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6 Simple Sugar Busters to Fight Sweet Cravings

Need some sugar busters?

Like most people, I love sweet treats. But we can’t just wolf down whatever we hanker for. These are my favorite ways of combating binges for chocolate bars, ice-cream, wafers, pastries, and cookies without “tormenting” myself too much.

6 sugar busters

1. A spoon of honey or a honey stick is one of the greatest sugar busters that can help take away much of those sugar crash cravings. I like to have cream or thick honey twirled around the end of a stick like a candy. This tactic works very well on small children who have a sweet tooth. Giving a spoon of honey wanes their urge for sweets.

2. Have a piece of fruit or a bowl of fresh vegetable salad instead of turning to junkies laden with processed sugar. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar in most candy and processed foods. The fiber in fruit and vegetables also absorbs the sugars slowly so you don’t get a “sugar rush“.

3. Drink lots of fluid. I suggest pure drinking water, fruit juice, or warm herbal tea. Avoid artificial sweeteners as they can backfire and cause even more intense cravings for sweets.

4. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, and beans are sugar busters that can do wonders. They slowly break down into blood sugar, help maintain a steady level of your blood sugar, and prevent sugar craving.

5. If you are on a diet and yet find yourself heading for the refrigerator and shelves too often, get rid of all the cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc. in there. Don’t put yourself in places of temptation!

6. If your brain is screaming out loud for that chocolate cake or gelato ice-cream from your favorite shop after a meal, tell yourself that your body doesn’t need another 500 calories. Develop a respect for your body. But if you must eat it, consider savoring very slowly just a tiny portion of the cake or a tablespoon of the ice-cream, this will satiate your raging sweet tooth.

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