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Benefits of Honey Energy Drink for Workouts

Eating honey before, during and after workout can have great benefits on both your energy levels and recovery times.


Honey is often recommended as an energy booster before an athletic activity by sports nutritionists. When honey is ingested before a workout, it is released into the body system at a steady rate throughout the athletic activity.

During Exercise

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Consuming honey during a vigorous exercise helps nourish your muscles and delay fatigue. During a prolonged workout, glycogen stored in the liver and muscles is readily converted to glucose to be used as an immediate energy source. As glycogen is such an important fuel source for the body, depleting glycogen stores can have detrimental effects on performance. When glycogen stores have been depleted, an athlete may experience extreme fatigue, a symptom of hypoglycemia, which occurs when blood glucose levels are low.

Optimal recovery is essential for athletes. Ingesting a combination of carbohydrates and protein immediately following exercise helps to refuel and decrease muscle soreness. Honey touted as an excellent source of carbohydrate to combine with post-workout protein supplements.

Research by Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (September, 2015) specifically found that honey drink is effective as a post-exercise recovery aid on glucose metabolism and subsequent running performance in the heat:

“… rehydration with honey drink improves running performance and glucose metabolism compared to plain water in the heat. Thus, honey drink can be recommended for rehydration purpose for athletes who compete in the heat…”

Homemade Energy Drink

Now, instead of getting a can of sugar-loaded and highly caffeinated energy drink or shot at $3, how about making your own more economical and healthier version energy drink using natural sweetener, honey?

You can alter this drink according to your taste and preference easily, for instance adding more or less of lemon juice and honey. You can even replace the water with your favourite honey floral variety, tea blend or fruit juice. Chill it overnight. Read more postings on Eat Honey For Energy.

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