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I use honey in many different ways. As a sweetener for my tea, a replacement for maple syrup on my waffles and pancakes, in my apple pie in stead of using all that cane sugar. I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to use it topically in a face mask or body scrub but have wanted to do so. I like looking for locally produced honey and if possible to buy it organic, which is the way I believe it should be enjoyed.

Tiffany Hoagland, United States
29 Dec 2009

the benefits of honey 2009 postings

I truthfully do not like the taste very much. However, honey has helped me with my acne so much. My skin and pores look amazing! I also use it for eczema and it is wonderful. Honey is like magic or something. I I use a honey mask on my face every night.

Graham, United States
22 Dec 2009

We use a lot of Honey where I come from – Jordan – and I use it a lot in winter by adding it to a thyme milk infusion or ginger milk infusion as it warms the heart and gives a really good feeling.

I drink it first thing in the morning with lemon to cleanse my body especially the liver. I don’t have articles to support this but that’s what I’ve heard.

And YES try it on your body and you would feel amazing.

Mutaz, Jordan
21 Dec 2009

I use it with cinnamon powder. Also with Triphala. It is good for eliminating cough.

Sherry Philip, India
20 Dec 2009

Thank you for this lovely site! It is so user-friendly.

My husband does bee-keeping for a hobby, and I am usually there to help uncap and extract the honey. The best tasting honey is truly comb honey!

Yes, swallowing the wax helps digestion.

I did not find a lot of information about wax and propolis on the site. I believe that one reason why raw honey is so beneficial is that it contains traces of both.

Propolis is the black waxy stuff that bees make to safeguard their nests against fungi and diseases. There are usually strips of propolis on the frames and inside the hive. We make a propolis extraction ourselves, and use it to treat colds, warts, oral thrush etc.

Another honey fact is that local raw honey contains pollen from that area, and is helpful in desensitizing allergy patients. In other words, because you get in small amounts of pollen via the honey, your body doesn’t react so drastically when encountering airborne pollen.

Do you know that when we uncap our honey, the honey from different frames taste different, and vary in color? It’s fascinating. Also the honey we extract after the aloe season is darker than the honey from the acacia season! Yummy!

Gretel, Namibia
19 Dec 2009

I am NOT a honey fan. I never have been! But I was sent a link to this site in an email. Being curious and always looking for money saving ideas, I clicked. Well, this could be a cheap thing to try. At first I tried it when I felt sick, being a huge sceptic, I knew it wouldn’t work. but I sure did seem to get over my cold faster… nah… that’s in my head… but it was enough to leave some curiosity.

The next time I felt a cold coming on I took the Honey and Cinnamon and went to bed. I woke up the next day feeling perfectly fine. I still hate honey. I gag on it every time I eat the stuff… but ya know what? I haven’t had an antibiotic in a year. That’s unheard of for me. I get sinus stuff with all of the weather changes… and i live in Nebraska so it changes daily! I’m hooked.

Sarah, United States
14 Dec 2009

When I eat honey, I usually mix it with hot water to make a sort of honey tea. It just takes about two spoonful of honey (you usually want it to at least cover the whole bottom of your cup) or you could just adjust according to taste. I take this especially in the winter time due to the cold and flu season because it soothes the throat.

I didn’t realize this until I read all of the the other entries but I’ve recently been drinking this honey tea everyday just when doing my homework, and I’ve been less stressed and my acne has gotten a lot better. I just realized that my face is a lot smoother than it usually is. It’s also very interesting reading the other entries.. like the one where you bathe yourself in honey and use it as a body wash. Maybe I’ll try it one day, but doesn’t it feel weird? i love the taste of honey, but I’m not a big fan of the feel of it, especially all over my body, but if it will help my skin why not?

Hannah, United States
14 Dec 2009

Someone sent a list of benefits of honey. I bought some at the grocery store. I drink a lot of coffee and decided to try honey rather than sugar. To my delight it tasted wonderful. I noticed that the pain from arthritis in my hands was gone shortly thereafter. I had heard that local honey was more beneficial so I bought honey from local bee keepers. It has helped aches and pains and I feel so much better. Get the word out.

Mary, United States
13 Dec 2009

I’ve always taken orange juice with honey because I’m a singer, and it keeps my throat ready for the concert. But only recently I’ve started to use honey – simple, normal honey, not cosmetic products based on it – as a body wash. I apply it from head to toe, hair and lips included. Then, I leave it or a couple of minutes, and then rinse.

Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. My acne has gotten better, my skin glows, everybody asks me what’s my secret, why do I have such beautiful skin lately and why do I smell so nice. The oily parts of my skin aren’t oily anymore and the dry parts aren’t dry anymore, and my hair and lips are wonderful now. I also feel fresh and revitalized. I’ll keep on reading about the benefits and using it for my health.

I completely recommend using honey (when you’re wet it’s much easier to apply)everyday as a body wash an making it part of your daily routine. It’s simply amazing.

Lucia Pacheco, Colombia
13 Dec 2009

I have always known how good honey is for almost everything. I eat honey every day on toast instead of jelly, and I love it. And so do my children.

When I got married, I got confused by my husband who tells me that honey is sweet (this is the only category he puts honey in) and is not better than sugar. I kept contradicting him and eventually I tried to find help for my arguments online. So I am very happy for finding this website (and a lot more) that prove that I am right and add to my knowledge about the benefits of honey.

Unfortunately my husband is not the only American who has this wrong idea about honey. I come from Europe and it seems that there people are more open to these natural things that are good for you. Here in US everybody is just blinded only by what the doctors recommend you, and nothing more, they forget that for thousands years people have used other remedies too, and many of them are still the same today and available for us. I am not against doctors!!! but I wish they would be more willing to accept natural things too.

Ivona, United States
30 Nov 2009

I am health conscious person, so I use honey to keep fit. My grandmother uses it while taking medicine. Sometimes I take it mixed with milk.

mks darling, India
26 Nov 2009

One of the biggest reasons I like honey is mostly for its flavor. I like using fresh local honey for mostly BBQing, especially on pork. For BBQing beef, a decent brandy and honey makes a good mixture.

But besides using in various different food recipes, I have traveled to a lot of locations in the USA, and have found localized honey has great benefits with my seasonal allergies. Spring and fall times are very harsh on me with all the pollens flying in the wind. If I eat local honey during those times, my allergies are quite at the minimum, and hardly any need for antihistamines.

Gator Lee, United States
25 Nov 2009

I really loved honey, I rub honey with my toast every morning, before going to bed I drink honey with my herbal tea, it is magical when you wake up in the morning, now my husband is drinking the honey lemon, for his weight.

Thank you God for His creation.

Janet Kalpukai, Vanuatu
18 Nov 2009

My father was so convinced by a book called “Bees don’t get arthritis” that we practiced a great number of the things that were recommended in that book. Within a year he had 2-4 beehives of his own (a shop friend at the public school had his boys make the supers if they didn’t know what project they wanted to do) and had a Mennonite neighbor help with learning the art. The Mennonite needed a place more than two miles from his house and we fit the bill!

I have had several serious burns and have seen a few amongst my children. Even when a blister was already forming the raw honey completely took away the pain and the mark, redness, etc. The only mark left was missing callous on the palm of my hand when I helped my brother with a brazing project. I jumped to get the “just under red hot” piece of brazing rod and, of course, grabbed the hot end.

Fifteen minutes of holding raw honey in my hand and all pain and redness was gone!

We know of many stories like this, too

Mary Fifer, United States
15 Nov 2009

I was too slim, people were laughing at me. Someone told me to use royal jelly. I use royal jelly and now I have gained weight of 8 kg.

Wali, Pakistan
15 Nov 2009

honey dipper image

I have started taking a tablespoon before I workout, and find that I have a lot more energy! Also, I try to remember to always take a spoonful of honey before I go to bed. Not only do I sleep great, but there is NO muscle soreness after a really intense weight workout!! Before, I would wake up with muscle soreness!

Robin, United States
9 Nov 2009

My niece had a prick with a pin when she went to school. This caused swelling in around her womb. We smeared pure honey to the area swollen and hardened overnight. The next morning the area had soften, swelling gone, pain reduced only water was coming from the point where the pin prick her. It is a amazing how honey works.

Linda Sedor, Ghana
4 Nov 2009

I first started using organic honey and acv for acid reflux and it worked great. I am now tryin taking a teaspoon at bedtime to help lose weight as the honey absorbs in your body and does not raise your blood sugar and is a good source for energy.

I am now wanting to try cooking with it to see how it works.

Helen Massey, United States
2 Nov 2009

I have always thought that honey’s magical benefits are rumors until I experienced them myself. since teenage, i have had some unsightly acne scars on my face. I recently started using honey as a mask for 20 minutes after which wash my face with warm water. It is only a week now and it is working magic. Thanks to God for all this wisdom.

Jimmy, Kenya
2 Nov 2009

I’ve known the benefit of honey since I was a little girl because my mother used to to make sure that before we take anything in the morning we must first lick honey. In my teenager years, I made facial remedy for myself, then I didn’t even know my skin type. I used honey with banana, avocado pear, egg yolk. After mixing, I rub it on my face then wash later, there’s another one, if I have a party, very early in the morning I mix pure honey with egg yolk then leave it on for forty five minute, after that I’ll wash it off with warm water. My face is like baby’s skin.

Oluwakemi Busari, Nigeria
26 Oct 2009

When I get a cut or wound, I mix honey with powdered (dry) comfrey root and apply with a covering. By the next day it is usually half healed, and never gets infected.

Lisa Shock, United States
21 Oct 2009

I am a person usually affected with hemorrhoid’s, but this tends to vanish when I strictly adhere to sweetening my food with honey instead of sugar. I use honey in my oats, tea and all foods that require sweeteners.

Ghaniyah Olabooye, Nigeria
14 Oct 2009

Two or may be more benefits I experienced. I am asthmatic though now it’s a lot better but had to take inhaler for last may be more than 12yrs. I am on homeo med and unable to stop inhaler use especially in the morning. For the past few months occasionally I get stomach burning like severe pain which actually worsened on allopathic medicine and was relieved on a slow pace on homeo med. 

But once during a weekend I suddenly had this stomach pain and I could not see my doc so I searched net for home remedies. Its like this: black tea mixed with lemon and honey. I just took one dose and my pain just dwindled immediately. Then I took the same 3 or 4 times more but the biggest surprise I got the next day morning when I didn’t wake up with a wheezing and no feeling of heaviness of body.

It is truly a wonder drug!!

Colos, India
12 Oct 2009

I use honey mixed with egg to make a face mask. I leave it on for 2 to 5 min before I wash it off. Most people who don’t know me personally have commented that I look younger than my age. Thanks to the home made face mask made from honey.

Aea Evara, Papua New Guinea
10 Oct 2009

I use honey mostly during cold & flu season. When I use honey at the first sign of a sore throat, it soothes my throat and the soreness is gone completely shortly thereafter.

Ann Ruffin, United States
4 Oct 2009

After reading about the [aesthetic and health] benefits of washing one’s face and neck with honey and water, I decided to try this out for myself, and discovered a healthy glow. It’s also helped to keep my face clean (even if I hadn’t showered for a couple of days). Being High-school aged it is nice if a girl has honey on hand! 🙂 Beside that, honey is great for washing the dishes, it cleans them effectively, is safe for the environment, excellent for softening the skin, and will literally make your dishes shine. Thank God (and the bees) for honey!

Belle, United States
28 Sep 2009

Many years ago a Vet told me to give my dogs honey in their water for upset stomach and believe me it works.

Nancy Kresge, United States
28 Sep 2009

I have used honey and lemon juice for the last year and it is awesome what it does for my body. I use 12 to 16 oz of warm alkaline water with two tbsp of raw honey and two tbsp of organic lemon juice every morning when I get up and every evening before I go to bed. My skin, hair and nails have improved tremendously. I use to suffer with aches and pains in my body, but since using this tonic I have very few pains if any at all. 

I thank God for giving me the wisdom and knowledge to read His Word and other information He has provided through others. I share my testimonies with whoever will listen and want better health. God Bless

Charlesetta B. Jones, United States
26 Sep 2009

PEPTIC ULCER/HEARTBURN. I have suffered with ulcers and terrible heartburn for 20 years. Have had several Escopes with same result. Dr. puts me on antibiotics and Prilosec/Nexium. Then I read about Manuka Honey. Started taking a tsp. honey on a tiny piece of bread 3X a day, 5 days ago. I can only say I am AMAZED. 

The horrible pain whenever I eat anything from Ulcer is barely noticeable, heartburn is gone. I noticed a difference the 1st day. And just 5 days later I feel better than I have in 20 yrs. I sleep now thru the night w/o any pain. Will continue to do this. Also added cinnamon to honey water mix last night before bed. Slept like a baby. SIMPLY AMAZING.

Julie B., United States
23 Sep 2009

Increase Appetite. A paste of honey, zeera (cumin powder) and ajwain powder (bishop’s weed) taken regularly increases the child’s appetite.

Mageswari Magesh, Qatar
15 Sep 2009

My wife has consistently used a mixture of honey and lime juice as a remedy for colds in our 2 kids and it always works. As a result of this and many more benefits we have gone ahead to replace white sugar with honey in our diet.

Francis Agbo, Nigeria
14 Sep 2009

My servant was having cough for almost a month, we had taken him to doctor who prescribed him very high antibiotics, which he took for four days. Since there was no improvement, somebody suggested to search in internet for home remedies. There I read that if honey mixed with black pepper is taken 2/3 times a day, cough will go. Surprisingly we started giving him honey mixed with black pepper, his cough has cured completely in 5 days.

Shiva Bakhshi, India
4 Sep 2009

The main thing I have done with honey so far and seen a profound difference in my life is taking honey in my herbal tea every morning 30 mins before breakfast and the last thing at night before going to sleep. I have lose a about 3kg in a month and this was done by reducing food intake during the day and not completely cutting out. I also take a lot of lemon juice too. I am impressed with the results so far and intend to follow up with exercises to reach my desired weight.

Pamela Fangyong, Cameroon
21 Aug 2009

These days we use honey & cinnamon mixture as a weight loss program. It is through this website, that I came to know the correct usage of the same. Thanks a lot.

Also, since our childhood in most of the Indian homes, grannies give their kiddos a spoon full of honey mixed with ginger juice to cure their sore throat and cough problems. It has always worked.

And above all, I just love the taste of honey.

Dalpreet Singh, India
17 Aug 2009

I had some dots im my eyes for some years now, but since i started using honey with cinammon every night, the dots cleared after three days.

Blessing, Nigeria
1 Aug 2009

I decided to eliminate all artificial sweeteners from my diet so have been using honey in my coffee for about a year… has reduced any aches or pains I had before….joint pains mostly. It is truly amazing. I take it daily.

Mimi, United States
13 July 2009

I have recently started having Black tea water with Honey and cinnamon powder. It’s too soon for a result based opinion, but I do feel energized and more focused at work and otherwise. I hope to use it for the medicinal values and hope to benefit in weight loss as well, hopefully.

V. S., Kenya
15 July 2009

I agree with the benefits of honey. I have been taking honey for more than a year, in the morning 2 spoons of honey with a glass of water 30 minutes before my daily routine. And when I have any stomach problems i.e. acidity, burning, I take 1 glass of cold milk with 2 spoons of honey.

Rajesh Thanua, India
23 June 2009

Honey is used as a remedy to soothe sore throat due to coughs and colds. It is mixed with lemon and heated slightly then swallowed to ease an irritated throat.

Renee Tucker, Bahamas
4 June 2009

While I was curling my hair, I accidentally burned my face with the curling iron while trying to answer the phone. I immediately ran downstairs to get an ice cube to calm the burning. Once I arrived to my class, I noticed it was turning brown. i cried. it was hideous. i am in high school so image is everything. i am the type of girl that never has anything on her face, with perfect hair.

Once this happened, EVERYONE NOTICED! and asked me what happened. I spoke to my cousin and she told me to apply honey on it but I didn’t believe her. How was honey going to help? don’t you eat honey? um, I got home and applied natural honey from a bee farm in Mexico and placed gauze on it overnight. The next morning, I took off the gauze. I washed my face with soap and water and the scab fell off on its own while I was rinsing my face.

With such excitement, I immediately called my cousin and thanked her because her advice worked! It was a light pink color and I kept using the honey for about 3 days. By Friday, IT WAS GONE!! NO JOKE!! NO SCARS!! looks as if nothing happened. If you are skeptical, give it a try. It’s cheap and won’t give you side effects like other meds! It also works to prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. It fades any skin discoloration. GIVE IT A TRY!

Maria San Juana, United States
27 May 2009

A doctor used it for the curing of my wounds last year and since then I have not seen the mark of the wound. And also it is so sweet.

Henry Asare-Bediakoh, Ghana
23 May 2009

Apply some honey on your lips at night before you sleep to have this fabulous pink lips! My friends recommended this to me because my lips are always chapped and pale.

Nur, Malaysia
24 May 2009

I have always loved honey, but in honesty if maple syrup was an option, I usually chose maple syrup. After a trip to the mountains in Panama, I passed an organic honey farm and tasted a sample of thick, dark colored honey. I began using honey on everything I ate, on meats, in sandwiches, salad dressings, pancakes, oatmeal, and the list goes on! I bought a few liters and brought it back home to Canada. And have hardly touched maple syrup since.

Jess Leduc, Canada
11 May 2009

I have been suffering bladder infections for donkey years. Last night from the internet I followed a recipe for bladder infections with 1 tsp. Honey to 2 tbls. cinnamon. Two tablespoons of cinnamon is far too much (almost undrinkable) but I swallowed it. I have just arisen and the infection is gone. The honey is ANY honey bought from a local supermarket. When I can afford it, I will search for pure honey.

Maureen Dambach, Switzerland
25 April 2009

I use honey on the wound when you have burned your skin with hot water, or even with hot oil (not severe burns) it will cool the skin much faster and it will heal more neatly. I also use honey on scrape wounds: it disinfects and softens the pain. The wound heals fast and nicely.

Melene Rodriguez-Kook, Netherlands Antilles
12 April 2009

I started using honey a while ago due to the fact that many major health disorders run in my family. I also started using honey because I discovered that it is better than sugar and I’m also trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I would like to be around for my family and I have also try to teach them the things that I have learned.

The one thing that I try to do faithfully is the honey and lemon in the morning before I eat. I also put honey in my herbal tea and mix honey with peanut butter and put that on toast instead of butter. Since I have made those simple changes in my diet, I have lose some extra weight and I have more energy to do more things, like walking for two hours without stopping to catch my breath. I also use honey in some recipes when I cook. I find that it give chicken a different kind of flavor which my family enjoys.

Yvette Fields, United States
9 April 2009

I use honey on my burns, and within minutes the pain is taken away…and it speeds up the healing process.

Shilan, United States
16 Mar 2009

In 1983, having read that honey will not only dissolve warts but kill the wart virus, I decided to give it a try. Every time my children visited their father, they would come back with warts as he is a wart virus carrier. I applied the honey and put a bandaid on the wart(s). Some of the warts took up to two (2) weeks to completely dissolve, but I was diligent because I could see a difference in the texture of the wart. Once the warts were gone, my children never had another wart, even after visiting their father.

I told a friend about the honey-wart cure. She was on the way to taking her son to the doctor to have numerous seed warts burned off her son’s knee. She applied the honey, wrapped the knee with gauze. About a half hour later, her son took a shower in preparation of his doctor’s visit. The warts all washed off in the shower. The doctor’s visit was cancelled.

In 2003, one day when taking bread out of the oven, the pan slipped and landed on my left wrist. Upon peeling the pan from my wrist, I noticed I had first and second degree burns. Well, this was the time to test what I’d read about honey and burns. Immediately upon applying the honey, the pain stopped. With honey applied to my wrist, I wrapped the wrist with gauze. A week later there was no evidence of any kind of burn.

For those who will take my “honey on burns” advice, they are so surprised that the pain of the burn stops instantly.

In 2006, I worked at a restaurant. One day, an about 9-year-old boy had hot hot soup spilled accidently on him by his you younger sister. The manager applied ice to the burn for maybe as long as 20 minutes. I with my honey experience asked, “Do you have any honey?” Boy, did I get a lecture because of that.

The manager told me she had first aid training and therefore she knew more than I. No, all she knew was “witch doctor” medicine. It really hurt my heart to hear the young man’s screams when I knew the pain would disappear instantly with the application of honey. And any honey at that. Just get honey on it – period.

Barbara Michaels, United States
10 Mar 2009

I put 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of pumpkin in my instant oatmeal every morning. And believe me I can really tell the difference in my energy if I don’t put honey in my oatmeal!!! I also have put it in cakes, protein bars and my honey pecan pie is out of this world good. Also my husband and son put it in their coffee every morning. And I just love the honey face wash recipe I got from the honey web site. All i got to say is honey is great in my book!

Jenny Farris, United States
9 Mar 2009

Since having a stroke in early 2006, I have been using honey as a supplement to my diet. I also have been using it with my medications. I have lost about 12 lbs in the past 4 months using the honey and lemon fasting diet (only 1 day a week).

James Kielma, United States
9 Mar 2009

I use honey for tea, coffee and pancakes. I do not use sugar. Honey is good for people who are obese and having difficulty to sleep. Honey gives me energy. I am mother of three kids and work full-time job. In the last three years that I used honey, I never had infection colds or sore throat. I also give honey to my kids. Honey cures disease like medicine. I believe honey works for everyone.

Anisa Ahmed, United States
27 Feb 2009

I regularly use honey as it has medicinal value. It cures many illness and maintain the whole body healthier. It reduces fats and improves my skin. Every morning, I mix honey with carrot juice to make my eyesight stronger. Honey and lemon is also good for those who wish to reduce weight as well as for maintaining good health.

Rafeek, India
24 Dec 2008

The single most important topic for me would be the anabolic properties of honey. Raw honey seems to help me maintain muscle, have less fatigue, and tolerate cold better. These things are all related to a more anabolic condition in the body.

George, United States
10 Dec 2008

Sugar hurts my teeth so I have been enjoying using honey as its replacement since ’91. When we arrived in Bulgaria I tried acacia honey I liked it very much. I have read your information about acacia and now I like it even more! Thanks!

Mikyong, Bulgaria
18 Mar 2008

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