honey is working when applied to eye for infection or other minor diseases, just try it and you will see a difference.        

John, Australia     04/06/2013 @ 20:57:53

On my first occasion to put honey in my eyes it was to clear up a little conjunctivitis but to my surprise and delight, it also improved my vision.

On arising the next morning, I went to the window to look out at the weather and noticed that the air looked much clearer. I ask my wife if she had heard it rain during the night.

No rain apparently. In fact she noticed no difference in the air to previous days. What did happen I believe is that the fluid in the lens was drawn out to some extent thanks to the osmolality of the honey and subsequently replaced with clear fluid.

I had observed this ‘cleaning’ of the lens on occasions over time when I did water fasting.

For sure the honey does far more than sterilize the tissue. It feeds the cells as well and promotes balance. Proper vision is only possible when the water in the lens is clear and not either in excess or insufficient.        

Don Anello, Spain     15/11/2012 @ 22:28:02

Using Warm Milk & Honey to Treat Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)Honey has amazing anti-bacterial properties. Making an eyewash with warm milk and honey can help to soothe and treat conjunctivitis. Use equal parts of both honey and milk, making sure the milk is warm (not boiling). Mix together the remedy and keep stirring until the honey becomes smooth in the milk. Use an eyedropper and drop 2-3 drops into your eye several times a day.

Alternatively, you can use this mixture as a compress. The anti- bacterial properties in the honey and the soothing effects of the milk will start to work immediately and within 24 hours your pink eye should be cleared up.        

Natasha Bryan, Trinidad and Tobago     13/07/2012 @ 14:49:55

Honey is an excellent remedy for irritable eyes. I have proven it repeatedly. Method: Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tbsp of warm water and rinse infected eye. Repeat this in the a.m. and p.m. for 2 days and you will see the difference. Your eyes will be rid of cold and redness.

Dropping undiluted honey directly into your eyes is the perfect way but it burns.

Recently, I was getting “red-eye” and I used undiluted honey in the a.m. and p.m. for 3 days and it was gone whilst another co-worker was off the job for 2 weeks.        

Carol Lynch, Ireland     20/06/2012 @ 16:31:38

Manuka honey cured my blepharitis and dry eye after one whole year of trips to the doctor and all sorts of creams, it is wonderful stuff . Ijust put a table spoon full in boiled cooled water and pored it over my eyelids twice a day and woooooooooooooooooooooo I never looked back        

Mansur Al-Rashad, United States     11/03/2012 @ 16:52:03

I recall travelling to a foreign country with others and everyone caught what is called the “Pink Eye”. The majority used some pharmaceutical prescribed for this and I and a few others simply put a drop of honey in each eye. The former group suffered with “Pink Eye” for several weeks but for me and the crew that used honey the problem was solved in minutes.        

Oluwabunmi, Nigeria     31/12/2011 @ 03:37:26

I am a person living with glaucoma, I was diagnosed with the disease since 2007, ever since I have been looking for ways to improve my health, taking sugar then I did not know I was destroying my eyes n health now having substitute sugar for honey since September this year. My eyes feel clearer, cleaner and healthier plus my skin glows. Thank God 4 honey.        

Maureen, United Kingdom     19/08/2011 @ 19:10:01

I melt the honey in warm water, 1 to 10 then use an eye bath. I have heard of people using it straight from the jar into the eye. I don’t think it matters as long as you get the honey in your eye. It does sting for a few seconds but the benefit you get is worth it. I hope someone can benefit from this experience.        

Ruth, Benefits of Honey     19/08/2011 @ 18:28:39

Hi Maureen, thanks so much for posting your honey experience. Awesome! May I ask how honey is used as a natural eye cure? Do you directly apply it as an eye drop? Or do you dilute it with water?        

Maureen, United Kingdom     19/08/2011 @ 05:59:42

I have used Manuka honey to cure dry eyes. I am now using it to dissolve cataracts. I have macular degeneration and the honey has improved my eyesight. I wouldn’t be without it.

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