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1-Ingredient Pollen Allergies Cure

By Lau, United States

Horrible pollen allergies I had last spring when I moved to a new neighborhood that had a lot of mulberry trees. I had to take an antihistamine, and wear a dust mask 24/7, otherwise I’d be coughing, sneezing, etc.

And even taking all those measures didn’t fully alleviate my runny nose and itching eyes. My nose was as red as Rudolph the reindeer, my throat was as rough as sandpaper, and if that wasn’t enough, the antihistamine always made me too drowsy and sleepy to do anything much.

After a few days into this year’s spring of taking the same counter measures, out of the sheer sorrow and loathing of the idea of going through another dreaded spring season, I dug around for something sweet to eat as comfort food.

Finding no treats or other sugary goodies, I settled for eating a spoonful of honey and a box of tissues to keep me company as I sulked in a corner. I liked the taste, so I ate a spoonful or two of honey for comfort for three days… And I noticed that I have hardly had a cough or a sneeze since! My allergies were almost unnoticeable, my throat smooth, and I didn’t have to take an antihistamine or wear a dust mask at all! So I did a little research on honey, and I didn’t have a clue honey could have had so many healthy healing properties! Sweet! (Pun intended)

Plus, the honey has helped me control my usually ravenous sweet tooth. I’ve stopped eating sugar all together, in place of honey! Maybe I should try using honey to help with my brother’s ingrown toenail? I get the feeling I’m turning into a little honey bee. I guess you are what you eat? I wouldn’t mind!

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