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Nepal’s Daredevil Honey Hunters – Is it All About the Money, Honey?

When honey is not so sweet…

Watch these daredevils harvest honey hung from hundreds of meters above ground in Nepal and listen to what they say.

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“Today I was stung by over 300 honeybees.”

“If you don’t have the will power, you can’t do it.”

“One wrong step and you are gone.”

This is not so likely to be about risking your life for the love of wild, healing honey, and it’s also not quite about the passionate pursuit of extreme adventures or even about hardcore adrenaline junkies craving for the excitement from dangers.

So, it’s all for the monetary rewards? Apparently, if these stunts wow tourists and are enjoyed as entertainment?

But who are we to judge them as greedy and money-grubbing? For all we know, these honey hunters could be just too destitute to care or appreciate the value of life; or maybe, there just isn’t any other means to feed their families or make life easier; or perhaps, it’s already a unique way of life, after all, they have been doing this wild honey hunting for generations and it probably has become a tradition that they must preserve and a heritage they must keep.

Ruth Tan

1 April 2019 (Updated Jan 2022)

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