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Hi, I am a nutritionist and a firm believer of natural remedies. I sometimes take a warm glass of milk with a tbsp of honey before going to bed.It has helped be get sound sleep and I feel fresh in the morning. It helps soothe my stressed body system. I will start taking it regularly and see its effect on my weight. This article is indeed informative.

Annapurna Sharma, India
30 Dec 2011

hibernation diet 2009-2011 postings

Having diabetes since 1991, it’s been very difficult to control…more so because of additional health problems I’ve got now. Asthma, allergies, congestion, colds, coughing that comes and goes frequently.

If that’s not enough, I’m significantly overweight. Not morbidly obese or extremely overweight, but I’d say about 25 or 30 pounds more than I want to be. The allergies, congestion, and coughing appears to occur on a nightly basis. Colds come and go and my asthma is not too bad for now.

With those three things I mentioned that occur on a nightly basis, my sleep is less than poor, to say the least. It’s no wonder I’m overweight, though that isn’t the only factor. I just found this website tonight and I’m gonna try the honey with mainly tea and lemon juice at night before bed. It won’t work overnight and I know that. But, hopefully, it will work soon so I can feel better and hopefully enjoy life again in the future. Wish me luck, everyone!

David C., United States
23 Dec 2011

I surprised by reading this page. It is a miracle that HONEY gives a magic to our body. It is very good to hear that consuming honey before bed gives wonderful effects on losing weight and keeping healthy.

Sushma Ravindranath Damsam, India
17 Dec 2011I’ve been taking a tsp of honey for two nights now and it has taken me a while to sleep. I’m wondering if anybody has had this same effect…

Brendi, United States
14 Dec 2011

I used a variation of this diet. Instead of honey, I went to sleep for an extremely long time, months even. It was not only more accurate to what a hibernation diet should be, I lost a ton of weight. I wrote an ebook about it called How to Lose Weight Through Hibernation.

Mr. Forthright, United States
5 Dec 2011Ruth: Nothing could be further from the truth than your statement “exercise is what’s making you gain weight” (which is printed in the “product description” of your ebook “How to Lose Weight Through Hibernation”). “Sleeping for months”? Losing weight does not always necessarily mean becoming healthier! According to the Honey Hibernation Diet, long hours of sleep without properly fuelling the liver can be detrimental to our health in the long run.

I have recently started using the lemon and bee-honey combination in the morning and can feel the difference already. Earlier it was very hard for me to avoid sweets no matter how strongly I determined but, after using this, I find the sweets less tempting.

Surely, I am going to try this hibernation diet method soon.

Ruvi Weerasingha, Qatar
4 Dec 2011

Ok this is quite interesting. I actually just started using honey with green tea this week and will start the nightly 1-2 teaspoon of honey today. I have been hovering around 150-155 pounds for the last one year even though I work out regularly. I am 5’8 in height so this is still fine but my dream weight is 145 and it will be wonderful to see how this hibernation diet works along with my regular exercises. Thanks.

Chinky, United States
29 Nov 2011

I’m currently suffering from my biannual sinus infection and my dad always told me tea with honey and lemon! Honey is an antibiotic… eat it!

So I had my tea with honey and milk cause I’m not big on lemon and it was far tastier than with my usual 4 spoonful of sugar (I really like sweet things, I know it’s bad XD) but any who after having only half of my cup I was up till 2 am hacking up my lungs and when I finally went to sleep I woke up this morning and I felt rested, still sick, but rested and I was weirded out cause the coughing and sneezing is all really draining and even when I’m healthy I always wake up tired.

I’m having more tea with honey now and I feel wayyy better than i did yesterday. now that i read up on this hibernation diet I think I’mma try it cause I love sleep, i love honey and sweet, and I’m going to start going to the gym with some girlfriends at work so we’ll see how this goes and hopefully I’ll feel ten times better than normal.

Kara, United States
12 Nov 2011

Well, I’m a Phys Ed graduate and have always been sensitive to the ol’ body and its goings-on. I’m not a fad dieter at all, but at 60+ years old it was time to renovate.

A couple of litres of fresh-lemon-and-honey water per day really cleaned me out dramatically and then I read about the Hibernation Diet. Haven’t read the book – just started taking a tablespoonsful straight out of the jar shortly before sleeping. An IMMEDIATE change in sleep quality happened. Slept deeper, hardly moved all night, woke absolutely relaxed but very ready for the day. Excellent, really, and the slight weight loss I had experienced from regular exercise gently accelerated.

Being a Kiwi, I have access to New Zealand’s amazing pure honeys and that must be a plus, and something to note. Avoid cheap, sugar-added honeys. Good honey’s a very worthwhile investment.

We can only work on our experience, and should ignore hype. Try the Hibernation Diet. You will sleep more soundly and if you lose weight to boot, you sure won’t complain 🙂

Chris, China
11 Nov 2011

Ruth: Awesome, Chris!

Thank you so much for this info. am a travel agent and I work at night. I find it hard to sleep in the morn and am really getting huge. before going to sleep today, I’ll definitely take honey and let’s see if it’ll work wonders on me too.I’m so excited! many tnx! =)

Karen Dosejo, The Philippines
10 Nov 2011

Why I’m starting the honey diet tonight: I’ve had chronic long-term insomnia since I was a toddler, and I absolutely REFUSE to go on sleeping medication. I also have hypoglycemia (and a family history of type 2 diabetes). I’ve lost 45lbs in the last 4 months, but my radically increased stress hormones have halted my weight loss in the last 5 weeks.

Let’s see if honey is the answer!

Jenna, United States
9 Nov 2011


Philip, United Kingdom
1 Nov 2011

Ruth: If a diabetic has been taking white table sugar, I don’t see why honey, a much more superior form of sugar cannot be tolerated. My opinion in: Is Honey Allowed in Diabetic Diet? You may also want to read a posting by a diabetic in: Best Sugar for Diabetes. For diabetics who have experience with eating honey, do join us in the conversation on this highly debatable topic.

“… honey is directly converted to liver glycogen and does not raise blood sugar levels as does sucrose or HFCS even though it contains the same simple sugars. This fact alone is indication enough to recommend honey for diabetics.” ~ Dr. Ron Fessenden, The Honey Revolution

Is this diet safe for diabetics? Type two taking 1000 Metformin.

Gloria Gonzalez, United States
1 Nov 2011

Menopause has ravaged a formerly beautiful body – Mine, and I’m just about desperate to try something natural and non-habit forming.

Robin, United States
24 Oct 2011



21 Oct 2011

In searching your site, I found a post from Terrence Kendrick, I know him. He is a newer member of our YCBA (Bee Keepers association). I just wanted to validate his earlier post. Since joining our club he has lost weight and maintained it. He had mentioned he was using honey. IT Worked for him. I think I am going to try it.

Darcy Wagner, United States
12 Oct 2011

I need to jump start my metobolism. I am starting the hibernation diet today.

Sylvia Robinson, United States
7 Oct 2011

I started taking a teaspoon honey before going to bed and lost 1kg in 4 days without changing my diet and routine. I am happy with the result as I have thyroid problem n I can hardly lose 1kg in 1 month. Will definitely update after a month.

Sammy, Australia
6 Oct 2011

Oh ok………so it is good to use honey? I drink two or three cups of tea throughout the day and I always have honey anyway, but i just started weight watching and was kind of wondering if honey was alright to use or not, but by the sounds of it, it’s good that I use honey!? Thank you:))

Vanessa, Canada
28 Sep 2011

The hibernation diet actually works. I have only been practising it for a week and I have lost 4kgs. How cool is that!! What’s even more suprising is that I did not have to change my diet or do any physical exercise. I just stuck to taking a spoon or two spoonfull of honey right before I go to sleep. And it has surely paid off. Thanks guys.

Loretah Ching Soh, Malaysia
26 Sep 2011

Ruth: Wow, Loretah, I must say this is pretty amazing to me! Honestly, the numbers surprise me. I’ve come across many testimonies on the positive experience with the Hibernation Diet over time, but the result you’ve seen is the speediest so far.


Catherine Ocampo, Singapore
20 Sep 2011

Thanks for this website! I have cracking in the corners of my mouth that I have been unable to heal. I found an article abt putting honey on the sores so I tried it. (I also started taking vitamins)I wasn’t using the pure organic kind (yet) but have had some relief. I was pleasantly surprised to find the organic in my local grocery store. Even though I still have the sores they are healing now.

Tracy Starrett, Puerto Rico
19 Sep 2011

Hi, I wanna lose my weight. I am starting this diet.

Sonal Patel, New Zealand
16 Sep 2011

Hi, I just started taking honey in the morning and day long, I was in habit of taking sugar in milk and tea also roo afja mixed with water and 4 spoons of sugar. Now in just four days of starting honey, my sugar consumption is merely two spoons. I add honey in milk. Also I lost one kg in just four days. Thanks for tellig me the great benefits of honey.

4 Sep 2011Interesting accounts regarding the use of honey! I have this to add. If you suffer from allergies and you wish to lesson the effects of these allergies, its advisable to take honey but it should be gathered from as close to where you live as whats bothering you is from the elements close to your home.

Richard, United States
28 Aug 2011

I lost 1kg for about 1 week only… I’m very amazed and will continue this hibernation diet. Thanks a lot for this website! I’m excited to lose more!

Nouf, Saudi Arabia
10 Aug 2011

Hi, well I’m wondering what kind of honey to use. Should it be raw or just any honey? My brother told me about this Hibernation Diet, and he has lost 30 lbs. !! I was so excited, so please let me know about the type I should buy.

Cordially, Linda.

Linda Malnati, United States
2 Aug 2011

Ruth: It’s exciting to know how much your brother has benefited from the hibernation diet, Linda! Get raw honey direct from a trusted beekeeper if you can (to ensure best quality). If that is not possible, buy it from a reliable brand. Any 100% pure, unadulterated honey is good.

First of all thanks for this great website, I came to know about this hibernation diet 2 months ago and man its really gud…m doing it from the moment i came to know…m trying to shed off my baby weight…I’m taking lemon honey syrup in the morning along with honey before sleep and i hv lost a little since then..but i wanted to know that if u have missed any of this drink i mean lemon honey(in the morning) or honey(before going to bed) for one or two days,is it going to affect the weight loss?please reply if anyone know this…

Dolly, Austrialia
21 May 2011

Ruth: Occasional misses are not going to bring your efforts to nought. What counts most is a consistent routine over time. I don’t see the Hibernation Diet as a short-term programme that lasts for a few weeks, but a simple step that can be incorporated into one’s routine and lifestyle to reap the benefits of quality sleep and better metabolism that lead other positive “side effects” including improved immune function and weight loss in the long run.

What if one already has a health diet – 1000-1300 kcals /day, 4-5 hrs vigorous exercise a week, female, damaged metabolism – will taking honey at night help lose weight or is the hibernation diet only ‘working’ because of readers’ switch to a processed-food-free diet and additional resistance training?

Sceptic, Hong Kong
30 Apr 2011

Ruth: Read the science behind the hibernation diet. The book will give you a more in-depth understanding on it. The proposition of taking honey before bedtime is closely linked to our liver health (an area that has been much neglected) and the metabolism of fats during recovery mode. It’s not a panacea for obesity or a magic diet that guarantees weight loss, but many people have experienced the ease of losing weight as one of the “side effects” from the diet (next to sleeping better, better general health and immune function).

If you are already exercising and eating right, I don’t see any harm in giving it a try (it’s just a simple step), then you can assess for yourself its long term benefits and the difference it brings.

I have now lost 40 lbs using the hibernation diet after about 4 months. I also have maintained it well for about 5 months. Now, I am back on a more stricter version of losing again shooting for another 20 lbs by the end of June. I may go back in maintenance mode again during the Summer and shoot for another 20 in the Fall. I have found taking breaks from the strictest version really helps (I continue to take honey before bed though during maintanence though).

I learned of it through a book I saw in a bee supplier catalogue. I believe I found your website after seeing the book in a catalogue to learn more about it before purchasing it. I really believe in this and regularly recommend it. I am now reading the abridged version of The Honey Revolution. My best suggestion is to become a beekeeper. Its good exercise and makes this whole diet more fun!

Thanks for what you are doing!

Terence Kendrick, United States
28 Apr 2011

“A new approach to fat metabolism, it requires no straining from aerobics exercise, no wearing out on a treadmill and no pounding it out in the gym.”

I’m sure honey is wonderfully healthy stuff, but I’m disturbed that you’re suggesting that a diet _replace_ exercise. The latter has about a million health benefits that have been firmly established by peer-reviewed scientific literature for decades. Honey has a few positive health effects that have been studied a little bit, but it’s quite certain that no matter what you eat, exercise is critical to health. Promoting _anything_ as a substitute for exercise is just plain irresponsible.

Ben, United States
19 Apr 2011

Ruth: The Hibernation Diet, as pointed out early in the article “advocates incorporating mild resistance exercise and a healthy…diet”. The article says the diet “requires no straining from aerobics exercise, no wearing out on a treadmill and no pounding it out in the gym” without dismissing the fact that exercise is critical to health. It is about the kind of exercise the Hibernation Diet theory believes to be most effective for losing weight. Also, I can’t disagree more that “honey has a few positive health effects that have been studied a little bit”.

I’ve just read the article about the hibernation diet, as someone who allready knows the benefits of honey, i now realise why i wake up after at least 8hours sleep still feeling knackered. im going to start drinking honey tonight and see what happens, and hopefully lose a few pounds as well. winner all round.

Karen Chandler, United Kingdom
17 Apr 2011I started the honey-before-bedtime protocol night before last, and I thought you might be interested to know that it triggered a ramped up detox process. Yesterday’s wake up was not particularly pleasant, but after a couple bottles of distilled water I was fine. Today’s wake up was more pleasant, tho I can still feel the detox going on. Clearly my liver is saying ‘hey, I have extra energy! I’m gonna toss as much crap as possible out!’

Christiner, United States
11 Apr 2011

Honey is an excellent healing material for wounds** and applying honey immediately on burn skin** prevents the skin from damage.

Regular consumption of honey-water mixture each morning and evening is an excellent supplement**.

An american research proves that no type of virus can live inside honey.

Honey is the key to maintain youth** and saves body from deformation**,even the egyptian mummies were preserved by adding honey.

Pure honey when applied to eyes improves eyesight**


Zakaria, Pakistan
24 Mar 2011

I believe in hibernation diet.. now I will try it before bed time, I have a lot of stocks of honey, but now very pleasant for us women not to control ourselves for dieting so hard, this is the best way…. love it.

Christy Lou Cajoles, The Philippines
12 Mar 2011

Ok! I started last nite. 2/28/11 weighing @ 235lb. Got myself wholesome natural specially harvested raw honey u.s grade a. So i woke-up dis morning, I felt well rested & alert, also slept in later then usual & very hungry dis morning witch I usual don’t eat in da morning!

Also felt my body warm during da nite! Like if i felt my metabolism burring last nite! O also was dehydrated dis morning! So I’m going 2 follow along with honey & cinnamon on a empty stomach dis morning. So 4 now on I’m going 2 report to u guys! So far I’m very excited 2 continue. Happy 2 find out da hibernation diet!

Belma Garcia, United States
1 Mar 2011

The benefits of honey sounds exciting. I’m right on my BMI and the benefits of honey should help me stay there. Taking honey just before bed and consequently losing weight while sleeping sounds like a dream come true. I can’t thank you enough for the tip. Regards, Briggy

Briggy Bond, Australia
22 Feb 2011

I’m taking “unprocessed honey” which is thicker in consistency. I use honey so often and decided to read about the benefits, when i found your website. now I see that taking it before bed will help this body even more. I’m starting this diet today (i am already consuming healthy fresh foods). I really need to lose 15 pounds and get all of my numbers in check. I’ll do this for a year (to start) and see where how it goes ! Thank you for such an informative and beautifully written website. xx Voila

David, United States
21 Feb 2011

I have the first harvest of honey from my own garden’s beehive – it is delicious. Searching the benefits of honey, I found this site. I’ve tried the honey insomnia cure for two nights and can report that I’ve enjoyed an excellent sleep each night. Is this just a placebo? Whatever it is, I like it!

Joan Sutton, United States
14 Feb 2011

Very Interesting! I have been reading about honey on your website and think it is really good what you are doing. All the best.

Basil, United Kingdom
12 Feb 2011

Yes positively, I love yummmmmmmmmmm honey as this is very dense in nutrition, as per my opinion everybody should stop white sugar & start to intake Honey with Coffee, Tea, Lime & Fruit Juices….It is very testy while including in milk…

Komal Choubisa, India
4 Feb 2011

Last night before even reading this, I drank honey in my Chamomile, and it made me very relaxed and I slept wonderfully. I will do the same tonight! Thanks for the article, it was great information!

Alexandra Simpson, United States
17 Jan 2011

I have heard of this but never tried it. Will start today and let you know of my progress.

17 Jan 2011

Thank you for that informative article and the time and study you have put in to share this info with so many people who are looking for naural proven cures and remedies. In the past, I drank cinnoman tea, and experimented with honey, and apple cider vinegar with good results. Reading this info inspires me to start again!

13 Jan 2011

8 weeks ago I started taking a teaspoon of Linden honey just before bedtime to sleep soundly. I learned this from Europeans that swear by it’s effects. It works. Then I noticed by clothes became loose. After 8 weeks I lost 8 lbs. even though my diet did not change and my bicycling was reduced by cold weather. Then I heard about this diet in the appendix of a book titled Fruitless Fall. Now I understand what is happening.

Jack Wilkerson, United States
4 Jan 2011

Good article. I have been trying to lose weight .I will start taking honey from tonight. Hope it works for me as well.

Mona Hussain, United Kingdom
23 Dec 2010

I have been doing this without knowing it, just because I love my herb tea/lemon/honey mix before going to bed. Now after reading this I have to admit, my instincts of preservation were right.

I have psoriatic arthritis and I’m self employed, lots of stress! and my honey does wonders !

Bruno Lopez, United States
13 Dec 2010

spoon of liquid honey image

I am 74 and diabetic along with a debilitating spinal disease. Without exercise I have become morbidly obese.

I have just begun using the morning and evening Honey/Cinnamon tea a couple of weeks ago – I’m not sure about weight loss but I sleep better than I have in 30 years. And my energy level is more than it has been in 15 years.

I’m a believer!!

John Abbott, United States
11 Oct 2010

I love the honey diet. I’ve lost weight, this is the only diet that has ever worked. It makes you sleep better and all sugar cravings have gone. It’s made such a difference to my life. I will continue on it forever and ever.

Mollie Lord, United Kingdom
27 Sep 2010

Very interesting. I will try it mainly for sleep.

Honey is an emulsifier and I ponder if this is also why the diet may be effective? Natural emulsifying foods (ie egg yolk) have the job of breaking up fats in the body such as cholesteral so it can pass out of the body. It binds with oil and water,

Honey may work by purging the liver of fats so that the filter can function properly.

Jon, United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010

Very interesting,great advice, very useful information.

Trisha Goonraj-Atwaroo, Trinidad and Tobago
2 Sep 2010

Yes, yes, it works and I love it.

Thank you so much if you go off it as I did when I took my grandson to pizza parlor yesterday you feel sick… as if my body is saying. Don’t do this PLEASE give me honey.


Mollie Lord, United Kingdom
24 Aug 2010

I started with the diet two months ago and I could tell a significant difference. I feel lighter and my waistline’s getting narrower.

J. Palacio, Philippines
22 Aug 2010

Where has this been all my life. A random client came in and told me about it today. It was meant to be. I am going to start tonight.

C. Ethier, Canada
13 Aug 2010

I started consuming 2 teaspoons of honey straight from the bottle for 9 days now. I don’t know if I loss any pounds, but of course it will take time to notice it. What i noticed is that before I started taking honey before bedtime, I seldom dreamed and I woke up sluggished and lazy. When I started taking honey before I sleep, I’m always dreaming and I started to wake up feeling refreshed and not that lazy and sluggish. Maybe it because of this hibernation diet? not sure…

Anna, United Arab Emirates
28 July 2010

Thanks for this wonderful site. I weigh 81 kgs & am 48 yrs. I also have high blood pressure and am always tired and unable to sleep well. Will start on taking honey at night to see differences.

Yasmin Anis Tapia, India
28 July 2010

Thank you for that information about raw honey and lemon to help with obesty females. I tried colon clease every now in then, but I needed something extra. I used to squeeze a fresh lemon in a cup with hot water and drink it and I really saw results. I am glad to link to your web-site for this important news I will get back on this drink and lose the weight.

I was told by my doctor I am a canidate for the gastric by pass surgery I choose to work off this weight naturally and I can do do it with fasting, prayers, change diet, reframe from refine sugars and white flour and just walk daily outside and on my treadmill inside do to increment of the weather.I learned it takes determination and will power to work off the weight that you put on.

Janice Smith, United States
6 July 2010

I have been using the honey hibernation diet for 2 months now, and I have lost 5 lbs.! I have been having problems with some weight gain from stress and loss of sleep. So, after reading about how the hibernation diet works and why it works, I decided to give it a try since I wanted to find a natural way to help my body with the stress that I have been dealing with lately. I would say to anyone who is dealing with stress and lack of sleep, to give the hibernation “diet” a good try! Thanks for all of the great information on your website!

Journi Mayne, United States
27 April 2010

For 6 weeks I have refrained from eating sugar and high carbs. My diet is fresh fruit & veggies with occasional fish/seafood. I am eating soy products and taking a calcium supplement with a multi vitamin. I take one tablespoon of honey one hour before bed. lost 13lbs & blood pressure normal. Honey is the way!

Lorraine Opsitos, United States
16 April 2010

Ever since I was a little girl my mom would give me green tea with lemon, cinnamon, and a teaspoon of raw honey when I was sick. The next day I would wake up feeling better. I use this remedie till this day. I am going to try this teaspoon of honey per night to see my results in my weight thank you again.

S Lauri, Canada
14 April 2010

Amazing information on your website. And I have been taking the cinnamon and honey in the morning and 1 tablespoon of honey with hot water before going to bed and I have noticed a huge difference with how my clothes are fitting. Im now 3 weeks into this regimen and have recommended this to all my friends. Iam so grateful for this website.

Toni Lam, Canada
24 February 2010

Hi, I want to share my experience with honey so far. I zap a cup of locally grown honey (no measurement) with cinnamom in distilled water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and I am losing weight. I can feel some differences already and will continue to do this and start taking some at night as well. It works as a tide-over until I can get a meal without being famished all morning.

Elizabeth Allen, United States
26 January 2010

I was unware of this topic. Now i got literated and definitely use this honey therapy for weight loss. I am 31 years old & above 85 kgs. I hope after using this therapy i will retain my health and get fit.

Thanks for this great knowledge.

Mustansir Marvi, Pakistan
19 January 2010

Hi, I drink 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of cinamon powder every night before bed time, that is great for weight loss!

Saeedeh Motamedi, Iran
9 August 2009

The Hibernation Diet landed on me at a time when I was being pressured by my wife and neighbours to get help, as they insisted I was Pre-Diabetic. Well, I am skinny, a health fanatic and a honey lover too, so why would the Hibernation Diet make any difference to me?

Well, by ignoring everything in it about weight problems and studying hard on the science in it about ‘Recovery Mode’ and Sleep, and of course, quitting all other forms of sugar except fruit and honey, I am two years later, still not a diagnosed diabetic, and I sleep better and manage fatigue and depression better, and my skin cancers are healing up too, and I have HOPE!

John Smith, Australia
9 April 2009

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