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The Benefits of Honey 2010 Postings 

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I started to adore coffees after I entered university. I started to try adding honey in my daily drinks when my friend told me that honey can be substituted by sugar in coffees. Since then I tried putting honey in my morning coffee, i found that the taste was so much greater than just white or brown sugar!

the benefits of honey 2010 postings

Later on I realized that my problem of constipation had actually improved a lot since I started consuming honey! I got my bowel movements on the regular basis (mid mornings). From my experiences of consuming honey, I can honestly say to others that honey had contributed a positive impact in my life and my well being! Not only the fact that I love the taste of honey but also it creates a powerful boost in me on a go-go-go work day!

Fiona, Canada
28 Dec 2010

I started taking honey sold by a local bee keeper from the wild flower fields. They said it would be good for my nasal allergies. I didn’t realize how good it was! After about two weeks I noticed that I could wake up in the morning and breathe normally.

It was an awesome feeling since I have dealt with this problem for 20 years. I also noticed recently that I have lost some weight without even trying. I tell everyone of the benefits of honey.

Isabel Benitez, United States
21 Dec 2010

My son was coughing so badly I took two teaspoons of honey and mixed it with hot water, he drank the mixture and few minutes later he fell asleep and repeated the mixture and he was fine.

During winter I like giving kids that mixture so as to avoid flu, it works like a charm.

Mirriam Mafuna, South Africa
12 Dec 2010

My kid is a 4 year old boy. When there is any symptom of fever or cough, I give him honey with pepper powder. It is effective and usually I don’t give him any other antibiotics.

Sajna Anwar, United Arab Emirates

9 Dec 2010

When I was a teenager I kept bees. I had 60 hives and sold all of my honey at our u-pick fruit farm. Now I use honey in many of my recipes and find that they taste better, are more filling, and keeps me feeling full longer. My favorite is home made granola with honey. Yum!!

Steve, United States
2 Dec 2010

I like the taste the honey when adding to plain yogurt together with blueberry. I also eat the sliced bread with honey. Eating with honey makes me feel more full for a longer time.

Myung Lee, United States
22 Nov 2010

I use local honey at diet against pollenosis. One spoon of honey from autumn to spring is enough to get obtundation in the next season.

It’s easy, natural and also sweeter than medicine.

Herbert Schumann, Germany
21 Nov 2010

I’ve started using honey for my daily intake since august 2010. I’ve taken it with warm water and drink it every morning. My husband noticed that I don’t have colds in the morning very often now.

Aniza Isahak, Malaysia
18 Nov 2010

Hi; I’m a honey consumer since I was a child and now my family and me consume honey on regular basis, I use pure honey (known source) and it is quite pricey as you mentioned but the taste is completely worth it, I use it for its medicinal value and as dietary supplement. Love it.

Nabeel Assudmi, Saudi Arabia
7 Nov 2010

I was suffering from high blood pressure and used medicine prescribed by a physician. It was never stable until I tried a two spoons of honey dissolved in a glass of water every morning since 2 years. Since that time I disregarded the medicine and the blood pressure remains constant.

Mohamed Nawar, Egypt
5 Nov 2010

5 years ago I was poisoned by carbon monoxide. I am 71 years old and should have died. I had 31 % oxygen when I was admitted into emergency. I have lots of brain damage but despite this have been doing well. The reason is that honey helps to protect the brain. More precisely, it has been discovered that Royal Jelly helps to protect the multiples of “Glial Cells” in the brain. I am dedicated to saving the Honey Bee for saving my life. 

I hope whoever reads this will remember that without this little defenseless creature, none can survive. You can help insure their survival by not using Any pesticides. Even the so called “organic” pesticides are toxic to the honey bee. There are hundreds of these toxic formulas out there. GOD SAVE THE BEES AND MANKIND BY GIVING US THE COURAGE TO BE THEIR PROTECTORS.

Pamela, United States
3 Nov 2010

A co-worker sold me a jar of raw honey about a month ago, I started taking a mixture of honey and cinnamon every morning. 1st week I noticed a little added energy. 2nd week, more energy and some of my aches seemed to be better, so I bought another jar and kept it in my truck, everyday at lunch I started taking a table spoon and also took one before going to bed, after 6 weeks now, taking honey 3 times daily, mixed with cinnamon in the morning, all I can say is WOW!!!! 

I’m 50 years old and I’m working like I was twenty again, after 4 heart attacks, I thought life was headed down hill for me, I thought wrong, what has happened to me in the last 6 weeks is unbelievable!!! I WILL HAVE BEE HIVES IN MY BACKYARD NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!

Art, United States
31 Oct 2010

Honey gives me extra energy I need.

Anthony, United States
22 Oct 2010

Do any of you remember Linda Evans? The actress from “Dynasty”? When I was a child she published a beauty book which my best friend purchased. In it she had the secret to beautiful skin. She applies honey to her skin and then gently dabs it with fingertips all over the face. It is very sticky so you have to do it gently. Push it into the skin and then pull out gently. This cleans and removes dirt deep inside pores. It also moisturizes the skin. Then just rinse with warm water.

Thank you Linda Evans. I stopped using face washes and it started me on a lifelong quest for natural beauty products.

I also use honey as a remedy when I have the flu. One tablespoon of Tasmanian honey with a few drops of oil of oregano mixed into it. Followed by a warm comforting drink such as a nice fresh loose leaf jasmine tea.

Helen, Canada
19 Oct 2010

Instead of pancake syrup try olive oil and honey and see how healthy you feel after a few weeks. You can also dissolve 2 table spoons of honey into a big glass of water and drink it half an hour before your breakfast. This will give you the energy you never experienced before.

Khalifa Elmighri, Libya
16 Oct 2010

I use a facial scrub that I order from and it is a cherry and honey mixture. It makes my skin feel so much more clean and soft than before it was used. It is in the brand of ‘100% Pure’ and is great. I also have ragweed allergy and do use ‘pure honey’ made by a local beekeeper and find that it helps.

Kelly Tagge, United States
14 Oct 2010

I regularly use honey as an ointment for skin abrasions, cuts. The honey keeps the wound moist and prevents infection for a rapid healing process – much faster than anti-bacterial ointments.

There was a book published in Russian titles `The Winged Pharmacists` which is an interesting reading.

Norman, Canada
7 Oct 2010

This is my story about honey. First of all, honestly I really don’t like and don’t care about honey because for me it is too sweet and I cant even taste the honey at all.

However, 6yrs ago during my further study at university, I taken public speaking as a major course to complete my degree. In this subject, we must do a presentation to persuade people to do or buy something. After tiring and confusing to find the best topic to persuade people, finally I chose a very simple topic; Honey & the benefits which I never thought that this topic will change everything in my life.

During my research about honey, i found many interested facts including history, types of honey, nutrition facts & most important thing is the benefits of Honey which i cant believe that with honey we can make & prepare our own remedy at home to which can cure many major disease.

Started from that, honey is must in my house and i can use honey as a food, skin remedy and as a traditional medicine.

Mizz Rina, Malaysia
4 Oct 2010

Honey is my favorite. I used to steal from bottles when I was a child. But while going thru the website, got to know the best uses of honey and its value for human beings.

Reena P, India
4 Oct 2010

After mowing my lawn I accidently touch the hot part of the machine on my wrist got a burn….after the blister popped it didn’t seem to be healing applying antibiotic ointment and it seemed like it was getting infected and I remember reading somewhere about honey and its healing properties so I put a dab of it on the burn and in a few days it healed quickly and there’s no scar left!

Mary, United States
1 Oct 2010

When I cough, I eat a teaspoon of honey. Not only does it help for the cough but it also helps for my sore throat. The more I read about honey, the more I love it.

Jana van der Vyver, South Africa
30 Sep 2010

I was always constipated and I read about hone and apple cider on Ageless website that it’s good for detoxing and today is my second day drinking 1 liter a day of the combination and I’m telling you when I woke up in the morning my first thing was to relieve myself and again today and I’m not gonna stop it ever again.

Nomvula Nkosi, South Africa
28 Sep 2010

I drink apple cider vinegar with honey to loose 2 – 3 kg per week!!

Stephan Jordaan, South Africa
25 Sep 2010

I have been recently starting buying Cloverleaf honey at a farmer`s market and eating the honeycomb. I want to eat more and use this in beverages, baking, salad dressings and more. I will be baking a lot with honey this Winter.

Christine Vivaldo, Canada
24 Sep 2010

I use honey in my tea when I have a cold or flu (which I seem to pick up all the time), it helps my body get through the cold quicker & somehow helps with the stuffy feeling. It’s great !

Dianne Rutkowski, Australia
13 Sep 2010

As a graduate of Culinary Arts, I also belong to “Foodie” book club at our city library. This month our book to read is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Each month we have a different book and we each bring a recipe from the book we are reading or one of our own. I am making Honey-Jalepeno Chicken with Sesame Soba Noodles.

I have for several years used honey as a replacement for sugar when ever possible. I have always used honey in my tea, as my grandmother did. We are lucky to have local bee keepers in our community, so we can try different flavors. There is a farmers market each week in our city where there a several bee keepers that sell their products in several different forms. I really just enjoy the clean, natural, healthy benefits of honey, and will continue to search out new ways to use honey. Thank you, Sheri

Sheri Fifield-Maahs, United States
9 Sep 2010

I cook it for about 10 minutes with peanut butter and almond butter mixed in, then I mix in peanuts, almonds and sea salt, and roll out to a pan, and cut it into bars the following day.

I think honey is truly one of the superfoods and I’d like to learn where else I can use it. Thanks!

Helder Lopes, Canada
8 Sep 2010

Fort Collins, CO we have a great local honey store called Copoco’s Honey. Since taking 3 table spoons of honey throughout the day my seasonal allergies have been reduced! The addition of local honey to my diet has been the only change! Honey gives Chi Tea the best flavor. I also love to put it in baked goods to keep them moist.

As I LOVE sweets baking with honey has been a god send since I try to bake as organic as possible and most white sugar is processed from genetically modified sugar beets.

Aubrey Rogers, United States
6 Sep 2010

Hello- I just discovered this site and feel that i must share my story. I am now 28 years old, and for the past 5 years have had Rosacea which has gotten progressively worse. I have had Intense Pulse Light treatments to reduce redness, have changed my diet, and tried all kinds of natural skin products.

But nothing helped until recently, when I read about using a mask of raw honey mixed with a small amount of spring water, every other night. I have been doing this for only about 2 weeks and the results are amazing!

The source of the info said to leave it on for 3 hours, but I have been leaving it on all night, and afterwards my face looks dewy and completely healthy!(The stickiness is worth it.)

I have been using jojoba oil as a waterless cleanser and makeup remover, and now have discovered that mixing a drop of honey in jojoba oil makes the best moisturizer I have ever tried. So I use that during the day, and my skin is never irritated like it used to be. The redness is barely there and the texture is no longer scaly and rough.

I have loved honey and bees my whole life, I used to pick bees up and let them crawl on my hands. Now a condition I have had for 5 years is well on its way to being cured thanks to these beautiful animals!

Billie, United States
2 Sep 2010

My Mom never lets me out of the house in morning before having the spoon of honey the morning! recently I started taking two teaspoons of honey with warm water trying to gain weight and feel healthier! I read your comments about having it as a mask on my skin, I’ll try it.. Thanks.

Sanaa, Kuwait
29 Aug 2010

I had a kitten with that always had her tongue sticking out. Took her to the vet and it was because of mouth ulcers. Vet gave us 2 kinds of medicine incase one didn’t work try the other. Neither one worked so for a couple of years the cat’s tongue was always out and she used to drool.

One day i read about honey and it said it was good for stomach ulcers so i took a bit on a spoon and put it in the cat’s mouth hoping it would help the mouth ulcers. The very next day her tongue was in her mouth and never came back out except to lap milk or water. Now that was fast. True story. WOW…

Eddie, Canada
29 Aug 2010

I have just started using honey and am looking for ideas. I switched from sugar to honey in my coffee and love it.

Sue PITTMAN, United States
29 Aug 2010

I have experienced improvement in athletic performance , pulmonary clarity, pain recovery, and general energy increases by changing from processed sugar to exclusive honey use.

My lungs stay completely clear after strenuous mountaineering, my energy level has doubled, and my immunity system is so strong ,it is amazing. I use all different varieties of honey, aloe vera, and cactus fruit along with lime , lemon, and berries in a smoothie.

Martin, United States
24 Aug 2010


24 Aug 2010

First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful website, packed with important information on honey.

I use honey as my 1st-choice-sweetener. I take 1-2 spoons pure honey in the morning and before going to bed. It’s just amazing. For me, eating honey is eating energy, life…I feel it the moment I put in my mouth.

I sleep better, my concentration increased, I get energized in the morning, I eat less sweets. When I get a cold, honey with fresh garlic is my medicine. (1 tbsp honey with 1 small garlic glove – three times a day). Or I make my own garlicked honey. Just peel garlic, put it in a jar and add honey. Set in a warm window for 2 weeks. When the garlic has turned opaque the garlicked honey is ready for use. When I prepare my favorite meal (chicken or prawns with a variety of vegetables and brown rice) I spice it up with that garlicked honey and some fresh ginger. Honey makes me happy!

I also use it for beauty purposes (for a face mask I mix 2 tbsp of honey and 3 tbsp of curd cheese), the effect is just amazing, I feel and look fresh. I turn 40 in 3 months, people never believe me when I reveal my age, they think I am much younger. I believe this is a result of my honey consumption, my choice of nutritious foods, fresh air and plenty of relaxation. From time to time I detox with Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey.

A friend of mine had a very bad cough for weeks, I told him to drink his tea with linden honey instead of sugar. The cough was gone in a couple of days.

My favorite honeys are acacia (mostly purchased with honeycomb – just yummy), linden and forest honey. I will try manuka next.

I have read once that when the bees disappear, life on earth will end.

I always enjoy watching bees. Beautiful creatures!

Tine, Germany
23 Aug 2010

I mix olive oil and honey and after taking a shower I rub it all over my body from head to toe leave it on for ten or fifteen mins and than shower it off. Try it you will like it.

Abdur-Rahim, United States
23 Aug 2010

We at home always use Honey as a regular diet. Including my 7 year daughter who is taking her milk with Honey & not sugar. Since her childhood (when she was born) she has been taking Honey & her remembering power is very strong. I feel it’s only because of Honey. Now my mother is also trying this for Cholesterol control.

Pramod N Borse, India
23 Aug 2010

11 years ago I was stung on my right breast by a bee, 2 days later I found a lump, thinking it was a bee sting I went to the doctors and I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the bee had found this for me. I will never kill a bee again, and I now take honey regularly to help my body.

Jane, Greece
21 Aug 2010

I am a huge fan of manuka honey for health. I also use honey in facial scrubs etc. I am currently working on a bee festival in England to highlight the plight of the bees. I was using your site for information.

Alison St Pierre, United Kingdom
10 Aug 2010

Just to respond and add on to your recent write up on “Honey isn’t just sugar”. I am a diabetic and have been taking honey for the past 2 years. I decided to taking honey after reading articles in your website. After 2 years of consuming honey (Really raw and Manuka active 20) my sugar level have been constant never exceeding 7.3.

In fact the latest reading during my medical checkup was 6.7. Further my cholesterol level has also fallen from 3+ to 1.5 during the last medical checkup. Obviously honey has done a lot of good to me. I would recommend that those who w ant to try taking honey should go for Really Raw or Manuka active 15 or 20. They are expensive but you will get the benefit. Don’t go for the cheap ones.

Zynal, Singapore
9 Aug 2010

I drink 3 cups a day of vinegar and honey to help eliminate acid reflux. It works.

Mix 2 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of hot water and add honey to taste.

Carol Ashford, United States
6 Aug 2010

I got a problem with my eldest son for he’s a meat eating kid and he’s too weak but when I tried out to change our lifestyle to eating more fruits and vegetables yet I can’t force him I started with honey!.. fortunately my son now have a good taste of eating back fruits and veggies.. so very energetic and healthy is my family now..

Thanks to God!.. I and my Family love to eat this miraculous food especially my kids.. Glad to know of its benefits to our health on this page.. Thank you and more power!…

Sheryl T. Engles, Philippines
4 Aug 2010

We use honey in everything that we can since our daughter can not have anything cane or beet sugar.

Karen Schreck, United States
2 Aug 2010

Good afternoon. I use honey for insomnia – 1 teaspoon with a glass of warm water at night, and cook a delicious cake “Medovikov”

Natalia Chapkevich, Russia
1 Aug 2010

My mother used honey/lemon/warm water for a detoxing the impurities from the body. The honey give you the energy throughout the day, the lemon cleanses while stimulating the urinary tract.

I make a gallon of Chinese green tea in a cooking pot. I sweeten the tea with Blossom Honey along with fresh spearmint from my garden.


Patrick McBride, United States
1 Aug 2010

I use raw honey for my daughters allergies, help build up her immunity to allergens.

Laurie Low, United States
29 July 2010

Thanks, Ruth, for the good article on honey for diabetics.

Refusing to get diagnosed as a diabetic was a bold decision on my part and it may diminish the value of my story, but it certainly did not diminish the quality of my recovery!

As as lifelong user of honey, I obviously was not a typical case. In the absence of typical symptoms, I did not wish to participate in typical medicinal solutions.

What I did do was this:
== Cut out as many sources as possible of manufactured sweeteners.
== Use honey almost exclusively for sweetener.

It is pretty impossible to avoid all factory sweeteners and still participate in everyday life around me, but any measure that diminishes their use gives improved health.

Non dietary measures include being much more careful not to over extend myself work-wise, as this adrenaline driven activity was virtually dissolving my endocrine glands in particular, and the entire body in general.

These are things I have learned as a result of this two to three year journey:
== The importance of good restorative sleep and balancing up restful time with work and productive time.

== Manufactured or factory derived sweeteners mostly all stimulate excessive appetite, while honey normalizes appetite thus leading to less caloric overload.

== The improvement in mental acuity resulting from the improved sleep patterns and the ‘day of rest’ more than compensates for the hours of work time forfeited, through more intelligent and effective focus when I do work.

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to The Hibernation Diet, and later, The Honey Revolution, just as my personal crisis was presenting. The overall view of how my endocrine glands work to manage my bodily functions proved to be a major advantage for me in managing this period of diminished life energy.

I was able to understand what messages my body was trying to send me and also to understand what steps I could take to rectify my daily living patterns with a view to quitting those that were causing my decline and enhancing those that provided my body with conditions more suited to self healing.

I love my honey!

I love ‘Recovery Mode.’

John, Australia
26 July 2010

Hi!! I’ve just discovered this site and would love to share on how I use my honey:)

I use it for everything!! baking cakes! Banana Honey cake! Also every morning without fail I always eat porridge – with honey, sultanas, prunes, apples and a dash of cinnamon! Try it and guarantee you will look forward for tomorrow’s breakfast!! Also drinking warm milk with honey before bed, really help in getting a good night sleep!!

If you love tea, try making chai tea!! I put black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, fresh ginger and cloves (boil all of them). Then add milk (preferably full cream milk, to boost its taste – I was told by my Nepalese friend for the weight conscious you don’t have to worry about the fat content as you boiled the milk together with the black tea, the fat content will eventually evaporate… well I trust her šŸ™‚ And when they are about to boil, add honey for sweetener! Guarantee you will become an addict in NO TIME šŸ™‚

Yuliana Lays, Australia
25 July 2010

I use honey with other ingredient:

I used to drink a lot of hot water with honey and lemon during the day as a cleanser. Then I moved to Panama and forgotten about this until recently that we have moved to a house with a large garden and has a few lemon trees, therefore i started using the lemon and rediscovered honey again.

A friend told me to pick the lemon and soak them in a glass jar with Vinegar for many months, then whenever I get a cold or sore throat, scope a whole lemon out of the jar and liquidize it or (finely chop it but without the vinegar) with two or three teaspoon of honey and eat it is a good medicine. I must say it does work and it taste quite nice too.

I also have been using honey with Apple cider vinegar as a morning drink, it supposed to be good for you too.

I also put honey with my plain yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit for my breakfast, it is very tasty.

I have seen honey comb inside a jar with honey and did not know how to eat that until I found your website. It is very informative. Thank you for sharing. Now, I wonder if keeping bees is a difficult Hobby? As we are currently building a house on a two acre lot, it would be good to have our own honey produced on site. That is a nice thought. Will need to look into it.

Tammy Liu, Panama
23 July 2010

Your site is full of good stuff. I only eat organic food being sensitive and/or allergic to all things except distilled water – my illness is called various names such as ‘environmental illness and multiple chemical allergies and sensitivities.’ This means I only can use unprocessed, unpasteurized, raw: organic honey, organic apple cider vinegar. These are part of a regime that keeps me healthy.

My diet is very restricted and I would like to try making it more interesting with your your Sweet and Sour Recipes – not yet tried making sweet and sour meals.


Robin, Canada
18 July 2010

Great site, honey bees have always been my favorite insect since childhood at one of my uncles beehives..

Now then, I suffer from Tinnitus [ringing in/of the ears],tried all sort of endeavors etc. with some or no success, at the moment what seems to be working fairly regularly is honey and cinnamon, to wit,,1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 or 2 teaspoons honey on an empty stomach, on some bread, your choice, mind you, it MUST be Unpasteurized honey pasteurized honey is just so much sugar… PS,, You just got to try MANUKA honey or UCALYPTUS[??} ..

Bob, Canada
18 July 2010


Pam Cron, United States
14 July 2010

I have found that honey dissolved in hot tea is a great, natural sweetener.

Craig Doucette, United States
14 July 2010

I just finished reading the book Folk Medicine (1958) by D.C. Jarvis, MD. He has a whole chapter on the benefits of honey including; antiseptic properties, relieves arthritis pain, eliminates insomnia, quick energy release, helps recuperate from exertion, gentle laxative effect, sedative value – quiets the mind and body, soothes cough, eliminates bed wetting, burn treatment, controls muscle cramps and eye-twitching.

He also claims chewing comb honey eliminates allergies & stuffy noses, hay fever, sinus and all respiratory problems.

I’m hoping it will lessen facial wrinkles!

Vicki, United States
10 July 2010

I use a teaspoon or two of honey with the juice of one lemon in a coffee mug and fill with boiled water to help fight winter colds. The honey not only sweetens the drink but also soothes the throat.

Danielle Topp, Australia
10 July 2010

Honey taken with ginger relieves gas trouble – 1 spoon honey and 1 spoon ginger juice early in the morning.

Amith Kumar, India
5 July 2010

I was tired walking every day to the family well, and then I started eating a teaspoon a day of honey, with a little crushed mint. Now I can run 20 miles a week.

Thanks to honey.

Rahfah Skharshen, Afghanistan
3 July 2010

I’m really amazed how honey works healing the skin.

A couple of years ago I had a severe case of acne and because of that my cheeks had lots of scars and still had some pimple. Only 3 weeks of honey mask for 30 min each night and my skin looks great. No acne, it’s smooth, healthy and the scars are getting better, and a plus, even fine wrinkles around the eye area are disappearing.

Iļæ½m so grateful to bees!

Alberto, Mexico
28 Jun 2010

One amazing thing I find with honey is, it raises my temperature and keeps me warm whenever I feel cold, especially during winter. also when when I have sore throat I drink hot water with honey and it disappears quickly.

Adan, United Kingdom
28 Jun 2010

My brother told me about a friend of his, has faced a terrible gas bottle explosion, which intensely burnt his face. He used honey by spreading it on his face daily. After a period of time he has healed. If you look at him now you won’t notice that he had a previous burn.

Moreover, I have a friend of mine that treats his lower back pain by drinking honey.

Youness, Morocco
24 Jun 2010

I was surprised one day when i went to visit my child in a boarding school and found her coughing ( the whooping cough). she said she had been medicated but the cough would not go away. I took her again to the hospital when she came for holiday but still the cough would not go away. a friend of mine told me to try honey mixed with cinnamon and take at least three times a day. I could not believe that it went away within 4 days. she is now ok. i have never missed honey in my house since then.

Maggie Onyango, Kenya
22 Jun 2010

I substituted honey for sugar in a bran muffin recipe and won first prize for healthy foods, at the Nova Scotia Provincial exhibition.

Ginger Stark, Canada
18 Jun 2010

Visitors to your site may be interested to know how wonderful honey is in treating burns. For burns to hands, arms, feet, legs, smother burn immediately with honey and wrap with cling (plastic) wrap to prevent honey oozing. Then bandage if necessary. The honey stops the burning sensation and prevents blisters.

Rosalind, Australia
4 Jun 2010

All my friends and also my teacher in college asked me about what I using to my skin. I have perfect (amazing )skin and the secret is in honey which I put it as musk every 2 weeks.

Alaa, Saudi Arabia
20 May 2010

We are a family of 4, me, my hubby, my son 7 and my daughter 4. We are all asthmatics and used suffer so badly at the change of the seasons that I am now well equipped to deal with any such emergency. A few years ago a friend referred me to the ‘Benefits of Honey’ website and started using the honey and cinnamon home remedy.

Since I started using the remedy we are all a lot healthier and very few Asthmatic episodes. I have found it to be a safer long term treatment and by far better than using chemical antibiotics and steroids for long term.

Christine Erasmus, Zimbabwe
19 May 2010

I have been in love with honey for as long as I can remember. On an early date with my now boyfriend I ordered hot tea and lamented that I should have brought my own honey for the tea. “Why? Honey is honey, right?” I was shocked that he didn’t know all the types and flavors of honey, let alone the benefits of natural, raw, and local honey’s.

The next time he was at my house I gave him a honey 101 course which included sampling several types of honey. Not only does he now have a knowledge and interest in honey but he calls me his Honey Bee.

Jennifer Church, United States
18 May 2010

We have friends who raise bee’s for their honey. They gave us a part of the bee’s cones filled with fresh honey; It is awesome! We just broke a part of the cone off, put it in ours mouths, and let the honey ooze out.

I have had sleep apnea since 1990 and have had four surgeries to correct it. I went from not breathing eighty times an hour to twelve times an hour. I’m also a diabetic lose of sleep causes weight gain and then diabetes, I’ve been using honey for the last few nights and it’s great I’m glad to see it gives you twenty two amino acids. I didn’t know this. Thanks for the info.

George Mott, United States
13 May 2010

We have friends who raise bee’s for their honey. They gave us a part of the bee’s cones filled with fresh honey; It is awesome! We just broke a part of the cone off, put it in ours mouths, and let the honey ooze out.

Susan Urbiel, United States
13 May 2010

I use honey a lot for my tea and cereal, also it makes a great facemask and hair conditioner!

Danni Mendez, Venezuela
12 May 2010

I had many problems with my stomach heartburn, stomach ache ulcer symptoms till i was advised to have honey in the mourning before breakfast and since then its all gone… just amazing that’s all I can say.

Omar, Jordan
5 May 2010

My mom recommended honey to me as a remedy for sore throat. Since then it has been an excellent first aid at the beginning of a sore throat or cough. Besides that she also advised me to apply it on my face. This helped to brighten my face within a month of continuous application twice a day & reduce swelling caused by pimples instantly after use. Everyone says my face is so smooth & soft to touch despite having acne problem…. its a miracle by just using honey!

Sarah Emma, Malaysia
21 Apr 2010

I was coughing for weeks, and three times doctors prescribed antibiotics, but I was still coughing. One day one of my aunts told me to take spoonful of honey with ground black pepper for a couple of days and I did that and it was gone. It is now 12 years since I had that cough. It never came back.

Prem, Canada
17 Apr 2010

For the past 10 years tree pollen has made me very sick and light headed to the point of dizzy. I don.t go outside for 2 months this year I started with 1 table spoon of local honey with very little help, I now am at 2 1/2 table spoons and I am going out side with only normal problems minor sinus pressure and some sneezing.

I use to take all kind of drugs which did not work. I went to a doctor and was tested I am not allergic to anything but tree pollen just about killed me. My honey has gave me back my life.

Jeff, United States
16 Apr 2010

I use honey and Green tea when i get up i feel so good and i drink lemon water and lime water in the day. I put honey on my face skin is glowing .When i get up in the morning my a husband said my skin look good and is glowing. i had acne but my skin is clearing up fast. Maybe it because I take C and D capsule to in the morning so my skin is healing fast. If you have acne, use honey stop using all the thing you been using and use honey to clear up your skin.

I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, first i use honey when wash the honey off the I use scar zone acne cream. This has green tea 2% salicylic acid silicone.

Hishare, United States
9 Apr 2010

I’m retired in Mexico, and live alone here. Cooking for just myself sometimes unbalances my diet. I do try to incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but grains aren’t used all that much. I don’t eat much bread, and when I do, it’s usually tortillas or the bolillo, Mexico’s answer to French Bread – and just as delicious.

So I’ve been concerned about the B vitamins for quite some time, and have kept capsules of multi-B on hand to take occasionally. That’s good, but by no means optimal, since Bs need to be taken daily.

I like to have a sweet just before bed, and that usually takes the form of chocolate milk – to be sure I get calcium.

I didn’t know till I came here that honey has the full complement of B vitamins, so I am going to take 1-2 Tbs of honey every night – so much more delicious than capsules, so I’ll be more likely to do it consistently, which counts most.

Thanks for the information on the nutritional content of honey!

Holly Bergeim, Mexico
5 Apr 2010

I add honey in my coffee every morning, done this for years. When flu season comes my whole family and friends get sick and sometimes I might experience a stuffed nose or something very mild but never get the full blown flu. I started using honey because I preferred the taste over sugar but didn’t realize the benefits at the time. Love my honey.

Susan, Canada
4 Apr 2010

Since i started, used honey in my tea or coffee. they gave me more energy and my blood pressure always normal even my hair becomes healthy, before I’m bald now no more fallen hair. Thank God he created honeybee to produce honey to all over the world. God bless us.

Lucio Deguzman, Canada
2 Apr 2010

I take a tbsp of honey and cinnamon every morning on an empty stomach. My family came down with a stomach virus causing vomiting, diarrhea and bad cramps. Although I got a touch of it I did not get the vomiting or even diarrhea, all I got was mild cramps. I do believe it was because of the honey and cinnamon.

Jan Reyes, Trinidad and Tobago
1 Apr 2010

I have always baked with honey and drink honey in my tea every day.

Glenna Osborne, Canada
31 Mar 2010

I LOVE HONEY AND WANT TO ADD it more to my everyday living for food health.

Wanda White, United States
31 Mar 2010

I read always how to reduce weight and I always feel constipated . Due to the constipation sometimes I was unable to walk and feel discomfort . I started eating bananas firstly then apples and grapes, these all not given me satisfactory results to my problem.

Then once I read from website regarding honey , so I started taking morning one tsp of Honey plus little water. I wonder no constipation and feeling better in walking – still in continuation of this honey – I am still looking to reduce my weight stomach fat . I started honey just two weeks ago

31 Mar 2010

I use it in tea w/ lemon to fight colds. It is a big help, and used early enough, can head off colds or sore throats.

Jane Rawoof, United States
30 Mar 2010

I am a massage therapist and am very interested in eating healthy for myself and family. We have been buying honey by the gallon from a local bee keeper for about two years now and absolutely love it! My husband grew up on “sweet” tea using a cup of sugar for every half gallon of tea.

We now use honey and use about 3/4 C. He has noticed a difference in his blood pressure (lower) and does not have to use his medication as often (really not at all). He has contributed this largely to switching from sugar to honey! We replace sugar with honey as often as possible.

Jen Urban, United States
28 Mar 2010

I eat honey everyday. Honey is really good for you. I bake with honey, but would like to have more recipes that use honey rather than sugar. I would like to cook more recipes using honey. I use honey in my tea. Now I am going to start and eat honey each night before bedtime. Most of the honey I use for cooking and baking is organic. I even use honey as a facial and hair treatment.

Frances, Canada
20 Mar 2010

My experience with honey is of a stress buster. After returning from office I used to feel very stressed and tired; and had energy for nothing. I used to smoke or have tea to overcome the stress; then I tried honey after reading about it on net and also after coming across verse from Quran. What I read on net is that it has sugar which get dissolved in the blood immediately and provide energy to the brain.

Apple also server same purpose on more or less same principle. Will keep sharing with your website; my experiences with honey in the future; as I am planning to make it part of my daily food.

Irfan Ahmed, France
18 Mar 2010

Me and three of my friends has started a honey business six months ago. Till starting our business I don’t know anything about honey. But later I have referred many books regarding honey and its benefits. Then only I came to know the medicinal value and benefits of honey. Actually I was affected by some allergies from my childhood. After using honey with milk for three months, twice in a day and now i feel healthy. That stimulates me to do the business even more.

Siva Kumar, India
17 Mar 2010

I was taught from a young age about honey and its benefits from my grandparents. But I never took it seriously due to their reasoning, where it was all based on their Islamic faith, but as the years passed I was shocked only to learn that what they were talking about is true, and honey has soooo many benefits that are almost magical. now I believe in what they are telling me when I got scientifically confirmed.

I have also got a virus that would not go away till I actually to go back to this ancient remedy and I the virus just started to wither away. In recent years, scientific support is beginning to emerge confirming the beneficial effects of honey on certain medical and surgical conditions. Thank you for this great informative website.

Sanad Karker, United States
11 Mar 2010

I have been using honey for a few years now, I use in shower as a moisturizer after cleansing and on my face and and as mask. I take two tablespoons before bed at night. I use it on burns and cuts just takes the pain away and heals. I love it.

Cheryl, United States
10 Mar 2010

I am a graduate student, My current research direction is to honey quality control. I am interested in honey because my grandfather, he has always insisted eat honey, so he is rarely sick. He is more than 90 years old now, and still healthy. Grandpa also often insist on guiding families eating honey. I believe that there will be a lot of benefits of honey on the body, as my grandfather is a good example.

But now in the Chinese market, there are many fake honey. So I would like to study quality control of honey, so that we can buy genuine honey.

Shi Tu, China
8 Mar 2010

honeys stick

Here in Sweden, they have coffee breaks called Fika and there you usually find freshly brewed coffee, hot water (for tea bags) and sugar cubes and Swedish honey which is beige color and solid. I am a foreign student so I never knew that the honey was for tea and sugar cubes were for coffee ! But I always have added honey to my coffee. I find that it adds an aroma to my coffee and its much better than white sugar, containing anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals, things that white cube sugars cannot offer. Now some of the Swedes are following my way and using honey as coffee sweetener.

Amir Banuazizi, Sweden
5 Mar 2010

I have suffered from various seasonal allergies for a number of years. I average 4 to 5 major episodes each year as well a number of minor episodes. I started using raw honey, produced locally, about 16 months ago. Since then I have went 13 months without any major allergy problems. Just over 2 months ago I stopped using it. In that time I have had 2 major episodes. Needless to say, I have started using honey again.

Keith, United States
5 Mar 2010

I have always liked honey but only had it every once in a blue moon. Well while in Arizona I found a really good restaurant called el polo loco. They grill the chicken. SOO good. They also give you home made tortillas(flour) with it. Putting honey on those got me into a honey kick. Now I’m putting it on everything! I didn’t know that if eaten in low portions it helps with your blood sugar.

It also can give you extra stamina before working out and at night mixed with a warm glass of milk will put you to sleep. There’s also tons of other fun things you can do with honey I wont mention on here:) Just think about it!

Matthew, United States
1 Mar 2010

My personal experience with Honey is that take honey with Lemon early in the morning along with luke warm water which helps me maintaining my body fitness and increasing the strength.

Also when winter starts I take honey in my breakfast in the morning and before going to bed which helps me avoiding cough and cold hence increasing the body immunity.

I give honey to my children everyday one spoon which helps to increase immunity.

Thanks to Honey Bees who provides Heney to us.

I would like to know more about various types of Honey ( like blossom flower etc. )with benefits.

Manoj Rawat, United Arab Emirates
26 Feb 2010

I use it every morning with apple cider vinegar for arthritis for the past 3 years. Initially I just used honey and cider, but for the past year I added gelatin and can now use my shoulder again.

Hein Swarts, South Africa
25 Feb 2010

I have always been an average fan of honey, especially with tea, biscuits, salmon(w/shredded coconut). I was even introduced to the honey/vinegar trick, but I was a kid so that was short lived. I’ve found that “honey in a bear” is very strong on the throat when swallowed by itself. But with the new honeys I’ve tried, I don’t get that effect. So far I have had raw (super enriched with pollen, propolis stuff, etc.)honey, which is super yummy, on a spoon, apple, finger.

I’ve used it as a mask 2 nights in a row, will follow tonight, and my skin likes it. I also have a wisdom tooth that’s irritates the back of my mouth and jaw, Listerine made it feel worse. I rested the honey on the area and magically all irritation disappeared, no irritation since (2nights ago). I’m a believer. Plus I have major sweet tooth, and have recognized my need to cut back on actual sugar, so this is right up my alley. Today I bought a honeycomb, fun & yummy.

Buckwheat is next for skin and hair issues in b ulk, as I am trying to fix acne, eczema issues, second is manuka for more isolated problems. Raw and honeycomb are just too yummy to lather on my body. Maybe if I get a boyfriend, he could benefit from eating honey too…(wink, wink).

I originally started this honey thing a week ago at attempts to curb tummy problems, I went in for aloe juice(yuck) and raw honey. That night I found this site and have learned so much. Its natural without crazy side effects and drug interactions, makes me feel a little closer to God to know that the answers to our problems aren’t in science, but basic nature. Eating honeycomb in it purest form makes me feel one with nature. Yummy, good luck to all.

Adama, United States
24 Feb 2010

I have loved honey as long as I can remember and have eaten it most of my life. As a kid and still today, I love putting it in pb&j sandwiches. Usually with bananas and raisins as well and almond butter if we had any. Sometimes I would mix up peanut or almond butter together in a bowl and just eat it and then through what was left in the fridge. Nowadays I put it on almost anything I can especially cheese. Raw cheese are preferred, of course.

My first uses medically besides honey in different types of tea was to help with a wound I had got from a bike crash. Let me tell you, it was amazing how well it healed. A co-worker told me about using it and said she had used it for the same reason with great results. She was !00% correct.

As an athlete, I find myself using it more often. I use honey energy gels(honey stingers, energy bars(honey stingers as well) and also use it to help aid recovery after more active anaerobic workouts. To do so I mix 5 tbps. of preferably raw and local honey, with 15-20 grams of protein powder in twenty or so ounces of water.

If you don’t want to use a blender you can mix the honey in a little warm water first. I’ll drink one of these mixes for every two hours of activity or so, give or take, depending on the intensity of the workout. It’s best taken within 30 minutes after activity.

Honey is an amazing and beautiful food that I hope to enjoy for the rest of my life. Thank you for letting me share,

Tyruss Cramer, United States
23 Feb 2010

I was an artificial sweetener addict. I truly felt that in my weight loss/get healthy diet the key was eliminating calories. I was wrong. Now I realize the key is to putting healthy calories in my body, thus the turn to honey. I use honey to sweeten my oatmeal, green tea, etc. I may not be cutting my calories, but I am improving my health!

Autumn Lamkin, United States
22 Feb 2010

I like to use honey in my home made iced tea and use it in many types of baking. To make my iced tea I boil a pot of water, use 2 RED ROSE tea bags, the juice of 2 Lemons and 3 sprigs of fresh mint.

I use about 1.25 cups of honey, warmed up so it pours better and adjust the sweetness by taste. I usually make it more tart than really sweet! All of my friends who taste it are blow away as they only use the dry crystals to make there iced tea and it tastes like crap!

Vance Schiewe, Canada
20 Feb 2010

I had cholesterol when I was a child, about 11 years old. I was on a strict diet and was better till a few months ago I was diagnosed again with cholesterol – 6.1 I was told to see a dietitian and stay away from stuff and got a pill prescription. I got information about the use of honey for cholesterol and some other illnesses. I also have a memory problem and see it is also covered with honey-and-cinnamon mixture. I need to change over to honey and it will be good for my husband too – weight – a problem we both have.

Elize Bokelmann, South Africa
8 Feb 2010

I have had trouble loosing weight ever since i had my baby because my sugar cravings were out of control. I started adding a little bit of honey to my plain oatmeal w/ cinnamon and my cravings are gone. In 2 weeks i lost 7 lbs by eating honey and cutting out refined sugars!!!! good luck šŸ™‚

Crystal, United States
4 Feb 2010

I have Stomach and intestinal ulcers ,which means that I have lots of gas and Severe bloating, and causes me to have a hard time breathing (false asthma) and the Honey about 1/2 teaspoon receives my problems almost Immediately about 3 to 5 minutes I also have similar results with Bee pollen… and NEVER Leave home with out Either.. I thank God for this miracle food.

Danny 366, United States
3 Feb 2010

Have enjoyed honey mixed with cinnamon as a spread on my toast everyday.

Doris Kessie, Ghana
3 Feb 2010

Having been exposed to Manuka and Buckwheat honey several years ago ,and spending a lot of time in the kitchen the versatility is incredible. The earthy tones of the buckwheat honey enabled me to find an flavor enhancer for my Buckwheat and dried Stonefruit filled Honey glazed Quail…..sensational dish.

Brendan McGovern, Kuwait
2 Feb 2010

Hi, my immunity level was very bad , I used to catch cold and flu very often. Then i started drinking honey with water every morning. I can vouch that throughout December and January ( Winter months in India) , not a single time i caught Cold or had bad throat.

Now I want to try it with lukewarm water and lemon to get rid of the fat. Hope that works too!!!!

Natural Remedies Always Rock!!!

Long Live the “Honey”.

Simran Bir Singh, India
1 Feb 2010

I’ve always loved honey, now that I’m super overweight, I’m using it the hibernation diet’s way, and it’s working again and as always.

Leyla F., Italy
1 Feb 2010

Every morning i take a spoon of natural honey, followed by a glass of water, Iam 58 years old I have not caught flu or cold for long time, also every night i massage my face with honey for 10 min then wash with warm water, I have no wrinkles and no one give me my right age. I look much younger.

Nelshaer Alshaer, Saudi Arabia
26 Jan 2010

I have been using the vinegar and honey for a short time but I know they both have great benefits. I have lost some weight and besides they are both good for me.

Jean M. Guenot, United States
20 Jan 2010

After suffering with acid reflux disease and using Nexium/ Prilosec/Zantac ,etc. I also used a TBS. spoon each morning and before bed. I am amazed that I am off all medicines and am controlling my disease with just honey, its unbelievable how much better I am feeling.

Mary B., United States
15 Jan 2010

I am 80 years old and fit as a flea. Never ill, and I have always kept well away from doctors. My dietary routine is breakfast;4 prunes, plate of porridge with large dollop of honey and spoon of wheatgerm. For lunch I have what I call my mix, which is made twice weekly. It consists of one large onion, two peppers, three tomatoes, one garlic pod and four beef sausages chopped. These are fried in olive oil.

For dessert I have stewed apples and figs with honey. I have smoked a pipe all my life, and have a healthy disbelief in everything. THIS LIFE; WHAT A TRIP.

Brendan Mcdonnell, Ireland
15 Jan 2010

When I first read all the postings here, it encourage me a lot in trying honey as a remedy to my zits and scars on my face. I almost try all bleaching creams brands in threatening and removing dark scars but it all fails to make it what I expected and desire look. Most of them simply just make my face so white without any improvement at all in terms of pimples. And by that scenario, it only just making my face totally look uneven to my neck. So now, I’m so excited to take a try on using honey.

Che Orlino, The Philippines
14 Jan 2010

I really like honey on pancakes and hot biscuits. I also use it when cooking sweet foods instead of sugar. Just love honey.

Ruby Crown, United States
12 Jan 2010

When my father was put on some new heart drugs, he developed the classic symptom of constipation. Laxatives tired him out, and only worked for a while. He ate papayas, bananas and green leafy vegetables till he said that he felt like a juicer. In spite of all the fruits and vegetables, going to toilet was an ordeal.

Then we thought about the jar of manuka honey with UMF 20+(at any one time, we always have at least 2 jars of manuka honey, and a few jars of other honeys). After 2 teaspoons of neat manuka honey, he said that the movement was a lot better.

He took another 2 teaspoons the the following night. By the third morning, he proudly reported that his bowel movements were almost back to normal. He subsequently diluted the honey with water for the next few days. Within a week, he happily said that his bowel movements went back to normal.

Ming, Malaysia
12 Jan 2010

I am a great fan of this fascinating God’s creation. It’s part of my daily intake. I start my day with honey n lime with warm water, all my salad dressings and marinades include honey. I use it on my face and for my eyes. I am 45 yrs old and don’t use spectacles. People at first sight complement,” your skin looks youthful n ageless”. Credit goes to sweet honey.

Jyoti Malhotra, India
10 Jan 2010

I have been using honey on my face to clear the red scars from past breakouts. I have been doing this for just a few days and it has worked wonders!

Brittany, United States
6 Jan 2010

I use honey on my Bunyons and it does wonders!

Douglas, Canada
6 Jan 2010

A tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter on wheat toast, is to die for. Also helps with keeping me regular.

Debbie, United States
2 Jan 2010

Hi I am a honey user . I took honey with tea powder, mixed with water and half lemon only for two days and I feel very brisk throughout the day it helps my stamina to keep at high level . This I continue every early morning before going to gym. The results are awesome . Try it if u wanna lose weight without using artificial products such as fat burner in a natural way.

Sendil Kumar, India
1 Jan 2010

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