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Wondrous Words with Honey and Bees

Sweet coat your lips and speak words with honey and bees to your beloved!

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The word “honey” comes from Hebrew and means “enchant”. Along with variations like ‘honey pie’, “honey” has become a term of endearment for loved ones. A symbol of all sweetness, the word ‘honey” has gone beyond its association with its benefits as a food and has crept deep into many cultures and languages.

Think about words with bees and honey and notice that whenever they are mentioned, it usually has to do with something good and positive.

1. “Sweet as honey”

2. “As busy as a bee”

3. “He is attracted to the woman as bees to honeypot”

4. “The three most difficult to understand; the mind of a woman, the labor of the bees and the ebb and flow of the tide”.

5. “The diligence of the hive produces the wealth of honey”

6. “One bee is better than a handful of flies”

7. “Honeymoon” signifying a sweet period after marriage.

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Words with Honey image

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