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4 Reasons You Must Taste Honeycomb (#4 is Surprising)

I had the privilege of tasting honeycomb for the very first time during my holiday trip to the Cameron Highlands, a very popular tourist spot in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia due to its relatively much cooler and drier weather compared to most areas in tropical Asia.

1. Honeycombs are Becoming a Rare Find

It was at the biggest weekend evening flea market – we call it "pasar malam" ("night market" in Malay language), that I chanced upon a stall that was selling honey and honey combs. After reading so much about honeycomb, I was of course totally carried away when I finally saw frames of honeycomb for sale.

In some countries like Australia and New Zealand, honeycombs are commonly found in health food shops and supermarkets, but in many other countries, like Malaysia and here in Singapore, honeycombs have become a rare commercial item; few honey combs are seen anywhere in the shops, and in fact nobody farms bees or keeps any bee hive here! (I believe many children here think that honey comes from the factories and many adults know very little about how honey originates from the bees and flowers!)

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2. Gorgeous and Enchanting Hexagonal Cells

The hexagonal wax structure was a sure beauty to look at and a paradox to ponder over – totally enchanting, so very solid and sturdy and at the same time delicate and fragile. It left me wonderstruck how those tiny bees could so intricately build such awesome cells of geometric perfection. I later also learned that this hexagonal pattern is specially designed and constructed by the bees to achieve the strongest structure and the most living and storage space for their larvae. details in: Hexagonal Honeycomb Pattern.

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3. Memorably Fresh and Delectable

So what does honeycomb taste like? Is honeycomb crunchy?

The stall owner gave me two cells of the comb to sample taste it. It was just so memorable – the comb itself is not crunchy, but flaky, soft and tender when you bite on it, and when you further work on it, it feels chewy, pleasantly sweet, brightly flavoured, and fresh, like rays of the first sunshine (probably a multi-floral honey...)! Not sure if it's psychological, but honey tastes especially delicious and fresh when it's eaten straight from the honey comb! (Truly raw honey, healthy raw food, which is totally free from any form of processing.) When all the honey was eaten and gone, what's left in the mouth was the wax – a completely tasteless fibre. Though I knew bee wax was edible and could be chewed like a gum and eaten as white yellowish roughage (some people leave it on hot buttered toast and let it soak in, or on toast spread with crunchy peanut butter while others put it into their hot tea or dip into melted milk chocolate...).

4. Medical Health Benefits of Honeycomb

I was very pleased with my purchase -- a piece of honey comb weighing about half a kilo for less than 30 Malaysian ringgits and a jar of honey with pieces of honey comb for 20 Malaysian ringgits (see the three pictures on this page). I had no idea how reasonable the prices were since I didn't have any benchmark. But what I was most delighted about my honey comb encounter that day was – before sampling the honey comb I was having a sore throat, but right after taking it, the soreness of throat was gone! I also asked the stall owner if I should spit it out as the remaining bits really tasted like it was not edible. Surprisingly, his reply was if I had gastric problem, I should eat the wax as it could bring healing to the gastric, and throw it away if I found it too awful to eat it. Never did I know that honey comb had such a medical benefit!

I am not sure how easy it is for you to get hold of honey comb, but if you ever had the chance, get a piece and store it at home. You must experience the taste of honey comb yourself... and you never know what miracles you would encounter!

Ruth Tan
June 2008
July 2019 (Updated)

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