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Local Honey is #1 Effective Pollen Allergy Cure

Here are 3 frequently popped questions about local honey.

1. What are the benefits of eating local honey?

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It is believed that honey works like a vaccination against local allergens; eating honey harvested near your home every day prior to the flowering season can fight seasonal allergies and inoculate one against irritating sinuses issues such as drippy nose, red, itchy and teary eyes.

2. I’ve been told that you should buy honey from your area- within a certain mile radius of your home – so as to get the best immunity against allergies, etc. What is that mileage?

There isn’t a fixed definition to local honey, it usually means 5 mile and up to even 100 mile radius from where you live; but the nearer it is, the better.

3. I want to support local beekeepers and was also told that local honey is effective for treating seasonal allergies, so I look for honey labelled as “local honey”, I can’t go wrong with this, can I?

Be careful, there are no standards imposed on truthful labeling of commercial honey and requirements related to “local” labels on honey. So-called “local honey” may not be locally produced and processed local honey but cheap, low quality honey imported from other countries but bottled and distributed locally.

The last thing you want is to end up buying a jar of ultra-filtered honey which is heated, sometimes diluted and then forced at high pressure through extremely small filters to remove all fine particles including pollen. Pollen-free honey wouldn’t make any sense for anyone who is specially looking for local honey to help build a natural tolerance to pollen in their area. Buy from your local farmers market or a trusted beekeeper who is able assure you the honey you eat comes from a legitimate and safe source and offer all the information you are looking for about the honey source.

“It may seem odd that straight exposure to pollen often triggers allergies but that exposure to pollen in the honey usually has the opposite effect…In honey the allergens are delivered in small, manageable doses and the effect over time is very much like that from undergoing a whole series of allergy immunology injections.”

Thomas Leo Ogren, “Allergy-Free Gardening

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