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Cure Eye Infection with Natural Honey in 24 Hours

Honey as a remedy for eye infection? Are you mad? Are you sure?

Counterintuitive But Real

Honey is good for drizzling on toasts, biscuits, and mixing it with tea, coffee or any beverages. It’s also a popular folk remedy for open wounds and cuts, skin disorders and infected skin for its antimicrobial properties. And most people have no qualms about using it as a facial mask, cleanser and even as a shampoo. But when honey is suggested as a natural eye cure for eye infection, pink eye, itchy eye and dry eye, you immediately get the most incredulous, eye-wide stares.

amazing eye infection cure with honey

“That’s hair-raising, it sounds almost too unorthodox or ancient for a remedy, you won’t put a sweet sticky stuff like honey into your eyes!” are the usual reactions we get.

But as more and more people begin to share with us in this page on the use of honey as an effective eye drop for eye infection and even cataracts and corneal problems, instead of dismissing it quickly, you can’t help but to take one step back and ponder over its relevance in treating the eyes.

Actually, does honey really sound that terrible as an eye cure when most of us would so readily put chemical laden synthetic eye drop dispensed by the pharmacies to treat eye infection?

“… honey is a good salve for sore eyes” ~ Aristotle (350 B.C)

How to Cure Eye Infection Naturally – Science-Backed

Current Eye Research (Vol. 36, No.9) documented that honey has anti-inflammatory properties that can be explored in several corneal inflammatory and infectious conditions. Researchers at the International Bee Research Association also reported that honey is a better natural eye cure for dry eyes than artificial tears. Though the solution used contained only 20% honey, it was found that honey could treat eye infection even when diluted. American Apitherapy Society showed a significant improvement in a corneal ulcer condition with topical honey when antibiotics, antiviral agents and corticosteroids had no effect.

According to Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Volume 2014), a double blind clinical trial with 60 patients in Iran revealed the effectiveness of honey drop in treating Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis, a form of chronic allergic conjunctivitis which results in severe eye irritation, abnormal sensitivity to light, swelling, tearing, and excessive mucus secretions. It is believed that the flavonoids in honey can access and heal the eyes lens and improve vision, and along with its antioxidant and osmotic properties it can cure eye infections.

supermarket honey cures eye infection

Try some honey on tired and bloodshot eyes at night and see how it brightens the eyes in the morning. Dailymail.co.uk.com published an astounding news about how someone had used a small jar of supermarket honey to cure a painful, chronic eye infection that has troubled him for years (“I don’t bee-lieve it! Man, 62, cures painful eye infection with 99p jar of honey”, Daily Mail).

I’m not suggesting any quality superiority or goodness of supermarket honey here, but there is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to honey as a medicinal topical agent.

Treating Eye Infection at Home with Honey – Instructions

Follow these steps:

1. Mix equal parts raw honey with distilled water to make a solution.

2. Using a dropper, squeeze two to three drops of the solution into the eye.

3. Apply two to three times daily until infection clears.

“for cataracts… a drop of liquid honey in corner of eye at night would be helpful” ~ Paavo Airola, PhD (a naturopath), 1974, “How to Get Well” p. 161

What Honey Should I Use?

Raw honey which is totally unheated and unprocessed is the best. No specific floral varietal of honey is required, but if you are looking for a honey that has a relatively high level of antibacterial, medicinal grade Manuka honey is an option. Whatever type of honey is used, do ensure that it is 100% pure, unadulterated and contamination-free. Water used for diluting the honey should also be 100% pure and clean. Always prepare the solution just before using it so that only fresh eye drops are applied.

Testimonies of Honey as Eye Drop

Below are some testimonies from real people on this subject of honey as a home remedy for eye infection and other related eye ailments. They are a compilation of postings from our visitors to the page: In What Ways Have You Experienced the Benefits of Honey?. Honey, a folk remedy in so many ways must make a comeback in modern research! If you have more stories about the healing benefits of honey for the eyes, reach out to us via Just Share & Ask Page. Thank you!

Postings on Using Honey for Eye Infection

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Marie Quin, United States     22/03/2021 @08:22:38

I had some sort of growth on the outskirts of my eye, it was growing on the skin near my crows feet area. I tried STY medication from the pharmacy but that did not work and I was planning to see a dermatologist. I read about honey and placed raw honey on the eye area and after three nights the entire thing disappeared.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     19/12/2019 @10:07:12

Thanks for sharing with us your mum’s story!

I’m not sure how long it will take for a full recovery, but you may want to consider slowly increasing the concentration of the honey solution. If she is able to take the stinging sensation, try applying a more concentrated honey solution.

Also, raw pure honey (unpasteurised) is most ideal. And try New Zealand’s Manuka honey if that is available to you.

We will be so glad to get an update, thanks!

        NilAsh, United States     18/12/2019 @20:48:44

My mom had dry eyes for about a year. She went to 3 doctors (one doctor from the emergency room, that’s how bad it had gotten) and they prescribed her 2 ointments/eye drops (not including the natural eye drops that we picked up from Whole Foods Market when she first started having dry eyes).

Although she consumes about 2 to 3 liters of water every day which is crucial for people with dry eyes, I believe her eyes were dry from a hormonal imbalance (being post menopausal) and due to a lack of nutrition (specifically vitamins A & E, like from Carrots, Leafy Greens and good fats like Avocado), as well as from the central heat on in the house during the colder months (drying out any moisture in the air, which can be corrected with a good humidifier) and the fan next to her bed.

Her eyes would get so dry, she would wake up screaming from the pain of her eyelid sticking to and ripping the cornea. She said it felt as if there were little rocks underneath her eyelids, they would also tear up constantly, but that would do nothing to moisturize the eye. She wasn’t able to sleep for weeks because of the pain and rock like sensation.

After one night of it getting so bad, she went to the hospital, the doctor said it looked like a child scribbled all over her cornea and then prescribed her ointment, as usual. It would work for an hour or so and then become irritated again as if she put nothing there. I finally convinced her to try the honey eye wash a few hours before she went to bed and that was the first night she slept through without waking up. She was surprised! 

Now honey water is only thing she wants to use. She also noticed that she has less pain and less of that rock like sensation. I predict that it’ll take about 3 days to 2 weeks max to heal her severe dry eyes and scratched cornea. What are your guestimations? Stay tuned! I’ll be back with an update!

         Richard, Canadas     06/11/2019 @13:01:58

After many attempts using creams, potions, lotions on a small never healing mark on my face by the ear, I came across manuka honey from New Zealand. From a health food store brought home and applied it once a day. The mark slowly went away (approx. 10-14 days ) AWESOME !!! Using it on my very dry eyes after Doc gave me meds. Didn’t work. Manuka is a bit pricey, but I am trying raw honey (unpasteurized). Looks good.

         Locogiste, United States     04/03/2019 @11:21:19

I’ve read all of the posts on this forum and find them inspiring. Makes me feel hopeful.

I have had cataracts on one eye, right one, for a year or so. I’ve used lemon drops initially and diet. Though I have been going back on my bad eye. My good eye has maintained in good condition.

I have also used castor oil and cineraria maritima. This last one CM enhances circulation around the eye and relaxes them. The curing process is slow and now I come to understand why. To deal with different conditions. Different approaches are needed. Some need to try castor oil, use ciberaria maritima or even real unadulterated honey.

I recently used honey Mountain Ridge brand because of what I read here, however I found that once I used it I experienced an immediate result. I saw clearer, less hazy. after an hour.

I am going to try honey from farms and I am sure it will be of great results.

Hope I have contributed to this forum. Thanks everyone for your post.

         Astrid, United States     21/01/2019 @10:06:13

2 months after two eye surgeries on my right eye for a severe cataract I developed an ulcer on the cornea. My ophthalmologist referred me to Bascom Palmer, which after looking it up, was way too expensive. The Health Ranger had an article on the email, and I immediately ordered honey drops. It worked like a charm! My eye is cured from the infection, which had caused me to lose vision. Most of my vision returned. I will continue to use honey as a preventative.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     11/01/2019 @12:10:31

Polina, we are not sure about that, so far none has shared about using honey for chalazion in this forum. But I guess no harm giving it a try?

         Polina, United Kingdom     09/01/2019 @16:04:40

Can I use it to get rid of upper lid chalyazion?

         Eldoris, United States     27/11/2018 @18:43:50

My mom used honey in her eyes for years. Never had cataracts. I love the way my eyes flush all the grit out and feel wonderful afterwards. It stings but not for long. Had my eyes checked this week after three years. Basically no change. Had beginning of a cataract yrs ago but now they never mention it so I guess it’s gone. I love fixing things myself!!!

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     22/10/2018 @10:19:46

Maureen, we have read about people claiming that the color of the eyes could be lightened with frequent application of honey over time. But so far, none has written to us on this or posted on our site to confirm the possibility of this.

         Maureen, Uganda     21/10/2018 @07:08:51

I would want to try the honey eye drops but where I come from I’m not sure whether I can get natural honey. My question though is whether honey eye drops can whiten brown sclera?

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     20/09/2018 @22:10:23

Kyron, I’m eager to know how effective honey is for short and long sightedness as well! Please share with us your experience after your trial at this page: Can Honey Improve Eyesight? [Controversial] Appreciate it a lot!

         Kyron, United States     20/09/2018 @20:18:35

I’m going to be trying this very soon, do you guys think this will work for nearsightedness, I haven’t seen many people with myopia talk about honey use.

         Nakisha, Trinidad and Tobago     19/09/2018 @09:19:51

I have used raw honey no diluting with water to treat eye infection and it works very well. I told my friends about it and they said I’m crazy. My dad is a beekeeper so we pretty much tried to use honey with everything. Honey antimicrobial properties make it a wonder potion. I will try diluting it with water to see if it works the same way.

         Lisa, Canada     18/08/2018 @05:30:43

My dog had a detached retina and horrible inflammation, vet saying the eye might have to be removed. She was on prednisone pills and drops (heavy anti-inflammatories with awful side effects, poor dog suffered terribly), and they did NOTHING. 

In a final ditch effort I boiled and cooled to warm strong chamomile tea in a small sterile bottle with dropper I dissolved natural raw honey until saturated. Used these drops in her eye and results were immediate. Used them approx. 4 times a day for a couple of weeks to be certain; all inflammation gone and the eye was saved.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     10/08/2018 @10:09:11

Barbara, there are probably over the counter eye drops containing honey as an ingredient. But perhaps, you may want to try 100% pure honey itself for dry eyes? You could do a Ctrl + F to search on this page and in older posts pages (links listed on this page) for posts on using honey to treat dry eyes and see if there is anything relevant there.

         Barbara, United States     09/08/2018 @09:17:17

I have really bad dry eyes they sometimes get so bad I get a film over them is there anything like honey that can make them better.

         Taunja, United States     25/06/2018 @22:30:42

I had a red swollen eyes for almost 2 weeks and a sty formed on 1 eye. I tried all the natural treatments none worked. I went and picked up some raw honey Saturday and by Tuesday my eye was back to normal! I will always recommend this treatment to everyone!

         Tabish Raza, Pakistan     27/05/2018 @16:20:07

Surrounded by modern medicine with after effects, we should resort to natural remedies. I had redness and pain in my eyes for a day and it reached a spot where I couldn’t bear the pain. I went for raw honey, applied it directly to my eye and it did sting a bit, as it should and now I feel fine.

         Sol, United States     15/04/2018 @13:32:08

I believe in raw honey for the eyes. I was told by my doctor that I had small cataracts in my eyes. I started to apply pure honey on my eyes every night. When I went back to my next check up, the doctor didn’t find any cataracts.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     20/03/2018 @12:13:09

Rupashree, no one has specifically mentioned Uveitis yet, but I guess there is no harm trying?

         Rupashree Rao, India     20/03/2018 @02:33:24

I am suffering from Uvties from last one n half months .. Will honey drops to my eye helps me in recovering .. Plz do give me the feedback will be waiting for your response. Thank you

         Rekha, United Kingdom     18/03/2018 @18:36:21

Hi, my mum used honey for itchy dry eyes, and now that I have similar problem I use honey and it really works. I mix my raw honey with pure cold pressed castor oil. It stings less and works like an ointment.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     16/03/2018 @11:20:19

Iris, we’ve come across many reports on using honey for dry eyes. They may not be specifically related to Sjogren but you may want to do a Ctrl + F to search on this page for posts on using honey to treat dry eyes and see if there is anything relevant there. The older posts are in: Honey for Eye Infection – 2011 to 2014 Postings

      Iris, United States     16/03/2018 @03:26:08

I have Sjogren and very dry eyes. Will this help my corneas. Thank you.

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     11/03/2018 @16:20:13

Ruby, the little ones may find the honey too stinging on the eyes. But if anyone here has experience in applying honey on young children, please help advise. Thanks!

         Ruby, United States     08/03/2018 @05:36:03

I have a 3 and 2 yr old with discharge every day, eyes get stuck, can I use this honey treatment on them ..if so can someone tell me step by step how I do it. I heard a lot of good things about this, please help me.

        Ruth, Benefits of Honey     04/03/2018 @11:32:05

Earmon, you may want to try the pharmacies. But the Manuka honey eye drop is not available in every country.

         Earmon, United States     03/03/2018 @22:44:26

Where can I find honey eye drop?

         Ruthie C., United States     01/03/2018 @02:12:49

So glad to see so many people using this earth medicine. My eye specialist told me I was developing cataracts when I was in my late fifties and it was so heartbreaking because I have rare autoimmune disease that causes scar tissue to over develop. Somehow somewhere I found out about this remedy. So I put a small drop of undiluted honey in the corners of my eyes for a few nights it stung a little but way less than the RX my doctor had prescribed for my eyes. Next eye exam my doctor told me I did not have a sign of any cataracts!!! 

Go figure…. love Mother Nature and I love my bees.. we need to protect our little helpers!????

         Cynthia, United States     17/02/2018 @10:51:04

OMG!! I was desperate..my eyelids were flaky, itchy, red, little swollen. Tried drops…changed makeup. Expensive! Thought I need a Dr!! But then the good Lord directed me here. I used manuka honey +10 from New Zealand trader joes… Applied directly… your not going to believe this ..instant relief. I applied directly on my upper lower lids stung a little not bad. Left it on for 10 min. Swelling went down, flaky ugly crusty crap gone. Save the Bees!! I’m making my eye drops too just it keep it healthy. Folks it works! 

Thank you Jesus! My daughter started saying I was looking like a zombie!! Yikes

         Ruth, Benefits of Honey     10/02/2018 @09:18:20

Sana, some people find it too stinging on the eyes if the honey is not diluted. For first timers, better to mix the honey with water.

         Sana, Bahrain     08/02/2018 @12:54:32

I want to ask that if we are pouring only honey without water is it harmful. I want to improve my eyesight by pouring honey in eyes.

         Sue, Australia     06/02/2018 @07:21:47

I used honey on my cat’s eye to treat an eye ulcer and was told he would probably need to have the eye removed. Now the eye is clear.

         Charles, United States     03/02/2018 @20:43:13

The only true honey is straight from the farmer. Basically, any mass produced product in the store is mixed with fillers and isn’t pure. My father buys his straight from a farmer and it’s about $25 for a small jar.

         Maria, Greece     03/02/2018 @07:40:01

Hello. I am searching an alternative for cataract surgery. I have read most of the comments about the raw organic honey (diluted or not with water) and its efficiency to cataract. However, I would like to ask:

1. There is a product called Optimel manuka honey eye drops which contains manuka honey. Does anybody know if it is effective for advanced cataract or if it is as effective as the manuka honey?

2. Is it safe to put honey in the eyes?

3. I think that putting honey in the eyes will stick and it will be difficult to remove it. Is it true?

4. In case that manuka honey is difficult to be found, any kind of honey is suitable?

5. How many times a day, could someone use honey as eyedrops in order to try to treat advanced cataract?

6. Are there any research papers that provide information about honey as eye treatment?

I really search for natural methods to reverse cataract so If anyone has managed to avoid cataract surgery using honey or any other natural method, I would like very much hear his/her personal opinion. Thank you

         Viv, Australia     29/01/2018 @22:00:14

I was told by the eye specialist that I had dry eyes and to use drops, Hated the drops she gave me and when looking up “dry eyes” I found the honey thing. As I have a friend with bees I had raw natural honey on hand and used it straight, into my eyes in the shower each morning. So far I do not have the runny itchy eyes I used to have and I’m hoping it will help to slow down the cataracts I have just starting to form. I love using the honey and my eyesight seems clearer when I use it daily too.

         Barb J., United States     02/01/2018 @12:57:36

I have been diagnosed with dry eyes. My eyes water constantly except for sleeping. I would like to hear from those with constant watering eyes. I even had plugs put in the tear ducts to control it…it did not.

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