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Start Your Weight Loss Plan With 15 Small But Great Tips

Ready to embark on a new weight loss plan? How about starting with these small but great tips first!

healthy weight loss plan image
healthy weight loss plan image

1. Cut back on foods with hidden sugar like ketchup, white bread, canned fruit, sauces, and salad dressing.

2. Bake your own whole grains breads instead of nutritionally empty, factory-made cupcakes and doughnuts.

3. Eat five small meals each day instead of three big meals. This will speed up your metabolism to burn more fat.

4. Roast, grill, or steam your food instead of frying.

5. Use light mayonnaise instead of regular mayo to save several grams of fat per serving.

6. Add texture to your vegetable or fruit salad by including pumpkin or sunflower seeds instead of croutons.

7. Grate your cheese rather than slicing to use less cheese and save fat grams.

8. Chill soups, gravies, and stews to skim the fat off the top.

9. When grilling meat, drain away oil by placing them on a wire rack.

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10. Include more fiber like lentils, dry beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, and whole grains to make you feel full.

11. Try no-butter, low-salt popcorn, a great low-fat, low-sugar snack. Two cups only have 60 calories!

12. Drink 1% milk or skim milk instead of whole milk – this saves you 6 grams of fat or more per glass.

13. Substitute beans or legumes instead of meat in salads, soups, or main dishes for certain meals.

14. Removing skin from chicken saves you 5 grams of fat every time.

15. Eating fish instead of red meat saves you 90 calories per serving.

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