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Honey Water Challenge

Honey Water Challenge - Small Efforts, Big Results

Each January, as a brand new year unfolds, we brace ourselves and resolve to better ourselves in some ways. It could be losing some weight; eating less fast food; including more vegetables in your diet, developing healthier eating habits; start going to the gym again, etc. Today, I would like to challenge you to commit to this worthy New Year resolution - drink honey water morning and night as a daily regimen. Stick to this goal for twelve months and see for yourself the dramatic difference and how easy your health could be revolutionized. By the end of this year, you would be sold on its long-terms health benefits and want to continue with it year after year to see your health improvements more and more enhanced. Here are the three key changes, amongst many others, you can expect to see:

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1) Immunity Function Powered Up

The bees have combined the nectar of flowers with something special of their own into a seemingly potent medicine, which when taken over time, can effectively build your immunity function and protect you against cough, flu, cold and sinus problems. If you often have to visit the doctor or pharmacy because of these illnesses, start on this habit of drinking honey water now, you might just be surprised by the changes in your health at the end of the year.

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Honey possesses antioxidants (polyphenols) which include the phenolic acids, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid and ellagic acid, and a host of healthful phytochemicals from the flower nectar of plants that can eliminate biologically destructive chemical agents linked to many diseases including cancer. Not only does it help to destroy free radicals in the body, they also help repair and stimulate growth of new tissues.

I suffered from chronic tonsillitis since I was a child and was severely debilitated by the vicious cycle of inflamed tonsils, high fever and prolonged cough which continued to inflict me even in my adult years and drastically weakened my overall body immunity over time. But honey changed everything. After about 1 year of drinking honey water, I realized the frequency of visiting the doctor had significantly dropped and I had to get rid of loads of expired medicines that had accumulated in the fridge. Now, I rarely have to take any medication for flu, cough or cold.

2) New Boosts of Energy and Strength

Another very obvious change after 12 months of drinking honey water is the pronounced contrast in energy level. I recovered from chronic adrenal fatigue that developed as a result of long term work stress. Before taking honey water, even with sufficient sleep and rest, I felt physically and mentally tired all the time and struggled big time in keeping up with the day-to-day demands from both family and work. The change did not take place immediately or overnight but my persistence to keep the daily regimen of drinking water paid off with a continual increase in energy level and diminishing of the feelings of stress and anxiety as days passed.

Honey consumed before bedtime ensures an adequate store of liver glycogen for the brain and prevents the release of stress hormones. It also contributes to the release of melatonin, the "wellness hormones" which inhibits the release of insulin, stabilizes sugar levels, helps rebuild tissues during sleep. Honey and water create a restorative, energy boosting powerhouse for your body, so it wouldn't be a surprise if you find yourself not needing the morning coffee anymore for the caffeine zing, you have better quality sleep at night, you become a morning person, you have more energy throughout the day and are more alive than before!

3) Stronger Stomach

Consuming excessive highly refined, processed foods can lead to gastro issues. Most stomach ulcers develop as a result of infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a bacteria that weakens the stomach's defensive mechanisms, stimulate the production of acid in the stomach and cause tissue damage and inflammation. Raw honey is awesome because it contains the 'good bacteria' needed to support gut health and protect the lining of our stomach. It encourages the production of short chain fatty acids, lowering pH, inhibiting unhealthy bacteria and detoxifying carcinogens in the diet. More than thirty different probiotic strains have been identified in commercially available honey. Studies conducted by Michigan State University also showed that honey contains oligosaccharides that can function as prebiotics and enhance the growth and activity of bifidobacteria in milk, and fermented dairy products.

Taking honey drink first thing in the morning stimulates the digestive system and hydrate the colon. Honey helps with the production of mucus in the stomach; helping to flush out toxins. Because taking honey is so beneficial, I even carry a bottle of honey whenever I travel. Yes, it may not sound very cool to some of you, but I just don't want to miss my morning and night gut tonic.

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1. Take 1-2 table spoons of raw honey and dissolve in a glass of water.
2. Drink the honey water with an empty stomach before breakfast.
3. Drink another glass of honey water before you go to bed.

These simple steps will only take less than 5 minutes of your time. Embark on a 12 month quest to see the amazing lifelong changes to your wellness. One day at a time, slowly but surely your health will benefit by reaping the goodness of honey and you will see a gradual strengthening of your body constitution. Share with us your experience after you have followed this regimen for 12 months. I am so excited to hear all the success stories!

"One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time." ~ John Wanamaker

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