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4 Ways to Use Honeycomb in Your Recipes

You mean the golden waxy secretions of the honeybees are edible?

Yes, together with the hexagonal, honey-filled cylinders, the honeycomb is not only perfectly safe to eat, it is stylish and tantalizing! In fact, it is a food highly sought by honey aficionados, connoisseurs and chefs.

The enchanting honeycomb is sturdy yet fragile. It is composed of hexagonal cells with walls that are only 2/1000th of an inch thick and yet capable of supporting 25 times its own weight. The most distinctive feature of honeycomb is perhaps its texture – chewy from the wax and a little crunchy from bits of sweet crystallized honey.

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Cuts and blocks of honeycomb are typically sold in tubs at the grocers and farmers’ markets and usually eaten straight with a fork from the tub. However, if the idea of directly chewing on the sticky beeswax does not sound too appealing to you, try some of the most popular ways of enjoying honeycombs, including:


Finely chop up some honeycomb and stir the bits into Greek yogurt or into vanilla soft serve ice cream to spice up your plain desserts. Yums!


Crumble up some honeycomb, let the bits melt and run in a bowl of warm oatmeal. Awesome!


Cheese connoisseurs love to pair honeycombs with cheeses. Enjoy creamy cheese like brie and blue with a chunk of honeycomb. The sweetness of the honeycomb not only balances the saltiness of the cheese but also adds to the overall texture. An instant mood booster for the rest of the day!


While the grilled ham and cheese toast, French toast, pancakes, muffins, scones, or waffles are still piping hot, place a small chunk of honeycomb on top, soften it, mash it up a little with a fork and let the honey ooze out. Heavenly!

Note: Comb honey doesn’t easily melt, but when gentle heat is applied, it becomes soft and aromatic and you can then mash it a bit and flatten it out. You wouldn’t want to heat raw honey too much as this destroys all the beneficial enzymes and natural goodness in it.

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