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The Benefits of Honey 2011 Postings 

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I am a person living with glaucoma, I was diagnosed with the disease since 2007, ever since I have been looking for ways to improve my health, taking sugar then I did not know I was destroying my eyes n health now having substitute sugar for honey since September this year. My eyes feel clearer, cleaner and healthier plus my skin glows. Thank God 4 honey.

Oluwabunmi, Nigeria
31 Dec 2011

The Benefits of Honey 2010

When I was a kid, we lived in northern AZ and my parents would take us out to the reservation to get local honey. My mom would put the honey in her coffee and in our oatmeal. She’d also use it on a sore that she’d get occasionally on her chin.

I’ve taken the love of honey with me and we use it in place of sugar in our home. I use it in my coffee, I infuse herbs in it (I love it with lavender and orange zest).

Anytime I feel a sore throat coming on I will take 2 tablespoons a day as well as putting it in my tea. I also make soap and have used it in my recipes. My husband and I bought a farm in May and we’ve been working with a local bee keeper to learn how to raise our own hive this summer!

Shannon Thompson, United States
28 Dec 2011

I love honey. I add honey in juices, desserts and all possible foods. Having honey in the morning in warm water has cured all my digestive problems.

Anupama Unnikrishnan, India
28 Dec 2011

I contracted a bacterial infection in my nose… MRSA. I went to the doctor and he prescribed the ointment Mupirocin. I used that for a week and it didn’t get better, so he put me on the antibiotic Batrim and I used that in combo with the ointment. It didn’t get better, in fact, after a cut on my lip, it seemed to have spread there. I was scared because I don’t have health insurance and couldn’t keep going back to the doctor.

Plus I was afraid it couldn’t be cured and that I’d spread it to my children. I researched online and heard about Manuka honey. I bought that and started putting it on my lip and nose with a Q-tip throughout the day and eating a teaspoon of it 3 times a day. Amazing! It cured it and I even think it cured a persistent cough I’d had for a month. 

My kids have the same cough that we caught last month, so I’ve started giving them a teaspoon every morning. I’m so thankful to have discovered this Manuka honey.

Sherry, United States
27 Dec 2011

I am far gone in age than my country and as such I have been advised that honey taking instead of sugar is the way to go. Surprisingly I have been having a wonderful time with the taking of honey as my tea taste even greater and delicious. I will continue to take honey till I give up the ghost.

Remi Omoshehin, Nigeria
27 Dec 2011

I made the switch to honey only several months ago. I used to add quite a lot of sugar to my coffee, and I drink coffee frequently during the course of the day. I started adding honey instead of coffee and WOW what a difference! not only does honey sweeten my coffee beautifully, but honey adds that unique flavor that simply can’t be matched by table sugar.

It took a few tries to get the quantity right, at first it made my coffee much too sweet and the flavor was over-powering, but now that I’ve got the serving size figured out, I’ll never go back to sugar.

Brendon Hagen, United States
23 Dec 2011

I use honey every morning to sweeten my pancakes. It gives them a great, natural flavor. I also use it in fruit smoothies if I want to make them a little sweeter. I plan on opening up a honey based bakery after college and am trying to learn as much as I can about honey and baking!

Jasmine Lee, United States
23 Dec 2011

I use honey when activating dry yeast, instead of sugar. It makes a huge difference in my breads.

Michael, United States
23 Dec 2011

When my daughter was an infant (many years ago) she developed an awful diaper rash — red, raw and painful. No over the counter ointments helped and even a prescription ointment I got from the doctor did not help. Then I remembered reading in Prevention Magazine that bacteria didn’t grow in honey.

I knew the diaper rash was being caused be some kind of resistant bacteria, so I decided to spread honey on her bottom every time I changed her diaper. I kept a little honey bear right on her changing table. Within 3 days of this routine, her bottom was completely cured of the diaper rash and became once again soft.

Needless to say, I was really quite amazed as was my doctor! I highly recommend trying this if any of you young mothers are struggling with a similar problem. It’s cheaper than the ointments and has no negative side effects.

Carol, United States
22 Dec 2011

I enjoy baking and cooking with honey. We have several folks in our church that will not eat processed sugars – honey is the perfect alternative!

Ramona Moody, United States
20 Dec 2011

Honey is amazing.

My mother would always have a jar of honey at home, and I loved it when she would put 1- 2 teaspoons of honey in warm water, would be a very tasty and healthy drink.

I make it the simple tasty beverage now, adding a slice of lemon, which is great for soothing a sore throat. Since I am a teenager it also helps me with my stomach aches..

I get eczema on my arms and sometimes even on my face in spring from allergies and I put some honey on effected area and it stops me from itching and making matters worse.

I also have mild acne and when I feel like my skin is inflamed I use a mask of honey and oatmeal and a 3 drop of water and apply it on my skin, using the oatmeal to exfoliate a little bit, and leaving the mixture to sit on my skin for 10-15 minute, and I rinse. I get great ,smooth ,glowing and calmer skin.

Honey has so much benefits, and I have a teaspoon of it with my porridge as well. I love honey, thank God for nature.

Eva Henessy, United Kingdom
18 Dec 2011

Honey is such a good food that is of great taste with numerous therapeutic effects. However, I only start to have it regularly for just 3 months time recently. As My friend who has had been consuming honey for years and has maintained a healthy state showing me a good example to follow his practice. Now, I also have a healthy state of body and mind through drinking honey water daily.

CK Cheng, Hong Kong
17 Dec 2011

I love to use honey to sweeten my unsweetened yogurt it gives a wonderful flavor, I also use it to sweeten coffee, it gives a nice flavor and has less calories than regular sugar.

Patricia Pena, United States
15 Dec 2011

In my search on the internet for cure to my dry cough and tight colds, I’ve read about honey cure so I tried it. After dinner I took 1 teaspoon and not a single cough attacked the whole night and the whole day I was at work. This is my second night so I took same dose and still no coughing.

I bought the organic brand from Sugarleaf and I have decided to make honey a part of my healthy food and for beauty regimen. Great taste too. You could make it as your dessert instead of the unhealthy cakes and pastries.

Leony, The Philippines
13 Dec 2011

I have great experience on the benefit of honey. In my all family honey is the most respected food. And we use it as a medicine for flu and Tuberculosis. In all our society, honey is known to have powerful effects for the mentioned diseases. In the morning before breakfast the patients take two or three tablespoons of raw honey until they get cured from the diseases.

Mintwab Temesgen, Ethiopia
14 Dec 2011

I have used honey as a substitute for sugar and tried the lemon and honey tea which my kids love. I love candles made from wax collected from bees- beautiful scent. We used to make the candles too.

Tango Baiabe, Solomon Islands
12 Dec 2011

We use honey daily with chapati and milk for my daughter. Honey is her favorite sweet.

Jayatee Gautam, India
12 Dec 2011

1. We drink a glass of honey + lemon juice in warm water every morning.

2. Banana + honey + milk + curd + ghee(clarified butter) are mixed together and used as an offering to gods.

3. I use honey + lemon juice as a face pack, to clear acne marks.

Veena Soppi, India
11 Dec 2011

From my experience honey is better than any kind of sugar. BECAUSE it is helpful for digestion. Use three spoons daily very early in the morning before washing your teeth.

Sarah, Tanzania
8 Dec 2011

I have just recently become interested in honey after years of not liking or trying. While on vacation I went into a store that had many varieties. I wanted to purchase a jar for a friend that was watching our house while we were gone.

Not knowing what kind of honey I should purchase and asking a woman working in the store many questions, she said: “Why don’t you try several and then make your decision. I did, and was hooked. After buying several jars of different types I started using honey in my morning tea.

I also started doing some research on the internet. Having found that it was good for the skin I tried a treatment with honey on my face with a bandage before going to bed at night. Waking up the next morning I saw that the honey had drawn the impurities from my skin. I am still researching the benefits of honey but now use this face treatment at least once a week.

Barbara Reece, United States
6 Dec 2011

I am a home beekeeper since several years ago. I have three children and I used to give them one teaspoon of honey every morning, believe me they did not miss even one day at school or at the university, they did not get sick all their life.

We normally use honey with milk coffee & some foods.

Antoine Kamel, Lebanon
5 Dec 2011

I used honey and lime juice mixture on my skin regularly before bath and it made my skin softer, smoother and radiant.

Jinju James, United Kingdom
20 Nov 2011

I use honey because of the health benefits in it. Every morning and evening I take at least three to four spoonful. When a family member is wounded, we apply a small quantity to the wounded area, within a short period of time we see the result.

Sa Adu Abubakar, Nigeria
29 Nov 2011

Honey is essential in my home. Not only do I use it for throat ache (dissolve a teaspoon full on tongue). Honey mixed with ground cinnamon (3 teaspoon honey to 1 teaspoon cinnamon) is great for flatulence and heartburn- I use it all the time.

Nakkie McCluskey, South Africa
29 Nov 2011

Honey helps increase male strength in terms of sex performance.

Kanengu Nawa, Zimbabwe
28 Nov 2011

I usually use honey in desserts and baking different things. We usually use it instead of sugar for coffee.

Janice Hasting, United States
25 Nov 2011

I am a male, 66, and have been suffering from IBS for some years. My doctor has prescribed various medications which generally made it worse. At times it caused me to cry, it was so bad.

I saw an article about Manuka honey and it’s properties and thought I’d give it a try.

Two days of taking one 5ml spoonful have brought about a massive reduction in the pain levels. I no longer feel sick and also feel much better in general.

Thank you bees!

Tony, United Kingdom
24 Nov 2011

Beginning of this year, I suffered from severe chest pain as if I have heart attack. Later on, I had constant pain in my left arm and frequent chest pain especially when I am doing some work requiring physical strength. I took medicines for that but it didn’t stop. Since last month I am drinking honey with water everyday in the morning, on a friend’s advice. I am feeling quite well and slowing my problem is decreasing.

Mohammad Waseem, India
24 Nov 2011

We spent a week in North Florida and came home with a jar of Tupelo honey. This is the best tasting honey that I had tried. Since then, I’ve been trying other types of honey. I’m amazed with the different flavors.

Nancy Bagwell, United States
20 Nov 2011

My experience with honey: I prepare a mixture of honey and grated horseradish together and eat that each day. An enormous increase in immune system.

Uros Kovac, Slovenia
19 Nov 2011

Honey is good for weight loss and other disease preventions. It has helped me with weight loss when taken with lime.

Azeezat Bolaji, Nigeria
18 Nov 2011

A flour of roasted maize is mixed with honey. The cake can be stored for several months, it’s a good meal for travellers in the bush.

My father is diabetic, when he got injured he was advised to smear honey on the wound and it got healed.

Sebastian Mzoghori, Kenya
16 Nov 2011

I love honey. It makes everything incredible tasting, like tea, biscuits & cornbread…Yum!!! I was going to an acupuncturist and she was the one that advised me how honey is much better than sugar for our bodies. I find your website very interesting and look forward to reading your articles.

Michelle Dowling, United States
15 Nov 2011

I would like also to share my experience in regards to the usage of pure honey. Yes, although there is no scientific bases that the honey can cure TB, I experienced it with my husband. it was last year when my husband was diagnosed of Minimal TB.. he did not drink the prescribed meds but use honey instead. he change sugar usage into honey and then drink 1 tablespoon of honey combined with 2 seeds of garlic.. 1 in the morning and before going to bed.. after two months he was clear from TB.

Jannette, The Philippines
14 Nov 2011

I use honey every day, my morning drink of 2 tablespoons apple cider vinigar, 1 heaped teaspoon of honey a generous pinch of cinnamon and then fill the glass with apple juice, it’s great for the digestion.

I also take a spoonfull of raw honey daily for its health benefits and when the skin on my face looks and feels a little blah I simply paste honey on leave for 20-30 minutes and wash off and it feels soft and looks great!

Michelle Oddi, United Kingdom
11 Nov 2011

My nephew suffered severe burns on his face and hands. My sister used raw honey on the burns and covered them with saran wrap. He has no visable scarring.

Sandy Heise, United States
11 Nov 2011

I use honey to sweeten my homemade ice tea and in most of my cooking and baking. I only use raw organic honey as I have had lots of health issues in the past and have cleaned my diet. Whenever I start to get a scratchy sore throat I drink green tea with lots of honey and stop the illness in its’ tracks.

Even though I am allergic to bee stings (need an epi pen) we are considering getting a bee hive or two. With a large vegetable garden and flower beds with perennials that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds we feel bees are an important member of the ecosystem and should be provided with a safe and healthy environment!

Robin Carpenter, United States
11 Nov 2011

I use honey as a face pack. You have to apply a mixture of honey, oatmeal, milk over the face. Let it dry and wash with water. Great glow is expected on the face.

Poo Koo, Mauritius
9 Nov 2011

I use manuka honey throat lozenges when I get a sore throat. They taste great! I swear they made my throat feel instantly soothed. I have also used a small amount of honey mixed with salt for a body scrub. I love using all-natural products.

Kerry Daly, Canada
6 Nov 2011

Our fav honey treat is a nice soft bun with butter, peanut butter and a generous squeeze of honey. Hubby loves it for his work lunch summer and winter (makes a nice light snack too). YUM YUM!!!

Liz Jaap, Canada
4 Nov 2011

I have learnt that honey is a remedy for most medical conditions from ulcers, coughs, asthma, sleeplessness etc. I HAVE close friend and relatives that have problems like the above and I’m going to buy honey from today.

Gagoitseope Totang, Botswana
4 Nov 2011

I have extremely dry lips which crack and hurt very much and my friends grandmother told me to put honey on them every night before bed and i would wake up with smooth lips and they will stay that way throughout the day.

Zoey Taylor, Australia
4 Nov 2011

Hi There! I’m not sure if this is much of a story but years ago I was actually scared to cook with honey. I was in my early 20s, living my myself and was learning to cook for myself. I was living paycheck to paycheck and so I felt that I couldn’t afford luxuries like honey.

However one day I went for supper at a friends house and she had cooked a large dinner for everyone. one of the things she cooked was honey mustard chicken on rice. the dish was so delicious that I insisted on getting the recipe. well I wasn’t surprised to find that it included honey.

 I went out that week and bought a 1L of honey and haven’t looked back. I love cooking with honey and that recipe is still one of my favorites.

Andrea Beynon, Canada
4 Nov 2011

My Son and I love honey with pan-cake to be his breakfast everyday. He drinks honey milk every afternoon after school. And I usually mix honey with lemon tea, comes out a pleasant sweet and sour taste. It’s good for health….

Jue Qin, Canada
3 Nov 2011

I have replaced all the white sugar in our household recipes for honey. I have a husband with 3 different cancers and his health is my main focus.

Barbara Murray, Canada
3 Nov 2011

My Dad has been keeping bees for years now… and my Grandfather kept them before him, there is no honey that I like more than my families wild flower honey. Even some people who have told me they are not so fond of honey have truly enjoyed the taste of it. There is no better sweetener than honey in just about everything, and it works like a charm in so many recipes.

I want to try to make some of the beauty products I have seen in recipes for but no matter how much honey we get it is never quite enough πŸ™‚

Misty Adams, Canada
3 Nov 2011

I just love honey, honey on toast, crackers and my absolute favorite chicken fingers as I have a bladder disease and can not use anything acidic honey works and tastes amazing!

Melanie Shores, Canada
2 Nov 2011

We love honey in our house. We use it on toast, in baking etc. but also as a facial. I mix 6 aspirin with a tsp or so of hot water to melt the aspirin, then mix in a tablespoon of honey, I use this to exfoliate my face 2 times a week, gently scrub it on and let set for 15 min, you’ll be amazed at how soft your skin is.

Pam Goswell, Canada
2 Nov 2011

I do not buy juice for my kids because of the high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Instead, I give them honey water. If I have lemons, I will add that too. They love it and they are rarely ever sick. =)

Sara, United States
2 Nov 2011

Well one day I was looking at a catalogue for healthy foods and notice that all the honey was from different countries and not from Canada? Where is my honey from home I ask myself? Well I decided not to purchase the honey and go to the groceries and buy honey that says Canada grade 1 on it, But my neighbor says to be that even if it says Canada on the label the honey might come from another country. 

“Not that I have a big problem with honey from another place its just the one thing that I thought we would not have a problem buying here.

Well one day I was at a another store that I do not shop at often and there on the shelf was a bottle of honey “made in Quebec” with joy I purchased a jar of creamy honey and when I got home my big fat slice of homemade bread went into the toaster and then was slathered with creamy honey. I love honey…..:)

Linda McHugh, Canada
2 Nov 2011

I use honey when I make homemade granola. Many people love it and children have even enjoyed mt granola. I add cinnamon and nutmeg ot whatever to the recipe and sometimes I will add a little molasse to the recipe with the honey to add a different flavor.

Becky Betts, Canada
2 Nov 2011

We love honey. We use it in tea, with chicken, and sometimes we just drink it with water. If is passed from our grandma that if you have diarrhea, drink honey water, and it really works. Later I went to university and in one of our food science classes, we were learning why honey never go bad.

The reason is that it contain some trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, so with that you would know why it would help with getting rid of diarrhea. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent that can be used as sanitizers to kill germs, so if you drink a very very very small amounts it will kill the germs in your gut that cause all the problem, and that is why honey never go bad. 

I don’t know if these naturally occurring H2O2 has any chemical structural difference with man made ones.

Xiu Tang, Canada
2 Nov 2011

I have used honey in tea, making candy and some cooking uses for years. I discovered Manuka honey when my husband was ill and had open lesions (infection) on his legs. Since then it has become a staple in our pantry and used for a wide spectrum of uses. Most recently a friend bought me a toothpaste that contains propolis and I’m sold.

Debbie Gregory, United States
1 Nov 2011

Honey works so well on your face for lightning acne scars and reducing pimples. Just put honey on your face and wait for 10-20 minutes. Then wash it with cold water.

Jennifer, United States
30 Oct 2011

I am basically not in for a sweet tooth but, since the day I started tasting honey, I realised how much there is in honey than just the sweetness. I start my day with a cup of warm water and honey and go to bed with a cup of milk and honey. In simple words, honey in my diet has given me a lot of energy, for some one like me who travels a lot for work, I always carry a bottle where ever I go.

Parvathy Srinivasan, India
30 Oct 2011

I had a very bad cough that lasted for almost a month. I went to the doctor and gave me antibiotics but they didn’t help me at all. It became worse that I could hardly breath, until one day my friend told me to try honey with cinnamon mix with warm water. After taking 3 doses my cough just disappeared. Since then I always advise my friends to use this especially if they have cough and cold. Amazing!

Jona Banatao, The Philippines
29 Oct 2011

2 years back I saw an article on using honey as the only solution for curing dry cough for children then I started using the honey for my son. For nearly two year I’ve never found him coughing, once in a while it will come but it stays for one day and goes off. His immunity also improved a lot. So I advise to give your child 1 table spoon of honey daily to your kid.

Kiranmayi, India
29 Oct 2011

It is our family ritual to use honey as a treatment for sore throat ,cough and cold . it is very very effective and result will be seen with one dose.

Here is the recipe:

4 cup of water
1 or 2 long sticks of cinnamon
tea leaves
1 lemon
1 tbsp of honey per cup

Boil the water with cinnamon stick, add tea into boiling water 2 minutes before taking it off the stove, add honey and half lemon into 1 cup. But make sure that don’t  boil the honey and lemon. drink 2 to 3 cup per day and you will see the result.

Iqra Aziz, United Arab Emirates
28 Oct 2011

I’m on the 3rd day of the honey, water detox diet.

I’m doing this to try to find out what food is making me breakout in wheals. I will slowly add food back into my diet starting tomorrow. I have lost about 10 pounds. I have not been hungry and today I feel great. I have MS and this is the best I have felt in a long time.

I think I will do this diet often.

Thanks for all the info on honey. I love it.

Carole, United States
24 Oct 2011

I’m 83 years old and pain free. Have been for years.

I don’t take medication except a baby aspirin every morning.

My breakfast consists of cereal and honey.(bran or other high fiber cereal) I slice a banana in a bowl and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Then I spread some honey on my cereal before mixing it with the banana I feel excellent. Worth a try and it tastes great.

Gerry, Canada
22 Oct 2011

Ruth: Wow, Gerry! Cheers to the honeybees, honey, good health, and longevity!

We buy honey in 5 gal buckets. We dip it out into quart jars to make it easier to use. I use it in my homemade bread (100% whole wheat), in coffee, tea, Oatmeal, and biscuits and such. It often crystalizes in the jars and we just gently warm it to put it into our honey jar (a one and a half quart plastic jug that we use to refill our Honey Bear and use for bread).

My husband uses is to sweeten his coffee each morning and I use it when I need a little sweetener. We go through 5 gallons in 8-9 months. I buy it at an Amish store for around $130 and get about 22 quarts per 5 gal bucket.

Maggie Rinehart, United States
22 Oct 2011

I have a history with MRSA staph and am constantly battling to keep any type of infection from landing me in the hospital on an IV again. So, most recently, when I got an abscess on my leg while on vacation, I was quite concerned! I tried compresses and herbs, but had already figured that I needed to seek medical attention the following day if nothing changed.

That night, while researching the treatment of abscesses, I read in the Book for Nutritional Healing that honey could be used. 

After more research, I decided to try applying it to the wound with a bandage and seeing what would happen. In the morning, the situation was dramatically different. The palm sized growth and surrounding redness had dramatically gone down, the abscess was more compact and in general, it was sooooo much better.

I kept on with that regiment and can report that after three weeks, I barely even have a scar. I’m absolutely so impressed and what makes things even better is that I’m already a beekeeper and just did my first honey harvest. Hooray for honey! So sweet, delicious and good for you.

I’m happy to see that people have posted here from all over the world with their stories of how honey has benefited their lives. The honeybee is a special creature indeed- she has brought that much more sweetness to our lives!

CP, United States
21 Oct 2011

Honey helps me to eliminate excess phlegm thru hot lemon with honey.

Ann Grace Sta Maria, United Arab Emirates
19 Oct 2011

Honey is an excellent burn treatment. Taking bread out of the oven one day, the bread pan slipped and landed on my left wrist. I peeled it off of my skin and noticed 1st and 2nd degree burns. Running cold water on the burn was very painful, so I thought this is the time to test honey on the burn. Upon application of the honey the pain immediately stopped.

I piled honey on the 2 inch burn and wrapped my wrist with gauze and left it there for 5 days. When I removed the gauze, there was no evidence of my ever having burn that area.

Barbara Michaels, United States
16 Oct 2011

I’ve been taking a mixture of organic raw honey and cinnamon with some lukewarm water for three weeks now every morning. It has definitely reduced the pain in my legs and hips. I might have arthritis, I don’t know, but honey truly is amazing. It’s probably the best food in the world. Sometimes I read absurd comments about honey (usually from Americans) such as “honey is just sugar”, which is utter nonsense.

Ozcan, Turkey
15 Oct 2011

I always use honey as a good treatment for skin allergies and beautiful skin.

Angelo, United States
15 Oct 2011

I always knew that honey was a healing food, but didn’t know the benefits of it until I google it and read the many testimonies. I aware of all that honey can be served as. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Myrtis, United States
14 Oct 2011

Sitting around the campfire the other day, an ember popped and landed on my friend’s throat. She jumped about for a while, and said it was gone…no harm done. I saw the redness starting on her skin and went and got my jar of honey. She protested a bit, but as I smeared the honey on her skin, she felt immediate relief. No blisters appeared, and a couple hours later, she was still pain-free and the redness of the burns had disappeared.

Gotta LOVE just plain, pure HONEY, Honey! Don’t leave home without it.

Barbarah Hansen, United States
12 Oct 2011

I use honey in my tea to sweeten it and also in place of any recipes that call for jelly or preserves.

Marge Paul, United States
11 Oct 2011

Whenever any family member has a cold the honey remedy that we used is a 1:1 mixture of freshly squeeze lime juice and honey.

Kenneth Henry, Jamaica
10 Oct 2011

I am a bee keeper in Uganda who always visit this for encouragement and new uses of honey from the ones which I traditionally know. I wish to become among the most honey producing farmers in Uganda in 2013.

Muganga Isaac, Uganda
10 Oct 2011

I’ve been having some skin problems around my nose. Skin was red, sometimes itchy and flaky. Sometimes it hurt and sometimes it felt like something was crawling under it. The condition would come and go.

When I googled it, it said that it might be seborrheic dermatitis. I never checked with the doctor so I don’t know whether that was it.

Anyway, when I started using honey in August 2011 I put it on my face around the nose as well. The next day I noticed the difference. πŸ™‚

My skin wasn’t itchy and red anymore.

P.S. I’ve had only one flare-up, because of stress, since I started using honey and it wasn’t as severe as it used to be. If you have any skin problems I recommend yoou try it.

Hopefully it might help you too. πŸ™‚

Jenny, Sweden
9 Oct 2011

We always use honey in many juices, its taste is really the best in sweetness. I use honey only since a long time ago but really I don’t know its major benefits. After read this page I am so much informative about honey use.

Bharat Kotawdekar, India
9 Oct 2011

I use honey, cider vinegar and garlic to reduce my blood pressure and maintain my weight.

I once lived on a property that did apiculture and was responsible for the bottling and marketing of honey to local supermarkets.

Recently I have been using it as a spread instead of Jam or butter.

Yvonne Bailey, Jamaica
8 Oct 2011

I use the honey and Lemon Juice recipe in the morning to help me to lose weight. I also take a teaspoon of pure honey when I have a sore throat. I put it on a cut when I cut my finger. It works wonderfully. I also use the mouth wash recipe to freshen my breath.


P.S: It is a wonderful product. I also use it to make muffins too.

Dorothy Snyder, United States
6 Oct 2011

My honey experience started at a very tender age when I once visited an aunt why made one of her routine morning specials with the bread toasted with honey in it. As a kid I enjoyed so much and since fell in love with it. Without any idea, regarding its health benefits, I always preferred it over the table sugar. I later on found out that I was allergic to the table sugar when I once tried the it and as a result had a difficulty in breath.

This clearly showed to me how good it was. My studies in school has also been made easier cos with honey on my menu I’m sure of the necessary nutrients for the strength my brain needed. “It would be a long lasting family tradition”, I’ve promised myself since.

Elias Dzansi, Ghana
6 Oct 2011

I am 88 years old and have a lot of problems with my stomach and feel weak and tired all the time. I went on a dairy free diet, and a gluten free diet, which meant I couldn’t use milk in my coffee, and I don’t use sugar. I used honey one morning in my coffee and the taste of honey is very compatible with the taste of coffee, so kept using it. After a week of using it I noticed I’m feeling so much better and no more stomach cramps or diarrhea. Now honey will always be in my pantry.

Lillie, United States
5 Oct 2011

I just started using honey earlier tonight and thought maybe it would help me sleep – woke up at three a.m and cant go back to bed. Anyway, here’s an exotic and quite delectable recipe:

2 1/2 cups water
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cardamom
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of cloves
5 saffron threads (that’s the secret ingredient)
2 Tbs RAW honey (preferably orange blossom)

bring water and spices to a rolling boil, immediately set to simmer for fifteen minutes. pour honey into a teapot. when fifteen minutes is up, add strained spices and water. stir to dilute and combine honey. I call this my royal ruby tea, perfect aphrodisiac and great at bedtime.

Myranda e., United States
5 Oct 2011

I started using honey in all my food when I talked to my sister who had cured her long time cough by using honey on her food. She took so many medicines for her cough but never stop until someone told her about honey and she tried and it worked, like using honey instead of butter or jam, she can take it as a medicine eg. taking 1 tsp of honey 3 times a day until her cough disappeared and I tried it on my cough too and it works.

Teutele Grafteaux, New Caledonia
4 Oct 2011

I have started my grandson on Buckwheat honey in place of the over the counter cough medicines, with great results.

Gary Kareff, United States
2 Oct 2011

My journey to living healthier started five years ago. My sister gave me a book on which you eat certain foods based on your blood type. Within six months, I was thirty five pounds lighter, off of all of my RX’s and feeling great! I turned to honey as a natural sweetener. I first started substituting it in my baking.

My family never noticed the difference and you use so much less! We’ve talked about honey being the perfect food and it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties. I started the cinnamon & honey drink in the morning and LOVE it! Our children are now young adults 21,23,25. I wish I had discovered and started this when they were little, but, slowly they are converting.

My daughter recently married and plans to have a family. I have shared with her how I want to help raise and teach healthy eating to my future grandchildren, she’s all for it!

Celeste Moore, United States
2 Oct 2011

I love honey… When I lived in Romania I would buy it from a little old lady at the fresh fruit/vegetable market and she always had a variety of flavors. My favorite is Creamy Linden flower honey. Yum! Its great on fresh baked bread.

Hollie Moyer, United States
1 Oct 2011

Right from childhood, honey has been an integral part of our diet. We used to take it as antidote for cough, cold and catarr. A little helping of honey in the pap was always a breakfast delight. In fact, honey was also used to clean the slight bruises and cuts we sustained playing in those childhood days.

Today, I use it to substitute for sugar in my tea and with that you are sure that the diarrhea and tummy rumbling that ensues when you drink a cup of tea with sugar in the morning is eliminated. It also defers the lunch time once in a while as you still feel filled even during lunch time.

Vinca Vincent, Nigeria
1 Oct 2011

I would much rather use honey than any other sweetener. I find my taste buds appreciate the taste of food much more by using honey. One of my favorite super-simple recipes using honey is to cut up an onion in rings and salute in a small amount of unsalted butter until translucent Add a couple of tablespoons of water and drizzle honey over the onion rings.

Continue to cook for about 10 minutes until caramelized. There also will be enough sauce to serve over the onions. I love to serve these with grilled chicken.

Sarah Tyler, Israel
28 Sep 2011

We use honey as a substitute for sugar, as most sugar is Genetically Modified, as well as Round-up ready sugar beets are being used instead of cane sugar now a days.

We know modified food is poisonous to our health, therefore we prefer to use a natural sweetener like honey for health reasons.

Our family has been using honey for a year now, and we know that our health benefits have been rewarding.

Cynthia Colleen, Canada
28 Sep 2011

One of my friend told me a recipe of honey I also tried, found relief from heart disease. Any heart patient having blockage in arteries can use this once a day or preferably with breakfast.

Take one cup of garlic juice, one cup of ginger juice, one cup of lemon juice and one cup of apple vinegar. Mix all four cups and cook until 3 cups will remain. Cool it and mix equal amount (3-cups) of honey for use. This recipe can be used by all peoples for better health. These ingredients have medicinal values and will dissolve the blockage any where in the body due to the use of saturated fatty acids.

Liaqat Ali, Pakistan
25 Sep 2011

Hi, my uncle had diabetes, after he died I stop eating sugar and start eating honey instead, it was really amazing honey with tea honey with milk, it gives me more energy and I feel calm and healthy.

I am from Kurdistan and the honey from this area is famous cause of our beautiful nature especially at spring. Your website is really helpful. Thanks.

Shirin Ghanei, Iran
21 Sep 2011

I went into Google today purposely to type in “Benefits of Honey” and I came across your website. So why would I want to do that?

In the last couple of days I had been wanting to find out more about honey and that’s the whole truth. I had bought 2 bottles of honey after I was pestered by a ‘salesman’ I met after stopping over in a rest area as I was driving back from a neighboring city. I didn’t want to buy it at first for fear that it might be concocted, but there were sliced hives inside the pail of honey and something told me that it could be pure.

After taking it for about a week, I had this amazing experience. I am 50 now and I happened to have a weakening libido over the years, and I always seemed unable to keep my erection as I used to. After my regular honey intake , I now find that I am able to hold it for a much longer period and amazingly yet, my erections are much much harder.

In fact I had tried a drug called “Provironum’ to improve my erections, but it did not do much for me, but honey – indeed a magical substance!

A. Panirselvam, Malaysia
20 Sep 2011

Hi, I naturally take honey because but my parent made me believe it is good for the body since I was little. I just take it like that without knowing the area where it (honey) is benefitting me.

I have contended with skin irritation and bumps after shaving for many year without success. Different after-shave creams, ointment, sprays and all sorts have been prescribed to me but all proved abortive. Some of these after-shaves almost damaged my skin, well I guess maybe some contain strong compound.

Well as they say “whatever the mind seek, the mind finds”. A thought just came to me in one of my relaxed mood. That I should honey. That means I should apply honey on my face.

This I did and the result was great. No more irritation.

Immediately after shaving I would wash my face with soap and water. Then I would apply the honey on the shaved spot. After some minute I wash my face again with water only.

This how honey has being of great benefit to me. My natural after-shave.

Dayo Adetutu, Nigeria
20 Sep 2011

Ruth: Dayo, nice post on a natural after-shave for all the gentlemen! Thanks!

I use honey as a sugar alternative. I am hypoglycemic and have had to dramatically reduced my sugar intake. I find that honey doesn’t have the same effect as other sugars for me so I am able to tolerate it and not feel as restricted in denying my sweet tooth. I find the simple milk and honey helps me sleep well through the night and when I have a sore throat a spoonful of honey helps the dryness of my throat.

Amanda, Australia
20 Sep 2011

I start using honey because I being having pain in my bones, like in my joints, and this scares me, because I don’t have any help at home and I was feeling my hands weak, I start eating every morning 1 tablespoon and also drink a cup of Tea with a teaspoon of honey. And I feel better after a month.

Lucy Lemus, United States
19 Sep 2011

Honey is an excellent sweetener that can replace sugar and high fructose corn syrup. I look for food products that are sweetened with honey like Bear Butter because it is healthier and the kids love it.

Nancy Parker, United States
18 Sep 2011

For me honey has always been a accent ingredient. I’ve never really baked with it, but more use it in my tea. If anything my favorite use of the sweet stuff it drizzled on hot cornbread. πŸ™‚ mmmmm… Also, a few years ago I discovered how to make a very quick honey candy. Take honey and put it in a small bowl or ramekin. Then stick it into the microwave until it is bubbly and runny.

Next you have to work fast, grab the honey and drizzle over ice cubes to have it instantly harden into a soft honey treat. For added fun, add different small seeds like sesame or other treats into the mix. Eat immediately.

Ashley Kelley, United States
18 Sep 2011

I use honey in my tea, my baking and marinades. I have found honey to have a soothing effect even on my children especially when they are suffering from colds and flu.

Honey has also proved to work wonders on my facial skin. My skin tone is now very fair since i started using honey in my home-made facial scrub.

Esnath Mutenda,Zimbabwe
16 Sep 2011

I was bitten by a mosquito. I did not have any medicine to stop itching. But I had a little bag of honey in my purse. I used it and forgot I was itching at all. On another occasion, I got badly burned. Again I had no medicine with me for that. I put my hand inside of a bow with honey in it. I kept there for good two hours. For my surprise, the pain went away, and I never had burning marks on my skin. I also use honey to heal any cuts and or infection.

Ceminha, Brazil
15 Sep 2011

Ruth: Wow, Ceminha, you actually carry with you honey as first aid all the time!

I use honey to fight my allergies and it works great!

Lynn, United States
13 Sep 2011

As a child I would always look forward to seeing my Nana, and could of course always count on her giving me a spoonful of honey for a treat. I liked it better than her wonderful Swedish cookies! πŸ™‚

Kathleen McWhorter, United States
13 Sep 2011

Honey is great. When I had felt bloated I took honey in my green tea and I felt relieved immediately. Have been drinking it ever since. Use it in everything.

Juddy Stevens, Nigeria
9 Sep 2011

Local honey is wonderful for allergies. It stops all the sneezing & etc. that goes along with it & works instantly to relieve the symptoms. I know! Just take a teaspoon full & allergies are gone!

Jeanie Gibbs, United States
7 Sep 2011


Dolly Lemma, Tanzania
7 Sep 2011

Honey is great as a sweetener sans the use of sugar plus it works well as medicine if u got a tummy ache. Lot of local sweets use honey as its natural and none can match its taste.

Dave Wij, Sri Lanka
4 Sep 2011

I’m a teenager and I use honey for my pimples it doesnt’t clean them all completely but it does work to make your face more clear and soft.

Robin Delp, United States
3 Sep 2011

I’ve been taking 1 to 2 tbl spoons of this before bed for 2 weeks & have noticed nothing, nada, not a thing! What gives? Using Some Honey Bear Pure Honey. Is this all hype or what?

Barbara, United States
3 Sep 2011

Ruth: Barbara, please read “Final Note” in the write-up on the Hibernation Diet.

I married a beekeepers’ son. We now have lots and lots of beehives. Cooking with honey is a passion of mine. Did you know it taste great on cereal?

Angela Gehrke, United States
2 Sep 2011

Instead of using maple syrup, I used honey for my cayenne lemon cleansing.

Rose Gambala, The Philippines
2 Sep 2011

I love to sweeten my tea in the morning with honey. My husband and I find that we have less colds and no flu for 5 yrs since putting honey in our tea.

Barbara Rosenberger, United States
27 Aug 2011

As a child I remember my father bringing home honey in its pure, untreated form. It was used to sweeten our teas and generally to boost our immune system, I can hardly remember getting the flu as a child.

Akeya Chantie, Trinidad and Tobago
27 Aug 2011

I am trying how to learn how to use honey in everyday recipes because it is so good and for health reasons. Also because my husband has throat cancer and is getting mouth sores from the radiation therapy, I’d like to find a way for him to have honey in everything that he eats and drinks.

Debbie Wenzel, United States
24 Aug 2011

I have used Manuka honey to cure dry eyes. I am now using it to dissolve cataracts. I have macular degeneration and the honey has improved my eyesight. I wouldn’t be without it.

Maureen, United Kingdom
19 Aug 2011

Ruth: Hi Maureen, thanks so much for posting your honey experience. Awesome! May I ask how honey is used in treating the eyes? Do you directly apply it as an eye drop? Or do you dilute it with water?

Maureen: I melt the honey in warm water, 1 to 10 then use an eye bath. I have heard of people using it straight from the jar into the eye. I don’t think it matters as long as you get the honey in your eye. It does sting for a few seconds but the benefit you get is worth it. I hope someone can benefit from this experience.

Our Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace be upon him) has advised to have honey. There are uncountable remedies. One experience I can tell you is if you mix honey in warm glass of water and drink it every morning your hair losing problem will be cured.

Muhammad Feroz Nathanie, Malawi
17 Aug 2011

I find that when I travel. One of the first things I look for is local honey. I find that is helps me with my Allergy’s and my Firbromaylga. I love my honey!!

Dee Vidal, United States
17 Aug 2011

My daughter who had a dry cough for almost two weeks was feel better after I gave her a glass of lemon water with honey for two consecutive nights. It was very effective.

Merle, The Philippines
15 Aug 2011

I’ve tried using honey and milk to help me sleep and it really does work. Plus lemon and honey works every time when I have a cold.

Natasha King, New Zealand
13 Aug 2011

I use honey and vinegar for maintaining my preferred weight. I drink a glass a day and have had tremendous success.

I also use honey and lemon for my family for colds, sometimes adding a tiny bit of whiskey, covering with blankets and crawling into bed. It helps to sweat the flu away.

We are never without honey in our home. We have bees around us all the time and a bee keeper comes to collect the boxes and brings us fresh honey when the boxes are full. In fact he just picked up 4 boxes full yesterday.

Murphy Pagan, South Africa
9 Aug 2011

My 20 months child had a severe cough. Tried many medicines but no relief. Then I tried honey & realized that it really worked. It was really a sign of relief to me.

Poonam Singh, India
7 Aug 2011

Ruth: Hi Poonam, in case you are not aware, honey should not be given to infants under the age of 18 months due to the concern related to infant botulism.

I started using raw honey in place of granulated sugar. I am borderline diabetic. I used to crave sweets to the point of getting ill if I didn’t get it. I read about the benefits of raw honey so I purchased some and started using it in tea and coffee. I have since quit craving sweet stuff like cupcakes, candy, etc.

Sheila, United States
7 Aug 2011

Ruth: Hey Sheila, I would have succumbed to even more chocolates if I hadn’t found honey!

Hi! Honey is a natural energy booster and I love honey. I was 50 kgs at the time of my marriage. After my first delivery I was around 72 kgs. Tried Honey with Ginger and by 6 months I was back to my normal weight.

SLIMMING – To 1 tbsp of honey add 1 tsp of grated ginger and consume daily on empty stomach.

ANTIAGING/WRINKLES: Soak Gooseberries in Honey and consume 1 daily in the morning on empty stomach.

GLOWING SKIN: 1 tbsp of Basil juice + 2 tsp of honey. Make a paste apply on the face. Leave for 15 mins and wash off.

Maya, India
3 Aug 2011

Ruth: Thanks for the tips, Maya!

I’ve lost around 5kg (11 lbs) over the last few months without making any changes to my diet other than drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice first thing every morning, and changing from coffee with sugar to green tea with honey.

I thought my scales were broken at first and had to check on my friends scales when I went to visit.

I also use honey and sugar as a scrub for my face as I was developing pimples (pimples at 49?! argggh)which have now all but cleared up. My skin feels so much softer and I rarely get pimples at all now.

Leanne, Australia
29 Jul 2011

I have my own honeybee farm. I am using honey as refreshing drink early in morning with empty stomach. I find it very amazing that my blood pressure is in control and it also acts as a laxative.

Dr Iftikakhar Ahmad, Pakistan
27 Jul 2011

I use honey as a sweetener and I never get sick.

Juan Blas, Uganda
27 Jul 2011

A friend of mine came to stay with us and at the time was taking an extremely heavy dose of antibiotics. Her stomach was upset and she was nauseous. I made her a mixture of raw honey (our local honey not store shelf type) and cinnamon and put it on some toast for her. She did not believe me that it would make her feel better.

She at the toast with the honey mixture and left for her meeting. 1/2 hour later she called to tell me that she felt great. Going forward she took her anti-biotics with honey cinnamon toast.

My husband and I take vinegar and honey twice a day just for overall health. I see more energy in both of us and keeps the bodies cleansing process routine.

Kai Shepherd, United States
26 Jul 2011

I have fibroid, the size of it a baby head, I started taking honey and cinnamon every morning before my breakfast. The fibroid started to reduce to small size. And now I’m free of fibroid. Thanks to honey and cinnamon.

Rita Raj, Malaysia
25 Jul 2011

Ruth: Wow Rita, unbelievable!

I use honey to reduce my hair loss. Using honey with onion juice will reduce hair loss.

Dami Joe, Nigeria
22 Jul 2011

Ruth: Wow Dami, awesome!

I had my second baby through caesarian section and the stitches broke down after a week. All the doctor did was pour honey over it and cover. In just two weeks, the opening was closed and I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen to myself!

Olubunmi, Nigeria
20 Jul 2011

Honey just improves the taste of almost anything. I put a teaspoon in my coffee, more in my oatmeal and even brushing it on pork or meat at the end of barbequing. I’m 82 years and my doctor says I’ll probably live to be 100.

Howard, United States
9 Jul 2011

I have been using honey since I was 2 years old. When ever I would have a cough or cold my grandparents would heat milk and add honey to calm our coughs and get us back to sleep.

Kayc Stone, United States
6 Jul 2011

I have made Mead & also use Honey in my Terriyaki Sauce.

Timothy N Flanagan, United States
5 Jul 2011

Almighty God has put the bees to do a great job, that is working hard to produce honey. I get wonderful results from using honey, For an example, I used honey for skin care, and high blood pressure.

To accomplish that, I buy towels about 36ins long and about 15ins wide. I spread the towel on a clean surface, and from the hole in the cover on the bottle, I put 4lines of honey on the towel, fold the towel in half, and go and bathe from head to feet. When I am finish bathing, I squeezed the water from the towel and dry my skin. 

The result, my blood pressure is kept at normal, my skin is clean and smoothed. As well as I am relaxed. Also, i try not to use hot water, now, i only have to put on my clothes and go, and outside is real cool. Try it you will enjoy it.

Henry, Barbados
4 Jul 2011

I am taking Honey+Lemon+Warm Water as morning drink since last 2 months, My experience is very +ve for loosing my waist (reduced by 2 inches) earlier it was 37 inch now 35, and have lost 2 kg weight in last 2 months, I am impressed by honey as hibernation diet. I will try from today…. BTW Where can I get book on Honey on Hibernation diet?

Chandrashekhar Buty, India
2 Jul 2011

Ruth: Chandrashekhar, you can get the Hibernation Honey book in Amazon.

I have tried everything for years for my acne but nothing worked, so i try steaming my face then rubbing honey and some sugar to scrub my skin, i would let it sit there for 10 minutes or more then wash it off with warm water and it WORKED so well, now my skin is flawless and beautiful.

Joylyn, Trinidad and Tobago
25 Jun 2011

Honey works miracles!! I have had very very severe seasonal allergies for about ten years my dad told me to try honey I have used honey on and off for two years but this past year I have been consuming a teaspoon and half every morning and it works if you take it regularly thank you bees!!!!

Mike, United States
23 Jun 2011

I use 1/2 tsp. honey mixed with spagetti sauce It takes the acidic bit out of the tomatoes and makes it sweet enough to enjoy the flavor of the sauce. Doesn’t change the flavor very much. My husband enjoys it and I’m able to eat it with my GERD problem without heartburn later.

Angel Hicks, United States
21 Jun 2011

Our family uses honey in several ways and I’m delighted to share some of them with you in exchange for your free e-book because I would like to learn to use honey in more of my cooking. I put honey on my children’s scraped knees because of its healing properties. It prevents infection and helps their wounds heal faster. 

We use honey in our hot teas and and eat a spoonful of honey to soothe sore throats. I also like to eat a spoonful or two of honey when I need some energy because it seems to give me energy and stamina when I’m feeling tired. Years ago, I used it in candy recipes and for a few sauces and I’d like to start cooking with honey again.

Carol Morgan, Japan
19 Jun 2011

I’m a tea drinker… but I like my “English” tea with milk and sugar! For years I’ve been concerned with how much sugar I was consuming with my daily cup of tea (or two!) but I just couldn’t get myself to drink it with those nasty sugar substitutes! Every year or two I would try it again and I just couldn’t do it!

Finally, I decided to try honey – knowing that it was a healthier alternative to sugar … I was not expecting to like it but I remembered something from the Bible that talked about the “land of milk and honey” so I thought, the two MUST go together! I gave it a try and to my absolute delight, I LOVED IT!! It wasn’t as if I had to get “used” to it – I really loved it right from the first cup!

I will NEVER go back to processed, white sugar OR those nasty sugar substitutes that leave me SO unsatisfied with my cup of tea. I’m a “milk and honey” girl now!

Pat Boorman, Canada
18 Jun 2011

I love Honey very much! Coming from Liberia and living in Ghana, West Africa for over 16 yrs since the war in Liberia, I recently started using honey and brown sugar as a natural alternative to white sugar.

As I don’t like to use medicines for illnesses, I tend to go for more natural options. My kids and I usually get colds and coughs so I do a blend of ginger with honey and lemon and keep it it a sealed container in my fridge. We use it anytime I hear a sniff or random cough coming from anyone in my house and it works like a charm, dispelling mucous, sore throat and discomfort.

Joye Vera Hansen, Switzerland
16 Jun 2011

In my college days, I really don’t like honey. But as I grew up I’ve heard alot about the usefulness of honey. So I decided to boost my all round health by taking honey. I started by taking a spoonful of it directly and taking some water to push it down to my tommy ‘cos I felt I cant lick it.

Later I got used to it. I used it as facial mask mixed with egg white and lemon before my face was supple tender. Till date I use it for my beverages, tea, pap, baking of bread, frying puff puff, burns, cakes and pan cakes. Any way I don’t use sugar at all.

Folarin Temitayo, Nigeria
16 Jun 2011

is it true that any honey is good

Honey is the most wonderful natural healer which has been given by the God to the humans. I explain in this manner because it is the only natural substance beneficial to the humans in a desperate situation that can not be ratified even by the doctors.

The acute sore throat which could not be cured with a series of antibiotics, healed by a few teaspoonful of honey.

Thanks to the websites that provide the information about the medicinal value of HONEY!!!.

Mahaarachchige, Sri Lanka
12 Jun 2011

I start my morning off with toast, butter, cinnamon and honey. And I like honey and apple cider vinegar in my green tea. Gets me going.

James Smoller, United States
9 Jun 2011

I have been on honey therapy for nearly 16years, to be precise sometimes in 1995. I take three table spoonful of natural honey 1st thing in the morning before I say my morning prayer and before I brush my teeth.

Is actually a good way of controlling one’s weight. i recommend this to all ladies out there, but the fact is getting an undiluted pure and natural honey, so as not to add problem to the system.

Khadijat Banwo, Nigeria
9 Jun 2011

Honey healed the rash on my 3 month old baby’s hand.

P Martin, Trinidad and Tobago
7 Jun 2011

I’m sure honey and apple cider vinegar help my hip pain. Every time I get hip pain a course of honey and acv gets rid of it. I’ve used it a number of times over the years.

Lee Penfold, Australia
5 Jun 2011

When I was living in Reunion Island , I used to love the honey from Leetchy, from Bras Canot. It was quite rare and peoples didn’t really like its strong taste. At this time I was not aware of frauds on honey. Why frauding in a small island?

I moved to Indonesia 10 years ago, and I rapidly understood to stay away from streets vendors, what ever they sell. And in supermarket the quality was (still is) so poor. I have been testing them all, even hiding behind a column in the stores to break the seals of these jars. Yes it was me!

I stopped eating honey for 6/7 years. Until I met a young street vendor who insisted that I tested his honey. And he pour out honey Leetchy! I believe in my palate memory, so I taste it. And it was the same flavor (80%) that I’ve used in Reunion.

Then I tried the coffee honey, then the rattan honey, then the blossom, the soursop. I’m waiting from my new friend to bring me some new tastes next week. And I’m sharing them.

I also do my HW on google, so please let me share some medical discovery here. 

A close friend of mine has the Croh’sn disease, a F… orphan sickness that tears her apart as soon she get stressed. From Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences: Isolation of a peptide fraction from honeybee royal jelly as a potential antifoul brood factor.

Defensins are small cysteine-rich cationic proteins that are lacking in the Crohn disease. And these proteins are produced by bees and found in their honey, and in royal jelly in a far bigger quantity. These are the most antibiotic natural substance from honey and can kill bacteria that metacycline can’t. For those interested please see more in:

I would say that I agree to what I read on your website, the far most interesting and complete website about honey. Keep the good job done informing people about one of the most complex and elaborate product on earth.

Also keep alert about the hives destructions, pesticides, which are not the only threat to the future of our entire system.

Eric Lieksh, Indonesia
5 Jun 2011

I still remember the day I first had my taste of pure wild honey straight from the bee hive. I was ten years old at that time. Today I am 62 years old and still eat honey everyday of my life .I use it in anything that I think can have a dash of honey in it. Honey has kept me fit and very strong all the days of my life I have no chronic disease to this day.

I still exercise with heavy weights and drink a mixture of honey and water to give that extra energy in the gym .I have had honey from almost all countries of the world each with its own unique taste .Eating honey is my secret for a good life .

Tyron, India
1 Jun 2011

I have a six year old daughter who got diagnosed with asthma 2 years ago. My gran recommended honey to soothe the coughing that racked her little body late at night just a teaspoon before bed over a period, it improved so I now had to have a jar of honey in my cupboard all the time.

Then an uncle showed me how to make the nicest leg of pork drizzled with honey as well as some sweet and sour ribs and chicken.  I use it in my tea, my baking and am looking for a way to use it on small cuts and bruises.

Vimbayi Ndewere, Zimbabwe
31 May 2011

I’ve always enjoyed honey, but started eating some local honey each day this year for my spring allergies. I found just as good – if not better results – from eating honey as I did from taking OTC medications.

For a few weeks I ran out, and my allergies were back in their usual form. Finally I restocked, and am back to normal again.

This year pollen counts were extremely high in our area, much higher than the past several years (when I started taking meds for the allergies). Honey has not only worked wonders, I much prefer the idea of eating something with so many other benefits (and it’s tasty!) rather than ingesting a drug.

AJ, United States
27 May 2011

I’m a beekeeper, and use honey as a substitute for sugar in food. I also use honey on skin when burned or infections.

Rigmor Johannesen, Denmark
27 May 2011

Honey is very lovable! It plays a major role at our home. We use honey in our breakfast, tea and when cooking many other dishes. I apply honey on my lips to keep them moisturized and glowing. Started off with the honey and cinnamon recipe a few days ago to maintain body weight; seems like the results are going to be good.

Dileesha Fernando, Sri Lanka
26 May 2011

I use honey in my tea and I have also used honey in making breads, cookies, and cakes. I also use honey in my homemade spaghetti sauce and the sauce I use for lasagna. I like to make a warm tea out of honey and cinnamon to drink to maintain my health.

Venita Anderson, United States
26 May 2011

The golden healing can’t not be done away with. My late sister had a sour on her buttocks before she pass on. The doctors asked us to get natural HONEY. The honey was produced and it help reduced the sour on her buttocks before she passed on. Also on some occasion honey has healed people around me

Daniel, Nigeria
26 May 2011

Honey is doing miracle, its barely two weeks and I have lost 3kg.

Elizabeth, Kenya
25 May 2011


24 May 2011

I have loved honey forever! Since I was small and now I am in my fifty’s and still love it! I have been drinking a honey, apple cider mixture for two years now! It helps with my weight and keeps a nice glow to my skin!

Cynthia Livingstone, Canada
23 May 2011


Barbara Robinson, United States
23 May 2011

I use only the best honey daily and that manuka honey. I use it in my herbal tea with cinnamon as well as a spread and i use to marinate my food….honey is awesome to use medicinally as well. I use manuka honey for burns and cuts and as a moisturizer. I’d never leave home without it.

Celia Enoka, New Zealand
23 May 2011

I use honey with all my canning. Also when I have a cut or sore. Heals very fast.

Joy Price, United States
22 May 2011

Honey has helped me lose weight. I really like it and still use it to date.

Edith, Kenya
18 May 2011

We live in Oregon where there is a lot of poison oak & I have gotten it very badly in the past. I used raw honey that the bees had collected pollen from poison oak & now I never get poison oak.

Lori Pagel, United States
18 May 2011

Recently, I ate some almonds and a fragment got lodged in my gums and caused a very painful abscess. I went to the local farmers market and took a sample of the honey from a vendor. It was so delicious, I swished it around my mouth and let the flavor sit for a while. About 20 minutes later I noticed the pain in my tooth was not as bad at all. I took honey two more times in the next day or so and the abscess was completely gone without having to go to the dentist.

I also use it in spaghetti sauce, pasta, on baked chicken, roasted veggies, fruit salad and in tea. It is my favorite thing.

Danielle, United States
14 May 2011

I love my Huney(wife) and my Honey..

I use honey for my family and use it as an energy booster, first aid and treatment for common cough, fever, cold, flu, stomach ache, red eyes, cuts ,in my shampoo and liquid bath soap a teaspoon and even with my non fluoride herbal toothpaste.

For common ailments as above I mix it with Scott’s emulsion(Fish Emulsion or fish oil) and it work wonders with recovery normally within 1-3 days, God willing.

It is very good if taken regularly with Scott’s emulsion(Fish Emulsion or fish oil) for strong body resistance especially for the children. can be used for toothache too, just put a few drops on the hole and yummy.. the pain dissolves..

In my car there is always a small bottle of honey for mouth freshener and a quick energy boost or handy for cuts, toothache, stomach ache etc. a wonderful gift from God…thank you God…

Jefri Hashim, Malaysia
9 May 2011

Benefits are so numerous , my mother used to have honey almost everyday, it quickly fixes upset stomach , mix 2 tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water and sip it slowly and within an hour you will reap its benefits. I have started my own honey farm in Fiji Islands and we are looking at producing honey commercially.

Muhammedf, Australia
7 May 2011

If i have a sore throat I take a spoonful of honey and let it dissolve down my throat. I also use it if I have a cough that won’t go away. Just plain honey has a very delicious taste, especially like the creamed. Cooking is another good use, especially mixed with garlic, soya sauce, water and corn starch to make a good spare rib recipe.

Also because I am diabetic, it doesn’t bother my sugar level as much as white sugar because it is a natural product, especially the unpasteurized. If my sugar gets to low, I just take a spoonful and this usually brings it back up.

I love honey.

Wanda Jackson, Canada
29 Apr 2011

I have been using honey from past 6 months. I use it almost daily with green tea as a sweetener. And i am amazed by the results it produced. I have been able to reduce 5 kgs. My waist has been reduced by 3 inches and i feel great now. The main reason for me using honey is because i have read in the Holy Quran that it is very beneficial for the human body.

I also use it just as a sweet as i have started to love its taste. Its very useful when i have a sore throat as it gives comfort.

Anas Hadi, India
27 Apr 2011

I love honey!!! I am a college student and have classes at different times during different days of the week. I am always looking for a quick and easy snack to take along with me to class that’s healthy and filling. I take a whole wheat tortilla and spread peanut butter on it. Then I take some of my locally produced honey and drizzle some of that on top of the peanut butter.

Then I add granola, raisins, and sometimes I even roll a banana up inside. Its really a delicious and quick recipe, and it contains my favorite ingredient… HONEY!!!

Kelley Roberts, United States
27 Apr 2011

I have type 2 diabetes and it is so hard to lose weight until now, I have been trying to lose 100 pounds for well it’s seems years but now it looks like i have the help i need. About 3 months ago i started weight watchers an the weight was coming off then it stopped no matter what i did no lo weight lost each week I went to the meeting then i read the article about honey with cinnamon before breakfast an again before bed time and what happen the weight starts coming off again.

 I have a long way to go but I’m so glad that I am losing weight again. I will let you all know what happens but it looks like I have found the help i need thanks.

Mark Steudlein, United States
26 Apr 2011

My husband has arthritis and I have undergone operation due to gall stones. Ever since, we have looking for a natural medicines that could both help us to boost our immune system and have a healthy diet. We have been vegetarian since my operation and he being diagnosed to have high uric acid.

However, we feel that we are not able to get enough nutrients from what we are eating. Though fruits and vegetables are indeed good for the health, it is not complete. Based from our lolo and lola, having a tablespoon full of honey every day give us energy boost that we need. It has so many benefits.

My children love it sweet floral taste, and I started to incorporate honey in our diet and cooking. It enhances flavor and color, my children love honey in adobo which makes it sweet and salty. Also, my husband use honey as sweetener and he loves honey in desserts especially in simple buko-pandan.

Belinda Mesa, The Philippines
26 Apr 2011

I discovered your website some time ago but did not return to it until a few months ago. After reading some remedies, I decided to test the honey remedy on myself. I have a irritated stomach and gastric reflux. I was on a daily medication however, I was still experiencing pain. I believe the pain was brought on more by stress than food or drink.

I began to take honey by the spoonful at least twice daily. I am not sure what it is; however, I have experienced less painful moments and better sleep at night. I will continue taking the spoonful of honey because I know it will not hurt me…and if it is helping me; why take the pain! Thank you for your stories and remedies about everything. I am eager to try the face masks next.

Delma Ball, United States
25 Apr 2011

My husband and I became beekeepers in 2009. In our first year of beekeeping, we left all the honey to our bees to help them over-winter successfully. All three of our colonies survived, we captured several swarms the next year, and so, with five colonies going into this past winter, we finally did harvest about a gallon of our bees’ honey.

Our adventures in cooking with our local honey began! Our favorite so far: we glazed the ham for our beekeepers’ association holiday pot luck dinner with a fabulous blend of honey (3/4 cup), whiskey (1 1/2 TB, bourbon), and ground cloves (1/2 tsp). We gently heated this mix to blend the very viscous honey, and it worked like a charm! Our house smelled amazing, and our friends ate that ham up. Hooray for honey bees and honey glaze!

Susanne Weil, United States
23 Apr 2011

I love honey and I love bees.

I can tell right away if white sugar was used in baking, cup of tea, and most other foods. Honey for baking makes everything so much moister and smooth. How does one ruin a cup of tea…use sugar.

My son had eczema really bad when he was younger. I would make a honey and salt scrub and apply it to his affected areas. After rubbing I would leave the mixture on for a few more minutes then wash off. Lather on a thick body butter to seal in the moister and benefits from the honey and he was good to go for the week.

I love bees. When I hear of a friend being stung I feel bad for the bee not the friend. The friend will most likely live. Without bees we would have major agricultural problems. Bees need more people like you to boost their reputation.

Janice Pennington, Canada
22 Apr 2011

Hi my name is Monica Solis.. a few years ago I had surgery in my stomach my recovery was going super slow for a whole month I could not get up from bed. One day at my uncles house after we were done having lunch, his wife placed a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table then right after she brought a nice galloon of honey,

I sat there wondering what in the world was she going to do soon after I saw everyone grabbing the bowl & serving themselves fruit then as I watched waiting for my turn I watched them pour honey all over their fruit, I thought it was really weird but my uncles wife encouraged me to try it..

I really didn’t want to but then when she mentioned that it would help my surgery heal faster (since I was tired of bein in bed) I tried it.. & I loved it, then I asked her if shed please give me a few recipes to cook.. so she did & I used it for a few weeks & before I knew it I was out & about.. I truly believe it was the honey that helped me get better faster & I encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits that honey brings!

Monica Solis, United States
21 Apr 2011

well I first became a avid honey user about three years ago, not by choice or want but more so for practicality. I moved up to the arctic remote base for work, and had to watch my diet a bit more since I wasn’t getting a wide variety of food(and only being 20, I didn’t know much on food). 

I grew up with strict food allergies to preservatives and man made chemicals in food.

I started by getting my family to ship up honey since my father explained it, never goes bad(big plus0, and could be used in my tea which I drink multiple times a day since water is cheap but milk and other drink are super expensive, so I then started to use honey on bread as a quick energy boost and snack.

It was more convenient and tasty, I had more than one use for it and the biggest deal was it didn’t spoil no matter what. And was all natural.

After I finished my contract up there, I found my next company had me flying all around northern remote places where id be for no certain time, I started to travel l with honey again, if we landed and no stores, I could use honey as a sugar additive in tea, or put plain in with hot water, or use on bread or toast, and even in some cases where we couldn’t find a meal or was to late for anything to be open, just eat a few spoonful.

I am a survivalist nut and have become a firm believer in honey and its benefits of longevity and uses as a sugar alternative. I am still learning of other ways honey can be used and look forward to trying new things.

Alastair Scoular, Canada
21 Apr 2011

I have a metabolism problem that has made me gain weight so I have started learning all i can about honey. I have heard so many good things about Honey and my doctor has not been able to help.

Debi Meinhardt, United States
21 Apr 2011

I love my HONEY! I love having my breakfast Green tea with HONEY and raisin bread toast with butter and of course HONEY….its the best thing! When our family is sick we rely on hot tea with lemon and HONEY to help us get through….and lots of it. We go through a lot with Honey, sometimes my kids and I will eat a spoonful of HONEY straight from the jar!..

It’s soooo good! I even remember as a kid Mom giving me HONEY and milk.

Irene Sevcik, Canada
21 Apr 2011

The use of honey in my family has evolved over the years. When my children were toddlers, they loved to dip their chicken nuggets in the warm, gooey honey.

A few years later, they discovered the comfort of warm honey melted in a hot cup of water to which they now add a couple of drops of lemon juice. It is so sweet(!) to now hear them gather around the table and make each other sweet tea for each other when one complains of a soar throat.

As a little girl growing up, I almost enjoyed getting a soar throat from playing outdoors too long because my mom would always make me a special treat. It consisted of grated fresh cold apple mixed with a dollop of honey. This unique combination would soothes my throat every time and my laryngitis would would magically disappear.

Now, I use honey to baste my chicken before putting it in the oven, adding balsamic vinegar and a little of olive oil.

Honey is a staple in our family pantry.

Lucie Davidson, Canada
21 Apr 2011

I use honey as a light coating when I cook pork tenderloin. I first coat the tenderloin with honey then sprinkle mustard powder, garlic powder and oregano over the top. I surround it with sliced cooking apples and bake. When it is done you have the most mouth watering tenderloin ever. My family enjoys this meal every time I cook it and they can’t get enough.

e Drozda, Canada
21 Apr 2011

I love honey! It’s the most natural and healthy sweetener. Just a dab in my coffee, makes it taste just right. My mother used to put honey and lemon in boiling hot water when I was sick and I still today do the same for my kids. A honey glaze on ham is to die for. Honey is a great and healthy sugar substitute for anything.

Regina Helgason, Canada
21 Apr 2011

Local honey in the area you live can be used for dogs that have allergies, check with a veterinarian to make sure your type of dog breed can tolerate it, and you can give the dog a tablespoon of honey daily and it may take care of some of the allergies.

Cheryl Dewson, Canada
20 Apr 2011

1. I use honey to sweeten my tea (instead of sugar). Honey is more natural.

2. daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viral attacks.

3. when suffering from common take one tablespoon lukewarm honey mixed with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This will cure most chronic coughs, colds and clear the sinuses.

Nadia Sauro, Canada
20 Apr 2011

Our grandson visits with us every week. He often stops for breakfast with fresh Bagels which we have with honey. Had no idea what this has meant to him till he told a friend he wouldn’t be able to meet with him until after he had his bagels and honey with his grandparents. Made us so proud.

Joyce Lukasavitz, United States
20 Apr 2011

I use it with fresh grated and squeezed ginger juice when I have cold symptoms, and it works wonders in removing heavy-head feeling due to nasal congestion and helps even for sore throat..! sometimes I add a bit lemon juice too…

Laura Patil, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I use honey as the basis for cough remedies rather than use the expensive and drugs found in over the counter products.

It works every time for relief and I don’t get drowsy.

Susan Jackson, Canada
20 Apr 2011

My family is a big believer in health benefits of honey. We exclusively use honey to sweeten tea. The first thing my mom does when someone sneezes in winter is warm some honey sprinkled with ground black pepper and make them eat a spoonful of that. It’s quite delicious actually. And I love to drizzle it on toast with butter.

S A Zehra, Pakistan
20 Apr 2011

I use honey in hot water with lemon when I have a sore throat (like today). I also LOVE chicken baked in honey and milk. It doesn’t look great when it comes out of the oven, but the chicken is perfectly moist and sweet … yum! I’ve also been known to indulge in honey and peanut butter sandwiches from time to time.

Joanie Herron, Canada
20 Apr 2011

Our family of nine use Honey as a comfort food and a medicine. whenever someone is sick with a cold or sore throat, out comes the honey. Hot tea lemon and honey and also on a nice warm piece of toast. Just makes us feel better.

Grace Morgan, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I use honey in my sugar body scrub recipe (2 cups sugar, enough oil to make a paste, 2 Tbsp honey, tsp or more vanilla) in order to add some moisturization and anti-bacterial properties. We also use it with peanut butter for a really tasty treat.

Christianne Pelletier, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I use honey in my tea to add sweetness but without having to add sugars. I prefer local honey that comes from my province primarily for that “feel good factor” of supporting local merchants.

When my father is sick he will make a hot totty where honey is the only saving grace! I cannot drink the thing if it’s not loaded with the sweet serum.

Meg McC, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I add honey every morning to my home made smoothie. I include organic soy milk, wild blueberries (which I froze last summer), 1/2 banana and any other fruit I happen to have on hand, 1 tbsp ground flax seed and 1 tbsp wheat germ. The flavor of honey gives it that extra sweetness and I love it.

You should try it too.

Jeanne-Mance Cote, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I always use honey to sweeten my recipes. I use honey for my fruit cake, it’s awesome! I have seen the results from switching to honey. It tastes better and I feel better. I even use honey for my tea. It’s grate. I would like to know how to make thaοΏ½ food with honey because I love the sweet and sour cuisine.

Andreea Dumitru, Canada
20 Apr 2011

To clear up blemished, oily, and even pimply skin…. I use the following remedy.

I had a friend staying several months after a marriage breakup, and the stress caused her face to break out in a horrible stress rash, that gave her dry splotchy skin.

I made up a small batch of manuka honey and cinnamon and applied it as a mask to her face, both morning and evening. After a few days, not only did her skin clear up, but it felt so soft.

My friend had a glowing and healthy looking face without spending a lot of money on products.. and in the end she was even feeling better about her looks.

Sandy Watson, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I am usually preparing honey mask for my face and what i need for that is : honey, room temperature milk and perfect grounded almonds. Put the mask on the clean face and wait for the 20min. After that face will be so soft and good looking.

My `almost everyday` snack is with honey , apple and nuts. Just mix one apple , two spoon of honey and nuts. Snack is soo healthy and tasty πŸ™‚

Jasmina Kosenkova, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I was taught and found early in life growing up on a farm that Honey was invaluable and natures purest sweetener and health need. My relatives had a farm also and kept bee boxes ‘Houses’ and collected the honey. Uncle processed it and always gave it to family and friends to have for their families.

My mom brought with her a health fact from Europe where she came from as a young girl and that was that Honey (from your own area where you lived) if taken regularly with drinks, in food or a teaspoonful a day as a young person would help the body adopt to the many types of pollen and natures elements and the body would resist and become adjusted to these elements of nature and a person would not have allergies to those types of things in life.

It obviously worked because myself and other family friends and kids I grew up with never seemed to have such a thing as an allergy to flowers or nature.

Tea with Honey was always given to us when we caught colds and grandpa said a teaspoonful of honey a day keeps the stomach healthy and that is what we learned and grew up with and passed this advice to our children as we brought them up with those same values and understandings.

Bill & Sonia Prodanyk, Canada
20 Apr 2011

Well, always use a teaspoon of honey for a sore throat and recently I’ve started to mix in turmeric and take that for sore throats and coughs.

Trish Persaud, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I don’t know what I would do without honey!

It is the first sweetener I grab a hold of, it’s the first thing I grab when I need something sweet. It’s SOOO yummy with a little bit of cinnamon on vanilla ice cream!!

Stacy Paterson, Canada
20 Apr 2011

We love honey and use it any time we need a sweetener. It makes a great ingredient for sauces and a wonderful sugar substitute when baking. Best of all, it is a gentle and tasty cough suppressant when we’re sick–the kids actually look forward to taking their spoonful of honey instead of hating the medicine as much as the cough.

Nicole Moeller, Canada
20 Apr 2011

Honey has always been a part of my growing up. My mom would mix honey with hot milk for whenever I had cold or sore throat. It helped me a lot. Now that I have my own family I use honey as often as possible. I encourage my kids to use honey with their toasts or waffles – they love it too.

Dorota Ziarno, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I use honey in bread-making; always in my vinaigrettes; and often add it to tomato-based pasta sauces. I recently used honey in a pad Thai sauce. Every once in a while, I go traditional and put honey on toast!

Kathy Bennett, Canada
20 Apr 2011

I use honey on my English muffin in the morning. I also use it when I have a sore throat. Honey is also excellent when used to make honey garlic chicken wings.

Karen Campbell, Canada
20 Apr 2011

Honey is a main staple in our diet. It is a constant resident of our meal table, at every meal. We use it in place of sugar in recipes, and again in place of other sweeteners in cereal, and coffee etc. I keep a container of honey dosed with cinnamon, which I use almost as frequently as plain honey. We buy our honey locally in 15 pound containers, and go through at least 2 per year.

I turn to honey, with a sore throat, and if I have sleepless night. It is just indispensable in our lives.

Russell Usher, Canada
20 Apr 2011

After reading about the wonders of honey on the net, I started drinking a cup of hot water with honey and lemon. The wonders it did for my skin is unbelievable. I cannot recall the last time I had pimples on my face as my skin is smooth as a baby’s skin.

Mrs Egwim, South Africa
20 Apr 2011

I love honey and lemon juice with cloves when I have a cold. It soothes the throat and coughs and helps me to get a better nights sleep.

Honey as a face mask is sticky but makes the skin feel soft and clean. I warm it up and p[lace it around my eyes as I was developing deep, sagging lines and I can see the difference and feel better for it.

Helena Heresztyn, Australia
15 Apr 2011

We have always kept a few jars of liquid honey in the home plus a large bottle of apple cider vinegar which we use as a mixture when we have a sore throat or just feeling down. Recently we were on a month’s trip to China and my husband started to have a scratchy throat.

Scouring the shops outside our hotel, we found a little shop filled with various types of honey so we purchased a little jar and each took a spoonful that night before going to bed.

It was delicious – also helped the digestion as well, so now we take a spoonful of honey before going to bed to relieve the throat and tummy. The honey and vinegar solution is our best remedy for sore throats, so now we always carry honey and apple cider vinegar in our bags when travelling.

Lyn Batllori, France
15 Apr 2011

I have never liked honey much when I was growing up or in my young adult life, until I turned about 37 years of age when I started to gain weight uncontrollably, I went to several doctors and all said there was nothing wrong with me, they all said I was eating to much food.

I had never had an eating problem before and was always able to maintain a healthy weight of about 135-145. I had always used substitute sweeteners because I had diabetics in my family. Although then I was always eating heathy and I was able to curb the cravings by ignoring them for a while, I couldn’t stop eating sugar.

Now I am 44 yrs old and weigh 340, for some reason I no longer crave sugar as I have been craving honey for the last two years and have lost 140 pounds doing nothing but eating the same diet I always had but instead of using sugar I use honey I don’t understand it, then I ran into your website today 4-14-11, I understand it a little better now.

Thank you.

PENNY JACK, United States
14 Apr 2011

I drink Honey mix with Lemon in a glass of warm Water early in the morning just after waking up and with an empty stomach. It helped me a lot on losing weight.

Paul C, The Philippines
14 Apr 2011

My family’s 2 favorite ways to use honey….first is adding it to our bbq sauce for ribs.

Second and EVERYONE FAV— slow cooked carrots cooked in water, butter, salt and HONEY!!! YUM

Cyndi b, United States
12 Apr 2011

I use honey for everything:

Sore Throat = cup of tea with tsp of honey and lemon.

Pimple = honey on a bandaide overnight

My foster daughter had a tattoo that she had gotten about 3 years ago, it was infected and she had taken antibiotics and the doctors could not figure out how to get rid of it. When she moved in here and told me about it, I told her to put honey on a gauze pad and cover the tattoo. We did that everyday for about two weeks, and it is healed now, does not even itch now.

Colette Miles, United States
11 Apr 2011

I always hated honey from childhood. But now since I want to lose weight I am using honey in my daily diet and surprisingly dont hate it as much as i used to ..

Megha Vikram, United States
11 Apr 2011

I don’t know if I really have a story per se, but I started using local raw honey a few years ago. It has helped me keep my blood sugar in check, a fact which continues to amaze my health provider even though I’m overweight.

I had heard about the Hibernation Diet before and forgot about it, but after reading your ‘Hibernation Diet Links Sleep…’ page I am reminded that I need to do it and that it would be better than the chocolate I’ve been craving at night.

Christine Klunder, United States
10 Apr 2011

Everyday in morning I drink Honey in hot water. I have observed weight loss after this.

Swara Morajkar, India
7 Apr 2011

Last spring I moved to a new neighborhood that had a lot of mulberry trees, which gave me horrible allergies. I had to take an antihistamine, and wear a dust mask 24/7, otherwise I’d be coughing, sneezing, ECT. And even taking all those measures didn’t fully alleviate my runny nose and itching eyes.

My nose was as red as Rough doughs, my throat was as rough as sandpaper, and if that wasn’t enough, the antihistamine always made me too drowsy and sleepy to do much anything. After a few days into this year’s spring of taking the same countermeasures, out of the sheer sorrow and loathing of the idea of going through another dreaded spring season, I dug around for something sweet to eat as comfort food.

Finding no treats or other sugary goodies, I settled for eating a spoonful of honey and a box of tissues to keep me company as I sulked in a corner. I liked the taste, so I ate a spoonful or two of honey for comfort for three days… And I noticed that I have hardly had a cough or a sneeze since! My allergies were almost unnoticeable, my throat smooth, and I didn’t have to take an antihistamine or wear a dust mask at all!

So I did a little research on honey, and I didn’t have a clue honey could have had so many healthy healing properties! Sweet! (Pun intended)

Plus, the honey has helped me control my usually ravenous sweet tooth. I’ve stopped eating sugar all together, in place of honey! Maybe I should try using honey to help with my brother’s ingrown toenail? I get the feeling I’m turning into a little honey bee. I guess you are what you eat? I wouldn’t mind!

Lau, United States
7 Apr 2011

I love the soothing effect and way the honey coats my throat before I perform as a singer!

Jule Reeves, United States
6 Apr 2011

This recipe works wonders if you were planning a workout and feel out of it prior to getting started. In 8 ounces of water mix one teaspoon of powdered ginger, 2 tablespoons of raw honey, and 1/2 teaspoon of strong cinnamon. Mix very well and drink 15 minutes prior to the workout. You can carry this already mixed in a small bottle and have it when you are ready to undertake intense physical activity, or feeling very tired.

Del Mon, United States
5 Apr 2011

I start most days with two pieces of toast with raw honey, it seems to keep my energy levels up. I also hike and I bring along some honey, oat, fruit ,nut balls. I can take away fatigue tingle in my legs with my honey balls. I also eat bee pollen with fruit smoothies.

Paul Gonzalez, United States
4 Apr 2011

So far used honey in snacks and with herbal medicines.

3 Apr 2011

Well my favorite is drizzling honey over my pork ribs and placing them under the grill until golden brown. Also in my green tea I pour a little honey for a sweeter flavor.

Sean Covele, United Arab Emirates
3 Apr 2011

I didn’t like honey until I tried raw honey. I tried raw honey because I went a health kick. I have replaced all of my regular sugar intake with honey. I use sage honey in my coffee because it doesn’t change the flavor too much.

I haven’t used antibacterial creams on my two young boys in over a year because raw honey works so well.

It’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used on my feet!

A tablespoon of a dark honey with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water (The water isn’t needed but makes sort of a tea) cured my mom’s restless leg syndrome.

The list goes on and on. I LOVE RAW HONEY!

Sarah Childers, United States
1 Apr 2011

As a child growing up in TN my daddy kept bees on the farm which I helped him to get honey from. My job was to hold the smoker while he lifted the soupers from the hive. We put the honey in quart jars with each having a nice piece of honey comb and filled with honey.

 I’ve eaten honey all my life and use it on my face to take away the dreaded pimples of teen years.

We also used it to put on wounds to heal them. Later in life when my daughter was found to have low blood sugar attacks we used honey to help stop them.

It is indeed a wonderful thing!

Katherine Langley, United States
31 Mar 2011

I been told the Honey and Cinnamon is the best cure for most illness

John, United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011

I am using honey and warm water early in the morning for weight loss.

Lakshmiprabha Felix, India
31 Mar 2011

I have read around the net that honey cures constipation, so I began drinking it by mixing it in my water. I’ve done it everyday and it did wonders.

Not only did honey cure my constipation, but it also cleared up the pimples in my face. No amount of beauty products ever helped me like this before.

Keiko, Japan
30 Mar 2011

In my line of work, I do a lot of traveling to get reports of our provinces regarding agricultural commodities. One of these, which we are promoting is–honey. I’ve been to the southernmost tip of Palawan to give a short presentation on honey, since this is the prevalent commodity in the area and also as a source of a small scale livelihood project.

I’ve tasted their honey and according to them it is a cure for asthma. They gave me a bottle and when I arrived home< I have my little nephew with asthma take a teaspoonful and it relieved him. Until now that he’s grown he still asking when will I travel again to Palawan for this bottle of honey. By the way, their hone livelihood project is successful.

Violeta Arzadon, The Philippines
28 Mar 2011

I love to take honey & butter & cream it together & put it on toast, French toast & pancakes

Greg Boyer, United States
28 Mar 2011

Honey is very lucky 4 my mom.she is using it 4 her weight loss n it ix working like magic for her.following is da procedure she uses.1 cup honey and 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 2 cloves desi garlic.mix honey and apple cider vinegar together and keep it in a glass jar and take 2 tbsp of the mixture with 2 cloves of garlic in the morning beafore works like a magic for weight loss……..

Kanwal Shahzad, Pakistan
27 Mar 2011

I bought raw wild honey (creamy). Started drinking when I got a cold. Helped keep cold to a minimum and I recovered very quickly. Also I add it to chamomile tea (my daily evening drink). I substitute honey for sugar in many muffin recipes.

J Rose, Canada
26 Mar 2011

Honey is good medicine, antibiotic, antioxidant. I have used honey for my family. Every morning I, my wife and my two daughters drink honey before breakfast.

Hadi Susanto, Indonesia
26 Mar 2011

Honey has really been a divine food for me! I have stopped using table sugar altogether and use it in my coffee. It helps control my appetite so I don’t want to eat very much! No willpower needed for dieting! Plus it’s easily converted into energy especially if you compare it to HFCS..

It tastes wonderful, and the kind I get, when you smell it, it smells wonderful like a summer day with the flowers blooming.. talk about aromatherapy!

It tastes best and releases a feel good chemical.. so many benefits!!

Melissa, United States
25 Mar 2011

I gave honey to my son during winters and he did not catch cold during such a chilly winters. Also I used it on my face and the glow was all visible.

Swati Purohit, India
22 Mar 2011

I am a beekeeper and are also giving lectures about the health of the bees, by giving them their own honey and not white sugar during the winter months.

My favorite use of honey is drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of aple cider vinegar and a teaspoonof honey. Healthy!

You can make a wonderful ice-cream with 4 dl Greece yoghurt, 1,5 dl cream, 2 teaspoons of natural vanilla, 1 dl honey and perhaps 2 pieces of dark chocolate crossed into it. Natural ice-cream – tastes wonderful!

Per Eriksson, Sweden
21 Mar 2011

I was having stomach upset a lot. A friend of mine told me to try taking a tablespoon of honey everyday. I did what he said and I have not had any problem with my stomach anymore.

Kenneth Henander, United States
20 Mar 2011

My earliest experiences were watching my elder relatives using honey with vinegar for various remedies. But, in later years I have been an avid user of Beealive products. Now, contending with diabetes among my family members, I am now learning how the use of cinnamon and honey is very important healthwise.

Carolyn Walker, United States
19 Mar 2011

It has been a family tradition that we drink a glass of honey water before sleeping.

Joanan Lin, United States
17 Mar 2011

My favorite use of honey is as a sweeter for plain Greek yogurt.

Susan Konop, United States
17 Mar 2011

I have always had digestive problem, I can stay up to three days without going to the toilet, until a friend of mine told me about the healing power of honey. I mixed about one table spoon in a warn class of water every morning, and since then my bowel is free.

Beatrice Nwamanah. Nigeria
15 Mar 2011

Used honey on a sore to aid recovery, leave for no more than 20 mins. Do 3 times a day. My daughter won two scientific awards for scientifically proving that it works.

Anthony O Brien, Ireland
12 Mar 2011

First of all, I’m a beekeeper. My honey is from my wildflower prairies. I had an accident with a table saw and cut a portion of my thumb almost off. The doctor sewed it back together and dressed it with an anti-

Bacterial gel. 24 hours later my thumb injury was white and mushy looking. I re-dressed it with my raw honey. After another 24 hrs. It was dry and had much better color. The healing was noticeable. Honey is also eating away at the black portion of the thumb that didn’t survive. I gave my doctor a jar of honey for his medicine cabinet.

My dental record has been good because I take honey after brushing teeth. Think hydrogen peroxide, which honey slowly releases when moisture is added. This kills any residual bacteria in my mouth.

Ken, United States
10 Mar 2011

I have always had terrible allergies to pollen and goldenrod, which keeps me indoors during the beautiful spring season. Since I have begun putting honey in my coffee and tea it seems as if I have CURED by terrible affliction! Oh and its sooooo delicious.

Chris Russell, United States
9 Mar 2011

I was once told by a nurse that toast, butter & honey will help you to sleep. Because I sleep long hours it also takes a longer time to fall asleep. To lay in bed and read for an hour, than have a honey and toast I will easily and readily fall asleep.

William Tickle, Canada
6 Mar 2011

The more I read about the goodness of honey, the more I want to use it in my daily menu. I have tried using it with lemon at night, and it does seem to give me a more restful nights rest.

Helen Huelsman, United States
28 Feb 2011

I often use honey on my face, Its really gave me glowing skin.

Archana Bhattacharjee, India
28 Feb 2011



Sunny Ewedafe, Nigeria
25 Feb 2011

Because honey is more healthy than refined sugar, I try to use honey in any recipe I can.

Wayne Johnson, United States
22 Feb 2011

I had an in growing hair at the base of my spine which caused an infection. After I had the op to remove the infection, I was left with an open wound. It was packed by a nurse every day for 6 months and was not healing. The nurse suggested to me to put manuka honey on the dressings. With in a week the infection had gone and the wound was healing quicker and with less pain.

Its not just a miracle food.

PHILL, United Kingdom<
22 Feb 2011

The taste, and the feel of it when it is rubbed on your skin. It is really good for psoriasis, and warts.

Sungold, United Kingdom
22 Feb 2011

I had years of suffering from diarrhea. After hearing that applying honey on on the navel can heal some abdominal diseases as IBS, stomach cramps, etc, I used it and was made complete.

Inda, Albania
16 Feb 2011

I have never seen or heard of any food that be compared with the food called honey.

Oseni, Nigeria
16 Feb 2011

I am currently a graduate student in Food Science at uncg in Greensboro, NC. My research project is to focus on a singular plant food, animal product, or processed food. I have chosen “honey”—because of the diligent and fascinating honeybee and the nutrition, variety and flavor his “product” has given us. I must come up with tests, molecular structure, etc. over the next few weeks as my in-depth study continues. I also am concerned about the current endangered honey bee.

Nancy Jones, United States
14 Feb 2011

I have horrible skin problems. My face swells, my skin gets blotchy and I develop rashes. I started taking Manuka honey everyday, alongside my prescribed creams and it really helped. My skin is better than it’s ever been!

Elaine, United Kingdom
12 Feb 2011

Natural raw honey has changed my life. After deciding to eliminate sugar I discovered that honey was an amazing replacement. It has allowed me to maintain my health without causing spikes in insulin etc.

Olivia S, United States
10 Feb 2011

Been taking cinnamon and crystallized honey for breakfast on my morning toast for several weeks now. Get my mix from the beekeeper down the road. Quite delicious. Now I am chugging down 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey in warm water to stave off a bladder infection.

An interesting concoction, but as I sit here, I must tell you that I am feeling better already. Subjective? Maybe so. But I would do it again. I try to avoid antibiotics whenever possible. Too many superbugs to worry about. And docs too often don’t give a strong enough medicine to begin with, resulting in even stronger bugs to fight later on. Yep. I am definitely feeling better! Seems also to be working on my digestion. This is wonderful!

Sandy, United States
10 Feb 2011

Hi guys ive been taking on tablespoon of honey everyday for my acne, and im seeing my skin become more and more clear everyday.

Dave Singh, United States
8 Feb 2011

A friend of mine had a stroke about 2 months ago, blood pressure very high, heart left lob does not work, she then started about a week ago with honey and cinnamon, already her blood pressure is better, even getting color back in her face, not too pale any more, honey and cinnamon really works. did see what it can do

Wilna Horn, South Africa
8 Feb 2011

Last week my husband, who is rarely sick, was home for two days with a terrible cold and cough. Every 6 hours he took q teaspoon of raw honey and WOW!! his cough was gone! I’m truly a believer! I love it in my tea and on my freshly baked bread with butter! Yummy! Now I want a hive of bees for my garden!!!

Joanie Crear, United States
7 Feb 2011

I am using the honey and cinnamon diet and this really works for me.

Andhira Singh, South Africa
4 Feb 2011

We use it with rooibos tea and lemon to help sooth a sore throat and o ease coughing. Honey also gets added to the vegetables when being cooked.

Duncan Sutherland, South Africa
4 Feb 2011

I use to intake a mix of 1 tablespoon Honey along with 1 tablespoon of Lemon extract on a daily basis early morning in empty stomach. I can see that my weight is getting lost along with the fat. Also I feel more fresh throughout the day than before.

Diya Sabu, India
31 Jan 2011

I drink Honey Cider Vinegar in a glass with empty stomach every morning. This helps in easing my bowel.

Butch Sabater, The Philippines
30 Jan 2011

In India honey is a main ingedient of Ayurvedic medicine.Honey is an house hold remedy used for many maladies.

I suffer from Angina problem of heart since couple of years. I take one glass (250ml)of worm water add 2 spoons honey, onelime squeezed in that and drink daily in the morning empty stomach. It works well to help reduce Chol astral besides a source of good energy. I feel rejuvenated.

Earnestly VTRAJ.

Vellore, India
29 Jan 2011

Nearly two wks ago i was looking for a quick natural fix for dreadful indigestion. I seem to have had this on and off for all of last year. Predominately i saw the suggestion time and time again to drink hot water with lemon but also to add honey, lime etc. So that night i had hot water with a tbsp of honey and tbsp of lemon. Wow, no kidding, the next day i had my first comfortable day for a very long time. 

I am still doing it, every morning, my first drink of the day is honey and lemon. Now i’s on a mission. HONEY, HONEY, HONEY! πŸ™‚

Kerridwen Niner, United Kingdom
28 Jan 2011

Hi all, Just want to share this story. I only recently (about a week) began using honey. I tried it as a energy booster and got a unbelievable benefit. I have been battling BV, women you know how awful this can be. Anyway I have tried antibiotics only for the BV to return. After just a few days I noticed a change in that way… It’s been about a week now and it is gone! Oh it did boost my energy as well.

Please try it.

Amy, US VIrgin Islands
27 Jan 2011

Honey has helped heal septic wounds many times and always works with raw apple cider vinegar to soothe sore throats. It is delicious and nutritious and I thank the bees for their inconceivable effort!

Sydarta Rose, United States
24 Jan 2011

After our morning breathing exercises we eat our honey and listen to our dub music. It is so sweet and tasty on our tongues. Thanks for the mask recipes, they are delicious. Also double as smoothie recipes. AS MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, EAT YOUR HONEY EVERY DAY BUT NOT MORE THAN 10 TEASPOONS WORTH, THAT’S TOO MUCH.

21 Jan 2011

For many many years first thing I do every morning I have 1 tablespoon of honey in a cup of luke warm water. I feel it gives me energy and immunity for the day. I also use the honey & avocado mask as a facial mask and it works wonders. I also started giving my daughter honey in her milk when she she reached 6 months old.

Samia, Jordan
20 Jan 2011

I use honey in the sandwiches for my kid. She is a very active child and has not gained much weight because of her active nature. So, I have been giving her honey with milk. But there is no drastic improvement in her weight, at least she enjoys the drink.

Padmasowrirajan Sowrirajan, India
20 Jan 2011

When I have a sore throat or beginning of a cold I put a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a tea cup with 1/2 a teaspoon of dried ginger,then pour in warm water ( 1/2 a cup).

It makes me feel better !

George Arbuthnot, United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011

I’m doing the Hibernation diet, hoping to lose weight and it’s helping with my stress due to insomnia.

Leyla F., Italy
9 Jan 2011

I use honey on my cereal two time a day plus I drink honey and apple cider vinegar in cold water twice daily. The honey give me energy, when I began to feel a little slow I drink a glass of equal parts of honey and vinegar in a glass of water it picks me up. We also use honey on our cuts and burns.

Joan Thompson, United States
8 Jan 2011

I often had migraines and head aches every now and then especially when reaches noon because of the weather. I had always taken prescribed medications from the doctors. One day, I decided to take up honey and take 1 spoon of honey first thing in the morning before breakfast religiously for a month, and it did go away!!!! And also I noticed it helps in keeping my energy running high.

Hanisah Norizan, Malaysia
6 Jan 2011

I add warm water to a mixture of honey and lemon juice. Drinking this keeps me going especially when I am fasting.

Florence Kong’ani, Kenya
6 Jan 2011

Hi, I always sip honey and lemon home made drinks when I feel a cold or flu come on and bingo before I know it I am back bouncing around like new.

Tim Berry, Australia
4 Jan 2011

This is what I think about Honey. I am a nutrition guru or a Nutrient Freak.

People that are allergic to honey… It’s not the honey they are allergic to. Its the pollen and flowers fruits etc. that they are allergic to. People think it’s the honey. It’s more of where are they getting the honey from.

Amy Max, United States
3 Jan 2011

I usually use honey in green tea and I’m not sure if it’s either the honey or the green tea that acts as a laxative for me, plus green tea just taste better with honey instead of suger

Mookie, Canada
1 Jan 2011

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